Cross Stitch Finish: Forever and Ever

Whew. I have a cross-stitch finish and I couldn’t be happier.

Here is my completely finished Forever and Ever by Brenda Gervais of With my Needle and Thread.

I look a ton of pictures hoping to get it all right.  It’s really hard taking pictures of cross-stitch pieces.  Even with antiglare glass, it still glares when a camera is involved.

The stats on this piece are…I stitched it on 40-count Eureka by Fox and Rabbit.  I used all the called-for colors of thread EXCEPT…not the blue for the birds.  The called for were light green and bright teal.  I wanted the birds to look more like the pattern cover which was blue.

Instead, I used Weeks Dye Works Dolphin and Weeks Dye Works Blue Suede.

I started this some time ago as a simple start thinking I would stitch on it every month on the 26th which is our wedding anniversary.  I decided I would rather just stitch the whole thing and did.

The directions called for Symrna Cross stitches on some of the letters.  I ended up doing Algerian Eyelet stitches instead as I accidentally started making them and then decided to just continue with them.

Although I VERY much love the piece, what I love even more is that I framed it entirely myself.  It’s not perfect but good enough for me.

I have sent a few things out to Total Framing.  I’ve sent a couple of things to the local cross stitch shop.  Everywhere I send things, it takes FOREVER to get them back…plus, it costs a lot of money too.  Pieces are typically $200 or more for finishing.  PLUS the sixth month or more wait is just terrible.  It sucks all the excitement of stitching something out when waiting so long.

I watch both Olivia from Pumpkin Hollow Quilts and Kim from the Contented Stitcher on Youtube.  Both of them buy thrift store frames and cut them down to frame their own pieces.  It’s been so fun watching them from episode to episode and seeing their great progress.  In one episode they finish stitching and in the next episode, they show something completely finished.  Impressive.

I wanted to do that so…I watched videoes from them both telling some “how tos” and I gave it try.

I wrote a blog post earlier this week to show you how I downsized the frame.  You can read that HERE.

Here’s my cost breakdown on framing this piece.

$2.50 for the frame via the thrift store
$8.56 for the glass

It took me about three hours total between making the frame and lacing the piece.  I’m really guessing that this would have cost right about $200 to have it custom framed plus postage or gas to get it there.

I did buy THIS clamp.  It was only $12 and I will use it again and again.  The rest of the equipment I had here.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier.  Of course, this was my first piece so there is more learning to do to get really great at this.  This might have just been beginner’s luck but I am definitely going to be trying this again and again and again.

In real life, the frame has more brown tones to it.  The frame isn’t bad for being plastic.  In person, it doesn’t look plastic at all.  So color me happy to have a finish at a reasonable price!!  YAHOO!!

My anniversary is on the 26th and my goal was to have this done by then.  I met my goal.

I suppose I should show you how it looks on the sampler wall…

It’s looking better all of the time!!

So goodbye framing shops…I’ll wait no more!!

35 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Forever and Ever”

  1. Waouhhhhhh, j’adore ton mur de points de croix !!! Tu as vraiment réussi ton encadrement, tu es douée pour tout Jo. Un grand grand bravo !

  2. I’m really impressed by your finished piece! Well done! Your wall is looking gorgeous too!
    Love and prayers

  3. Polly Currier

    What a sense of accomplishment you must have! All of your pieces are a testament to your skill and hard work. They look wonderful together on your sampler wall.
    I had an idea when you previously showed your sampler wall and a bit of the living room that shows where you sit and stitch. I think your children and/or grandchildren would treasure a picture of you stitching in the background in your chair with the sampler wall off to the right.

  4. Carmen Montmarquet

    I love how it came out, just perfect! And so love your wall!!! Can’t wait to see more done!

  5. It turned out beautiful. I had no idea the wait time was that long.
    Aren’t you worried about fading hanging near that window?

  6. Jo that is awesome am so going to have to give that a try as yea framing is expensive and when I get it done I gulp at the cost. Your embroidery piece is gorgeous and your sampler wall is FANTASTIC. Again you have given me an idea.

  7. I love it! One cannot tell that the frame is plastic. You did a great cutting down the frame and also stitching the piece. Your wall looks beautiful!

