Cross Stitch Finish: Christmas Garden

Yahoo…It’s back and finished!!

This is my Christmas Garden piece from Blackbird Designs. It is a Blackbird Design chart from the book Home for the Holidays.

If you ever want to stitch this and are stitching on 40-count linen, you don’t need as much floss as the pattern calls for. I also want to note that I changed the colors just a bit. The Calico Kitty floss has quite a bit of tan in it. I wanted the flowers to stand out a little more so I used these two colors for some of the flowers as well.

You can see that some of the flowers are darker. The small one on the bottom right. The big one on the top middle. The one on the middle left…all of them are darker red. I tried to mix it all up and balance out where the darker red went.

I did a change and stitched this for my family. I put my maiden name Johnson in the middle of the piece. Then where there were spots for initials I added my parents and siblings. I did have to adjust a few things because there weren’t enough spots for initials.

My parents are on each side of the flower in the middle.

My sister who is the oldest is here…

My oldest brother here…with my initials at the bottom in the middle.

My two brothers that are close in age are together in the upper right.

The linen I used for this was 40 40-count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit. I liked it for this piece.

My frame was an antique thrifted one. I took it to The Perfect Edge in Decorah. The frame shop is awesome and will cut my vintage frames down. I get what she calls AR glass. It has some UV protection but is so clear that when you look at the piece you can’t tell there is glass over it.

I know it says Christmas Garden on it and technically is a bit Christmasy…but I’m leaving it out all year.

I’m so happy to have this one finished. I had thought this was a bigger piece but the finished pieces I’ve seen of this were all stitched on a larger count of fabric making it bigger. I like it the size it is.

For the longest time I had stalled out on this because I didn’t know best how to personalize it. I’m so glad I figured it out and so glad I finished it with the initials of my family.

YAHOO!! Another finished. Sadly, I don’t have a good wall spot for this one yet. I am moving on to a new wall and it’s the first piece for it so it’s single and all alone. That means I better get stitching!!

13 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Christmas Garden”

  1. Jo, this is a beautiful piece and beautifully done. I love the idea of adding initials to it as a family heirloom.
    Love and prayers

  2. This is a beautiful piece! I’m glad you were able to personalize it the way you did. It’s perfect! It will look lovely wherever you hang it.

  3. So beautiful! This seems like a good piece to experiment with new colors. I’m stitching mine with Dinky Dyes silks, which only have slight variegation. Hope to finish by Christmas.

  4. What a wonderful finish. I am not a cross stitcher, but I can certainly recognize and appreciate the planning and work that you did to complete this piece and memorialize your family.

  5. Kathryn Martin

    I absolutely love it!!! I think the personalization you chose was a brilliant idea. Thank you for showing close ups and identifying who the initials represent. I found that to be very interesting! Thanks for mentioning that you changed some floss colors. I had forgotten about that.
    I haven’t even started mine. Other projects seem to crop up that definitely take precedence. I am . already switching between 3 items. But I’m always a hot mess.
    You are such a fast stitcher. I am always amazed at how many beautiful things you get done.

  6. Beautiful! This is a great size. As always you did an amazing job of stitching and have a very special piece that will be cherished by your family.

  7. Debbie Wallace

    This is a lovely piece! I am in awe of the beauty and thoughtfulness in remembrance and honoring your family members.

  8. I don’t blame you for leaving it out all year!! As beautiful as it is, I’d leave it out all year as well!! You did an awesome job on it & that frame just enhances its beauty!!

  9. Charline Blair

    Jo, this piece is absolutely gorgeous. This is something to be left out all year. I am in awe of stitching on 40 ct.. linen. I am still on 14 aida, but then i am 89 and just starting over. You have certainly inspired me to begin again. Again this is beautiful.

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