Cross Stitch Finish: Christmas Blessings

I have a sweet little pillow to add to my Christmas decor for next year…

All the other Christmas decor was put away so it didn’t get its much-deserved photo shoot. Oh well, I’ll make sure to showcase it in Christmas of 2024.

This chart is from Asbery’s Echoes Stitches on Etsy. Find her HERE.

The chart is simple and prim and I loved it. I used the called-for DMC colors and a scrap of linen that was here…I’m not sure the color. I did make two changes in the piece. I dropped the words so they were only two stitches from the green dotted line and I raised the deer and girl so they were only two stitches from the dotted green line.

You might remember a bit ago I made some strawberry wool applique pieces and used the technique for making a whole when stuffing that requires cutting a slit in the back. I decided to try to modify that technique and use it on making this pillow. I’m still learning with the best way for me to finish things so I’m experimenting with methods.

This time I didn’t cut off equal widths around the piece. I wanted to the bottom edge to be thinner.

My idea was to make if seem like the deer and girl were closer to the ground. I thought about the combo on the left but changed out the green for the green on the right.

For the backing I cut two pieces that were the same width.

I went to the sewing machine and stitched them together leaving the opening.

This would be where I’d turn it right side out. I put interfacing on the front and back pieces. I put the interfacing right on top of the hole and covered it. Then I took a seam ripper and opened the hole.

I sewed all the way around the piece overlapping me beginning and ending stitches. I clipped the corners.

Then I turned it right side out.

I put a tiny bit of poly-fill in each corner and put walnut shells in the rest making sure to tap them down in between fillings. I put poly-fill over the opening.

Then I used a ladder stitch to close the opening.

A few pats here and there to adjust it all and I was happy with it…well, almost happy. I cut and tied a matching fabric bow at the front.

That one is done!! I’ll be starting a new Christmas stitch on the 25th of January. This one only took two sessions to stitch. So cute!! I’m not sure what I’ll be starting yet. I need to sort through and pick something!! Any suggestions?

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Christmas Blessings”

  1. Jo I love your blog,,I found you last year and look forward to reading the blog Every day!!! I do cross stitch some but have always done it on 14count…I would love to do it on a much smaller count but don’t think my eyes can handle it. BUT I did get a 28 count to try it..You are such an inspiration in soooo may ways!!!! You are on our prayer list !!! God Bless

  2. Another great finish! I just all of your small projects for your dough bowls. This one looks simple enough that I might do it.

  3. So cute! You finished it perfectly! The lettering in this is especially pretty. Jo, did you shorten the charted length to fit your linen scrap?

  4. I really like your closure technique. It provides a center closure without having to cut the backing, leaving an awkward seam. Genious! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Jo, Like your Christmas Blessings piece. You have such neat projects. Also like
    the way you cut your opening in the back. I was looking through cross stitch
    pieces and this caught my eyes. Winter House Trio by Waxing Moon Designs.
    Might be a project for the stitch along. Thank you for everything you are doing
    to make this blog so very interesting. I have learned a lot.

  6. Just ordered the 7″ Morgan Hoop, using your review of this hoop! Also order the 10 pc magnetic ties, hope these work. And also ordered the
    Bonroy 50 Pack Embroidery Floss Keeper Brown Paper Thread Holder. Have heard about these on 2 flosstubes recently. Have you seen them? Like the idea you can use pencil to write number of floss and then erase when done to reuse.
    Enjoyed your last you tube video in your sewing room!

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