  8. Paula Hidalgo

    Beautiful Jo, I’m so glad you did this and you will only get better and better at it! Your wall looks amazing.

  9. Allison C Bayer

    Well done! Your feeling of accomplishment was beautifully expressed. I delight in your DIY projects. So inspired,

  10. I love this one, especially the blue bird, perfect color. I never had mine professionally framed, I live in a much more populated area with tons of thrift stores so I could always find a frame to fit my work. But you did a great job for this, no one would believe it’s plastic. Your wall is so pretty, hope you have another one for your continuing needlework.

  11. It looks beautiful and a beautiful piece Jo! I too buy frames at thrift stores. A great way to save money. I had to laugh when you mentioned accidentally doing Algerian stitches instead of those called for because I do that a lot ! Most of the time, I like what I’ve done and I’ll leave it be. I think it makes the piece my own. It won’t look like everyone else’s. It unique just to me. Peace and blessings!

  12. Jo, you are so talented. The framing looks professional to me. I love your sampler wall. Just a thought perhaps of the back of each beautiful stitched sampler you should but a little note about its story, about how it came to be and to whom you wish it to go to when that time comes in many, many years.

    1. Lorraine Hess

      Juls is right. Cutting glass looks harder than it is. Hobby Lobby will have both the breaking pliers and the glass cutter. Love your sampler wall and am envious of your cabinet below with all of the drawers! Thanks for all the joy you give us with your blogs

  13. Jo, if you can use a rotary cutter, you have the hand skills to cut picture glass. You tube has videos, and the cutter is less than $10. I was nervous about the actual breaking step, and you can get breaking pliers for this. A search of your shop tools might uncover these. Cutting glass is no harder than using that chop saw, and no electricity required. Your handy son or son-in-law can probably help you through your first one if you want adult supervision ;). I encourage you to try it- it really is a simple process. And no waiting!

  14. Great job! It is beautiful and perfectly framed! I adore your entire wall, cabinets and everything you have here! Also, the room to the left looks very interesting. Is that your stitching room? I see the lights. I love the shelving too. Happy Anniversary! I know it’s bittersweet

  15. All your work looks so beautiful on your wall. I’m sure you’re extra proud of finishing the entire project yourself. It’s intimidating when a person hasn’t done those tasks before.

  16. Beautiful job Jo! I love your cross-stitch pieces. They are so beautiful and I really admire your talent. My eyes aren’t what they used to be and I’ve had to give up cross-stitch. I can still do my quilting, however!

  17. Looking GOOD, well done Jo, you seem to be filling your wall , maybe filled by Christmas! I love your xstitch updates , spurs me on.

  18. Rebecca Hoetger

    What a fantastic job!! Both the sampler and the frame are really beautiful. I so much admire how much you accomplish and how well you do it, while still being so busy with life and family. You’re inspirational and I so much look forward to reading your blog every day. Best wishes to you and the family.

  19. Jo, your sampler turned out beautiful and the frame is perfect !!
    What an accomplishment to cut the frame down to the size you need !! YAY !!
    Thank you for the inspiration !!!

  20. AWESOME!!! Looks great–and I sure can’t tell that the frame was ever changed in anyway.
    All of it is beautiful on that wall. Not a cross stitcher— so like watching your progress with all your pieces.

  21. Judith M Fairchild

    Well Done Jo. The finished frame and all is beautiful. It looks great on your wall. Congratulations on taking the plunge into something new. And thrifty.

  22. Darlynn Venne in Illinois

    Jo, your sampler wall looks awesome! Pretty soon you will have to go up to the ceiling, but that is ok! I love it

  23. Great job. I do my own also. And most of the I don’t even use glass. I also love thrift shop for the frames and keep a healthy stash.

  24. This is such great info to have, Jo! Thank you for the channel names as I’ll definitely sub to them both. I want to learn to make my own frames as well as I diamond Paint besides my other crafts. Diamond Paintings are always an odd size, not only metric but off as well. There is no such thing as an 11” x 13” and smaller dimensions. This will be so helpful in creating the proper dimensions myself and save the big bucks for my cross stitching addiction!

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