Cross Stitch Finish: Deck the Halls

I finished my stitch along piece of Deck the Halls from October House. Here it is all finished. I had a few minutes on Sunday and tried to squeeze in the finish. I know some of you who stitched along were waiting for me to finish mine so you could decide if you wanted to finish yours the same way. Here is mine…

To finish it I started with trimming the striped edge as close to the hem as I could.

I cut 1 1/4″ from the end of the stitching. I also trimmed 1″ from the top and bottom of the stitching. I threw away the thin piece but saved the piece with the stripe. I want to do something with that.

From there I put interfacing on the piece.

Then I folded it in half the long way and stitched it. If you’re picky, you’ll want to line up the stripes and pin them so the come together.

Then fingerpress the seam open. Manipulate the seam so it is middle of the backside. Stitch. I trimmed the corners.

Then I turned it right side out. This is not an easy task. Seriously not easy. It took me a bit to do it.

I use a hemostat to do this. They are a piece of equipment used in surgery. The open like a scissor but they pinch and can lock. I’ve used a pair for years. You can find them HERE on Amazon.

From there it was time to stuff the piece. I used a tiny bit of poly-fil and crushed walnut shells. Find walnut shells HERE.

I HIGHLY recommend having one on those dowel stitcks that come in the poly-fil bags and using it to stuff the walnut shells down. I like mine packed really tight.

After I was about to the end of the piece with walnut shells. I put in some poly-fil just enough to keep the walnut shells from falling out while I stitched the opening closed.

Here it is all stitched up. I thought it looked a little plain like this.

I ended up cutting a scrap of fabric and tied it into a knot. Then I used a bulb pin along with a couple of buttons. Simple but enough. You can find the bulb pins HERE on Amazon.

Here it is in my dough bowl. I just love it. I think having these different shapes makes the display so much more interesting. I am happy to have this added to the collection. I know my “Joy” piece was a freebie. My Merry Christmas one was too. Both are very simple and quick to stitch. You can find the Joy Freebie HERE. You can learn more about the Merry Christmas freebie HERE.

I always like to find a few freebies for the dough bowl. To do that I go to Google and type in “Christmas Freebies” or something like that. Something small and doable always shows up.

I’m so happy to have this all together and looking so festive.

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  1. Dear Jo, I was making a bag with instructions. She had a great way to turn tubes inside/out like you were having trouble with. Fold the tube in half lengthwise and inside the tube place a longer piece of selvage (long enough to extend beyond both ends). Stitch as you did along the long edge and press open the seam. Stitch the end and attach the selvage at that end in the seam. Pull on the selvage and it will turn out the tube. For my project, I just cut off the end with the seam, but for your project, trim the selvage from the end close to the seam and it should be good to go. I hope this helps. Helen Hewell

  2. Where do you find all your neat dough bowls and wooden trays? Are they all old or have you ordered them from somewhere? Love your decorating.

  3. Your dough bowl looks so nice!!! Love seeing it!
    I have a “tube turner” that I bought several years ago – it’s a clear acrylic tube with a rod. You insert the acrylic tube into the fabric tube you want to turn, then use the rod to push the closed end through the inside of the acrylic tube. It is SO fast and easy! I think I bought mine at a fabric store, but here is a set on Amazon that does the same thing in different sizes:
    You’ve inspired me to start on some small cross-stitch pieces – I need to work on something since my sewing machine is in the repair shop! :)

  4. Do you put the shells in your Deck the Halls for weight or can it all be the poly fill. If you need both are there portions like 1 to 3?

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