Cross Stitch Finish: Cinderella’s Slipper by Blackbird Designs

I have a finish today…You might not even know I started it. I stitched it in one evening…actually less than a evening. It only took about an hour to stitch. The project is this little pincushion in a shoe. It’s so cute.

The pattern is a freebie. You can find it here…

on the Fans of Blackbird Designs Facebook page in the files section. The Facebook page is one you would have to join. You can find it HERE.

I immediately planned to stitch it but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the shoes. The pattern didn’t have a resource and was vague about the size. I did some math and some guessing and decided I would give these a try. You can find them HERE on Amazon.

I spray painted the shoe black but I didn’t really like the look. It took several coats to get the shoe covered. I ended up using Antique Gold Rub and Buff over the black paint. I just lightly rubbed it on. I ended up loving the look.

I put some interfacing on the back of my piece.

Then I cut it out. I started out gathering it but that was a bad plan. I couldn’t get it shaped.

I ended up stitching the back together as shown below. It’s more of hotdog shape stitching side to side and then tacking down the ends. I did have to test it out in the shoe time after time to see if I had it the right size to fit into the shoe. It fits but it’s just nip and tuck. Don’t mind the dried paint on my thumb.

I used a glue gun to glue the ends of the stitched piece into the shoe. Then I used THIS GLUE to glue the trim in place.

The trim I used was from Purple Paper Mountain Crafts. You can find them HERE on Etsy.

The piece is really small. I wish I could give you a better idea of the size as the cuteness doesn’t come through the best via pictures. The slipper measures 1.25″ Width x 4″ Length x 2.25″ Height.

After I got the piece stuffed and glued into the shoe, I took a seam ripper and very carefully used it to pull up the linen and fluff it in spots. That helped pull out a couple of divots I had in the stitching.

It was a quick fun little project. If you are ever doing a gift exchange or need a fast little gift, this is perfect. It honestly only took me about an hour to stitch it…and another hour to finish it. Finishing the first time took extra time as I was trying out a few things that failed. With my tips, it really would take about a half hour to finish it. So fun!!

For those keeping track: This is stitch one 32 count Vintage County Mocha but I used the “wrong” side of the fabric. I used the DMC version of colors. I hate stitching with two so I stitched it with one floss thread over to two linen threads. If I made one again, I might stitch it on 36 count as the stitching just fits barely. Stitched on 36 count wouldn’t make that much difference on something so small.

As my wall space continues to fill, I think I’ll be stitching more little pieces. They are so fun to stitch. Who doesn’t love instant gratification??

6 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Cinderella’s Slipper by Blackbird Designs”

  1. That is an adorable finish! I always procrastinate doing the fiddly bits to finish a piece that isn’t framed or a pillow – kudos to you for persisting!

  2. Hi I tried to join the Facebook group but it now says that Facebook group is not available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, Dorothy

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