Cross Stitch Finish: Autumn Alphabet

I was starting to get my Fall decorations out for display when I remembered that there was something I was stitching last fall but didn’t finish until January of this year. I set the stitching aside and planned to fully finish it later. Well later finally came.

The piece is from the Scarlett House. This is the Autumn Alphabet. Every fall since I’ve been stitching I see it and want to stitch it. Last year I started this at about Halloween time. Fall had gotten away from me and I really want this to display. Fall got away from me and I didn’t finish stitching it until January.

I am now actually really glad I didn’t finish it then because, in the meantime, I found the perfect frame.

Here it is all finished.

Well, it wasn’t quite the perfect frame. I had to cut it down to the right size. The frame was square so I only had to make two cuts and then glue it back together.

I cut a piece of sticky board and a piece of batting the appropriate size. I adhered the batting to the sticky board.

Then I laced my piece. Periodically I will pop it in the frame to see if it is lined up appropriately.

This was pretty easy to lace. I lined the bottom up so no linen was showing then I lined up the other three sides as evenly as I could.

I wiggly and pull the piece as needed to get it as even as I can.

Oh my…I couldn’t have picked a better frame if I paid full price at a framers for this. I just loved it!! The frame was a thrift store find for 50 cents.

I’m not a Halloween decorator. I mix Fall and Thanksgiving together and put it out sometime after Labor Day. I’m a little late this year.

I actually think this one might be my favorite Fall thing I’ve stitched. AH…

It’s the perfect classic piece for Fall and the colors are AMAZING!!

I used a scrap piece of 40-count Picture This Plus Heartland with the called-for overdyed threads. If you’re looking for the chart, HERE is a link.

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Autumn Alphabet”

  1. I love this! Like you say, the frame is perfect for it. I’m in awe of how you cut frames down and put them back together; you’d never know when you look at the finished piece.

  2. Hi Jo!
    I asked you in the past about your outlook on Christmas decorating, and you wrote a detailed post to explain.
    So now I have to ask about your views on Halloween since you have mentioned several times that you are not interested in Halloween themed projects and decorating.
    Not trying to be nosey…it’s just that you always have interesting thought and ideas on things.

  3. This turned out great, I love it! And your fall decorating looks so nice. I got rid of almost all of my seasonal decor, as I was planning to move and needed to do a major downsizing. Plans changed, and now I’m staying put. But I will get by without all the seasonal stuff.

  4. Love it love it love it! You’re right—the frame is perfect! What tool(s) do you use to cut it down? Could you fo a video on that? Thinking of you—jane

  5. I was wondering too if you would be willing to do a video on how you cut down a frame? Maybe during a flosstube…. I have a bunch of frames and I’d like to do a few small cross stitch pieces to go in my bathroom. I sold all my supplies several years back because I was having a hard time seeing to stitch. You have me in the mood to try it again.

  6. Hi Jo
    I’m stitching up Tiny Pumpkin and liked what you did with the colors for the pumpkin. Did you use the Fall colors from the pattern or choose others?

    1. I used one of the other colors from the pattern. I thought the chosen color for the pumpkin was too dark. Sadly I don’t remember which color though.

  7. I am currently stitching this. I just started last weekend and haven’t had any time during the week yet. I hope to finish it this weekend. Yours looks great!

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