Cross Stitch Finish: All Creatures Great and Small

I have a finish and I’m so happy. This is All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana Designs. Oh, I love it.

I first saw this when Cynthia of Stitching in the Light was working on it and at that very moment, I wanted to stitch it too.

Here it is up on my sampler wall. The wall is filling up. I think I only have space for one more on the upper left. I have a plan for which piece that will be. I’m hoping to start that in a few months after I finish up a couple of other pieces.

I stitch on this quite a bit at the beginning of last year. It was my New Year New Start. At the time it wasn’t exactly a new start because I had stitched on about three night prior to the New Year but I called it my New Year New Start. Some people don’t worry about not getting them done in that year but I try really hard to finish whichever project I start on New Year’s Day within the time span of that year.

I did some personalization on this. You can see the tombstone on the bottom row. I put my husband’s initials there. I also added a beagle to represent my beagle Rosie on the hill in the grass. I put my initials in the center and my daughter Kayla designed the flowers that went in there too.

I stitched this on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha. It’s one of my favorite linens to stitch on. The piece isn’t without mistakes but unless you’re stitched it, you likely wouldn’t notice.

I used the called-for Anchor floss except for the dark red of the barn. Remember I said Cynthia Brew of Stitching in the Light stitched this and I admired hers? Well one of the things I admired was the beautiful red. In the original, the color is more pink. She used Anchor #20 and I did too.

This was a thrift store frame. I cut it down. I didn’t paint the frame or do anything to it besides cut it down. The frame was from a picture of Jesus. I felt a little sacrilegious cutting down the frame…but I did it anyway. I have found that often times the frames on religious pieces are some of the best frames.

I really just love everything about this piece. Some of Barbara Ana’s designs are a little too whimsical for me but this one, it’s perfect!!

I love the mix of farm and family and church and animals…it totally suits me.

So here is one last look at my design wall. I am so glad that when I started stitching I just decided to start hanging the pieces even though it wasn’t a complete wall. Watching it as it has grown has made me so happy. I’m so glad I have cross stitch as a hobby.

31 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: All Creatures Great and Small”

  1. Beautiful piece Jo, and it’s lovely to see how you made it your own. The wall of framed work is fabulous. I hope you have your eye on a new wall to start on. Dawn

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Jo. And you did an incredible job finishing it. Now that your wall is almost filled, are you planning to fill another wall with more samplers? Following your example, I’ve started stitching a few samplers on my own. Not that I’ll have room in the RV but I sure enjoy doing them.
    Love and prayers.

    1. FANTASTIC!!!! The frame is perfect for this amazing stitchery.

      Will the next design wall be “up the stairs”? (It would be fabulous). Because we all know you’re not going to stop stitching just because this wall is full ;-)

      1. Wonderful finish!
        I know you’ve shown all of them but when you fill the wall I’m hoping you’ll number each piece/place and review! I’d love to see how they all flow together since I can’t walk in your living room too see them!

      2. I’m moving into the living room with some of my smaller pieces. More to come on that as I have finished two other ones!!

  3. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Wow! This is a beautiful piece, and really special in that you made it personal to you and your family. Love it!

  4. Beautiful work. And remember, there are no mistakes, only design opportunities. Love seeing your puppy rescue and know they have come from a loving rescuer and going to forever home.

  5. What a beautiful sampler to add to your wall! You have made some truly lovely pieces and it is wonderful to show them off together. I hope you can find another wall to fill when this one is complete.

    1. Wonderful finish!
      I’m hoping when you complete the wall you will do a review of the pieces. I know you’ve shown them already but I’d like to see a numbered piece/placement of them. And as I can’t walk into your living room personally that would be great!

  6. That is quite an accomplishment, Jo! It is just beautiful…makes me want to start one, too. I do have it all kitted up and ready to go. Your design wall is wonderful, too!

  7. Patricia Kendel

    Congratulations Jo, on your incredible and mesmerizing finish of “All Things Great and Small”. You are the source of so much ❤ inspiration to all of us cross stitch hopefuls. You cheered me into cross stitching again after 40+ years. I’m ready and very much want to go to 40 count linen, but I’m 76, I have glaucoma and I need the magnifying light from Amazon you spoke about. if you would send me the link. Kayla is doing computer work for us. We adore her! Thanks So Much, Patricia Kendel

  8. Judith A Gebhardt

    GORGEGOUS — so much so I also bought the piece!!! I’m using 36 count off white Irish linen with Vikki Clayton silk (numbers correspond to DMC). So far I’ve finished the green on the hill, 1/2 the border in the SW corner and 1/2 going up to the NW corner. THANK YOU for such a wonderful choice that I”m duplicating!!! Hope mine is as beautify as yours! Any other religious type x-sticth suggestions?

  9. That’s a beautiful piece Jo. You’ve done a lot of stitching over the years. I know it must make your heart happy to look at that wall and get such a feeling of accomplishment.

  10. This piece is just beautiful!! This is my favorite of all your pieces. I also do cross-stitch, but have never ventured into trying linen and one strand of floss. I admire your ability!

  11. Wow, it’s a wonderful piece to add to your wall. I really like how you added your own special touches to it.

  12. Love it – and love your wall! I got inspired and started a Paula Vaughn piece a while back; it’s about 3/4 done. Right after I started it, I noticed that stitching relaxed me and took my mind off of “stressful things” and I was actually sleeping better at night! Bonus!!
    I have several pieces finished that need to be framed – I hope to get some of that done this summer. A few are samplers, others are still-lifes, still others are just pieces I liked. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Your piece is absolutely beautiful!! I love the frame you used too. I just love your wall of samplers, makes me want one at my house too. You do beautiful work. Hugs,

  14. Oh. My. Breathtaking! Love the design, and the execution is superb.
    Your design wall is gorgeous. If it were mine, I would be standing there all day and poring over each element. So lovely.

  15. Awesome finish…awesome sampler wall! I’m impressed (and maybe a teeny bit envious) at all you’ve accomplished with your cross stitching!

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