Cross Stitch Finish: Floral Motif Sampler

Lookie, Lookie.  This finally happened!!

My Floral Motif Sampler is FINALLY hanging on the wall.   So are you wondering which one if the new one??

It’s this one!!  This is a chart from The Scarlett House…

Getting this fully finished has been a long and at times frustrating journey.

If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I stitched this last year at this time.  I was going through my thyroid cancer treatment.  I had about 60 days of treatment and recovery (the recovery ended up taking longer) so I made a plan to stitch one flower every day.

Sometimes I would stitch a small flower and start a larger flower and then the next day finish the large flower.  I loved stitching this.

I finished at the end of January 2022 and immediately took it to get it framed.  It sat at the framer for 6 months.  It turns out the frame was on backorder and never came in…ugh.

I took it home and decided I would frame it myself.  Well, I looked through my stash of frames and shopped at several thrift stores for a couple of months, and then finally in September, I decided to try to take it to Hobby Lobby.  I wanted it finished and on the wall and supposedly it should only take two weeks at Hobby Lobby.

So I picked out a frame and fillet that I loved.  I was super happy with the choice.

When the two weeks came, they called.  The person measured wrong.  They could frame it for me but with only the outer frame and not the fillet.  The fillet is the beaded part and I loved that so yes, I wanted the frame reordered.  Another two weeks…blah!

I went to pick it up and look…the top border was crocked and not laced evenly.  After some hullabaloo, they took $25 off the framing bill and I took it home to lace myself.

This was the upper left-hand corner…

This was the upper right-hand corner.

Blah.  It sat for a big and finally one day I decided it was time to fix it.  Time had passed and it was closing in a year since I finished this.  I wanted it on my wall.

I ended up not repinning the whole thing.  I took out about 8 pins in the upper right corner and pulled and adjusted.  I took out a few other pins here and there and was able to get it adjusted.

It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than it was.

You can see there the full look head on.  I’m content with it.

Isn’t the frame pretty??

I do want to note that the color I am pointing to is not the called-for color.  The chart called for a white and I changed it to a variegated pink called Chablis.  The white didn’t show up with my linen.

The rest of the colors are called-for colors.  I stitched this on a 40-count Picture this Plus Vellum.  I love that linen.

It’s up on the wall holding a place of honor.  I moved a couple of things around.  The wall is filling up.  I’m going to have to specifically pick some pieces to fill in the rest of the space.  Hmm.  I know there is a rectangle piece I’ve been wanting to stitch that might work in the upper right.  We’ll see.

I have another piece I need to lace or pin soon.  It’s been sitting here as well.  I have the frame made.  I just need a little uninterrupted time without kids or dogs to rescue and care for.

Then I’m going to get that one framed too.  For now, I’m just being patient as I refuse to start lacing it unless I know for sure that I’ll have some uninterrupted time.

I’m thrilled with this one…thrilled that I am a year out from treatment.  It was time for this one to get hung on the wall.

If you’re going through a tough time…loss of a loved one, divorce, medical issue, or the like.  I highly suggest stitching a piece like this.  It was so nice to have something else to focus on or think about while I was waiting for the treatments and recovery to be over.  It was a very therapeutic stitch.

27 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Floral Motif Sampler”

  1. I agree that having something to focus on that is a positive when you are in a challenging time is a good thing. I learned from experience to not take on a knitting project because you will knit tighter when you are stressed then when you are not! lol or that is how it worked for me!! ;) I love the sampler but what really caught my eye was the saying below. Would you be able to share the information on the pattern? I would greatly appreciate finding out more. It looks like something I should have hanging close by as a reminder.

  2. I’m sorry your experience with getting your project framed was so lousy. You did an amazing job reframing it yourself – it looks beautiful!
    Love and prayers

  3. It’s beautiful Jo, you made a beautiful piece. I’ve seen your other pieces where you framed them yourself, maybe just order the frame and do the rest. I always had my husband make mine or I found thrift store frames. I have vision issues now so I only buy completed works at thrift stores now.

  4. If you’re looking for a local framer, you might try Witt Framing in Elkader. Mary Lee does a wonderful job and has done all my framing for years, and I believe she’s the fourth generation to have the shop. She’s very busy so sometimes the turn-around has been a little longer, but it’s always been worth the wait.

  5. Your piece turned out beautiful Jo! I, too, like Bridget, love the sampler below your Floral Motif Sampler. I’m praying your yearly checkup goes well! You’re truly an encouraging lady no matter what life brings your way. Thank you, Jo, for being you!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    You really have done so much. It’s hard to realize how sick you were. I can understand your frustrations after you finished your flowers and everyone that you took it to just left it sit. Then messed up when they did get around to it. It looks great up close and on the wall.

  7. I’m so glad yours is finished and on the wall! Beautiful! I I stitched along with you on this piece but didn’t finish until December! It was my first 40 ct and my first linen and I really enjoyed the process. I don’t have a formal place to hang it so I finished it like a quilt – border, batting, backing, binding – works for me! Thanks for giving me the boost to try linen. I’m hooked and already started my next piece – Feed Your Soul by Stitches Through the Years.

  8. Yes! I need a piece to stitch during upcoming treatments. Could you give designer of “Accept what is, let go, etc” on your sampler wall!? Thank you!!!

  9. I agree. I had a large piece I worked on while my husband was undergoing chemo/procedure. When he died, it sat for almost a year before I could pick it again, and another half year to finish. I’m glad I did.

  10. Jo, your Floral Motif Sampler is beautiful! So glad you didn’t give up on it with the framing process hiccups. It looks great hanging on your sampler wall!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Beautiful sampler and beautiful reminder of how you powered through your treatment and didn’t let it stop you! Great example for others! Your wall looks amazing, Jo!

  12. The finished product is beautiful! Your wall looks super! It is such a great way to arrange your works – all on one wall. You always inspire me in many ways.

  13. Your Floral Motif sampler looks so nice framed. It is slightly different, no letters or words, and it really makes a statement on the wall. Great job!

  14. Your piece with the words Accept What Is really caught my eye. Can you share the designer? I would like to stitch this one

    1. It’s a Lizzie Kate design. You can only buy them at 123stitch. They are currently out of stock but you can put your name on a list and they will contact you when they are in stock.

  15. Jo, your sampler wall is absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it and all the things sitting in front. Every time you update, I stare at the picture and take in every detail. Beautiful work!

  16. Your wall looks great, and the flowers look great in your frame. I know it’s was trying. It look at the end result! Just beautiful! I have never stitched on Linen and am afraid to try it. I want to and I have some that came in a kit but so far I have stayed away from it. I need to,get over it and just jump in butI am not an daring as I used to be at a younger age!

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