Cross Stitch Finish: Forever Thine

I have a cross-stitch finish to share with you. I finished my Forever Thine Strawberry.

It is so incredibly cute…like cuteness overload.

A blog reader sent the chart to me. THANKS!!! The piece is called Forever Thine and is by Erica Michaels.

I loved stitching it but I’ll be honest, the finishing instructions were lacking. I am so glad I made other strawberries and knew a bit how to tweak the pattern. First off the template was way too big.

I put interfacing on the back of my piece and cut the stitched piece smaller.

I really like making transparent plastic templates so I can see through the pattern for placement.

I sewed the seam, trimmed the point, and turned it right side out.

I stuffed it using Vonna Pfieffer’s video instructions. She has a great strawberry tutorial on YouTube.

Next, I had to figure out something for the top. I really liked what they did to finish it.

But how to do it?? I started out by experimenting.

There were templates for the top in the pattern but they were useless. As you can see I had to make it bigger, bigger and bigger. UGH.

There were zero instructions on how to make the rose. I took a piece of red wool and scallop-cut it as shown. I ended up having to cut it narrower. Then I took a glue gun, wound the wool tightly, and glued it as I went.

I ended up using two piece of scalloped wool. The second piece was even narrower and it was put on the flat side of the first piece of the rose.

I looked at the picture again. I like the heart charm. I had one but I wasn’t fond of how the rose was sitting on the piece.

I ended up finding this trim and tied a bow on…then a used thread and a long needle to apply the heart charm.

It’s so stinking cute. I love it!! I also love that I’m feeling more and more comfortable with finishing things. It really just takes practice!!

I thought I might pack it away and wait for Valentine’s Day. I changed my mind. I am keeping it out.

It’s too cute to hide away in a tote!! Again, many thanks to the blog reader who sent the chart. It was so fun to make. In fact, I’m going to see if I can find some other strawberry patterns that I might like to stitch!

18 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Forever Thine”

  1. I didn’t realise how small it was until I saw the photo of you holding it in your hand! It really is the cutest! Thanks for showing how you finished it.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    That strawberry is so pretty. I’m glad you are showing it off. After all this is strawberry season in California

  3. That is so cute! I think your finish looks much better than what’s in the pattern. Thanks for telling us how you do your finishes. It gives me the courage to try and finish some of my own projects.

  4. Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing your finish AND your process. Hearing about your decisions along the way really helps me understand what to watch for and be better prepared. Thanks again!

  5. Love it! I was at a stitching weekend with you recently and saw it in person. Beautiful and thank you for sharing!

  6. This strawberry is so stinking cute! You have the best knowledge of how to finish things of anyone I know. Keep on making these, they would be great gifts.

  7. The strawberry is beyond cute! Another great finish and so smart of you to leave it out and enjoy it. You are on a good “let’s finish this” roll and I love seeing everything you make and finish.

  8. Love the strawberry. You give me confidence to try new projects too. What is the red sampler pattern in the picture with the strawberry?

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