Cross Stitch Finish: Apostle’s Creed

I have a finish to share with you and I’m so excited. This is the Apostle’s Creed by Heartstring Samplery.

I started it…

on my birthday which is in mid-December. My goal wasn’t for it to be a fast stitch…just a steady stitch. I made the goal of stitching one row every week. For many weeks I stitched two but I only had to complete one row. Often times I would just stitch on it one night a week and that ended up being enough time to stitch more than one row…or I would stitch one row and a motif. Whatever mood that struck was fine as long as I completed one row each week.

I stitch this on 40-count Thornfield by Needle and Flax.  It called for Harvest Basket by Gentle Arts for the words but I used Trail Dust by Classic Colorworks for the lettering instead.

I really love this linen and thought it was perfect for the piece. I will be trying to find that linen again. It’s hard to find so we’ll see how that goes. I love that it looks naturally old and stained.

I did a few changes.

I’m old-school Lutheran and prefer the older way the Apostle’s Creed is said with “christian church” vs “catholic church” so I recharted that. I also left off a couple of bans at the very bottom of the chart. I liked that the top started with some red colored flowers and wanted the bottom to end with red too. The original has three, I think, more bands at the bottom including the designer’s family initials.

I opted instead to end with this beautiful tulip band. I opted to not stitch a couple of the leaves in the last band of flowers at the bottom. I put my initials and the year I finished it there.

My frame came from the thrift store. It was a thrift store that I don’t often get to. In general, the prices are a little higher and typically I don’t make an effort to go. They had this frame there…I cut thrifted frames down and frame things myself. I typically wouldn’t spend $15 for a frame as where I live, most thrift store frames are under $5…but this one I thought would be perfect for my Apostle’s Creed.

I did cut it down myself and had every intention of finishing myself but I wanted a piece of glass for it cut. Kalissa, my daughter told me there was a frame shop in Decorah called The Perfect Edge. She was getting something framed and asked if I wanted to ride along and see if they could cut the glass for me.

They could. I was so happy. In the past, I’ve been ordering glass online. It’s great to have a local source now. YAHOO! Curiously I asked if they do cross-stitch finishes and if they have someone who laces the pieces. She said yes. After talking with her for a bit she said that they are okay with cutting down antique frames. They are fine with lacing and finishing pieces too. Hmm. I decided that I would leave my piece with her and test them out.

I am COMPLETELY impressed with them. Turnaround time is about two weeks but if you are trying to meet a deadline, they can try to squeeze a project in. I told her I was a blogger and wondered if they might do framing from people out of state as I know so many people are looking for good, reliable, experienced framers who don’t have a long turnaround time. The owner told me she would be happy to help anyone and to work with them. The same person always does the lacing of the pieces so you can be rest assured that a newbie won’t be working on your piece. YAHOO!!

I was especially impressed that they are willing to work with a customer’s own frame if it’s in good shape. YAHOO!!

I’m so happy with this finish!! The frame is perfect for it and well worth the $15. I can’t believe I almost didn’t buy it!!

For now, it’s hanging here. I don’t know if it will stay here or not. I have my main stitching wall done except for one piece and this won’t work there so I have to expand my stitching to somewhere else.

I’m tickled to have this finished and for it to have turned out so nice. I am also tickled that it wasn’t too expensive to frame and that I found the new framer. I can do these myself and will do some myself but I’m glad there are options for me locally. That’s a HUGE relief for me.

Can you believe I almost didn’t spend the $15 for the frame…oh, I’m so glad I did!! I am so glad to have this piece in my collection.

27 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Apostle’s Creed”

  1. Marlene Clausen

    I really love your Apostle’s Creed and have from your first posting. I completely understand about changing the word. Am old school LCMS and the Apostle’s Creed have to be the “right way” or it gets fixed! The framing of your piece is exquisite. You have created a gorgeous work of art.

  2. Pat Anderson

    You are so right! That frame is absolutely perfect! I can’t imagine one that would be better for it! Great finish, Jo!

    1. Sheila in WI

      What a beautiful finish, Jo. So glad you didn’t pass up that frame because it’s perfect.

  3. I purchased the Home Sweet Home stitch-a-long in March. I watched your video on it and tried but it didn’t look right. I watched the video again and it clicked. I got the Home Sweet Home completed and now I am up on the basket. I don’t think I would have ever been able to do it without watching your video. Thanks, Dee

  4. Carmen Montmarquet

    It’s just Beautiful, perfect with that frame, Good Job Jo and also to the person who framed it for you!

  5. Another perfect finish!! You are so right the frame is meant for that stitching. I can understand you changing the word. I grew up using “catholic” which was confusing for many years, and then when I joined LCMS, I easily was able to change to Christian. All of your other changes were good. Just beautifully done!

  6. Karen in Ohio

    Absolutely beautiful! I am also Lutheran and would want to also change the wording. You gave me an idea. Thank you! I am so happy that the framing worked so well and it is perfect. I did send my address in my email to you as the winner of the chart from your video. Thank you.
    I will be stitching The Apostles Creed as well.

  7. I grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We left Iowa for my husband to take a job in Michigan. From there we moved to Alabama to work on the space program. Have been in Alabama since 1958! We like it here and do not want to go back to Iowa winters even though we love Iowa. Many friends and family still there and we visit when we can. I have always loved counted cross stitch and you have inspired me to take it up again. Currently I am in to quilting but obviously could do both. Your apostles creed is absolutely beautiful. I have worked on linen in the past and think that is what I would do again. I should join your stitch along and really get inspired! Thank you for your blog which I enjoy so much. Us Iowans must stick together!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I love hearing more about my readers. I agree Iowa winters aren’t the best!!

  8. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Just beautiful! I’ve loved watching you work on this, and that frame is perfect. Congratulations on such a great finish!

  9. It looks beautiful and that frame is just perfect! $15 very well spent. I am also stitching Apostle’s Creed but the one by My Big Toe. It’s my Sunday Stitch and I’m aiming for one row a week, too.

  10. That frame is beautiful with your finished piece! Do you always use glass when framing your cross stitch? Do you use spacers between the piece and the glass? How do you manage the bulk of the fabric when pulled to the back and laced? I’ve been working on some smaller charts but haven’t done any complete finishes yet.

    1. Yes to glass. I know my kiddos will keep most of the big pieces I have cross stitched so I try to preserve them with good glass. Yes to spacers.

  11. Oh. My. I am nearly speechless looking at this beautiful piece in its perfect frame. (That frame was a real steal.) You do such good work. I always enjoy seeing your pieces. I am not a stitcher. I tried many years ago and knew that was not something I could do, so I really admire someone who can and does it well.

  12. Jo, this is so beautiful! Well done – and I’m glad you were able to find a place that will finish your pieces. Gives the rest of us hope!
    Love and prayers

  13. Judith Fairchild

    This is a beautiful loving piece. You were Blessed in finding the frame and framing business.. it’s fun to see people & things come together in unity.

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