Cross Stitch Finish: Be Mine Freebie

I’ve had this little cross-stitch piece in my to-be-finished pile for a week or so and being I’m getting the Valentine decor out, I thought I better finish it up. I had originally thought I would put it in this little frame…It was a little stark.

I ended up going down to the basement to my frame and finishing area and came up with this…It’s a little clip board from Hobby Lobby. It’s the 2 x 3 size. I had picked it up some time ago.

My plan was to try to make a big fabric-covered piece for the back and then attach the stitched piece to it. I was measuring to see what might work. If you’re doing this you need to allow extra space for the clip. I cut sticky board to the size I thought I needed. I took off the paper and centered it on the fabric I had cut. I attached the corners with the glue gun and then stuck down the sides.

Next, I cut a small piece of sticky board and adhered it to a scrap of batting.

I laced my cross stitch piece around it.

Messy but functional.

I hot glued the stitched piece to the sticky board and then tied a double strand of jute into a bow and glued that to the top.

I am happy with it. If you are teaching someone how to stitch…or how to finish…this little project is perfect. It’s an instant gratification piece. The free chart can be found by scrolling down on THIS PAGE at Hands On Designs. They have many other Valentine’s Day freebies there as well. I have stitched several of them.

Here it is with my Valentine’s Day dough bowl.

I just love the pretties in my dough bowl…I also love that all of these were free charts.

I am going to be so sad when Easter and Spring come and I don’t have anything…I better get stitching.

10 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Be Mine Freebie”

  1. Their freebies are so cute, aren’t they? Love how you finished it.
    I’m also doing a freebie for Valentine’s Day from Hands on Design – “With You I Am Home” but putting a little rv below it that my dd designed for me. I’m going to put it on a card for dh and then finish it later if he wishes.
    Love and prayers

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Getting to know a little of how you think, I won’t be surprised if you have your Easter decorations all nicely together in the bowl and other places. I do enjoy reading your pieces.

  3. Nice finish!!!!!! Dough bowl looks beautiful! I passed up buying one, now I’m kicking myself seeing yours! Hugs,

  4. I love that cute little clipboard finish! It looks so much better than just the frame. You always have good ideas on how to finish pieces. I wish that I had room for a dough bowl to display little finishes. I love the shape of yours.

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