Cross Stitch Finish: A Happy Life

I have my first fully finished cross stitch piece fully finished for the 2023 calendar year.  It’s just a little one but I am completely smitten with it.

I’ve had it stitched for a few weeks already but just haven’t squeezed in time to fully finish it.  Sometimes, I let myself ruminate over things for a bit before I finish them especially if they are small pieces.  This one is small and it’s improvised quite a bit over the original pattern.

I started out thinking I was going to make it into a pillow.  Then I thought I would attach it to the top of the box…but in the end, I didn’t do either of those.  I ended up framing it.

First, let me share the pattern with you.  It’s called …A Happy Life by Notforgotten Farm.  It’s meant to be a primitive piece.  I don’t mind primitive but not the over-the-top prim.  To make it my own piece I left off the top border/vine.  I also changed up the colors.  It called for a blue…but I’m more of a red girl so I changed the color and used the color Calico Kitty in parts of the words.  I also added a dog in the lower right corner.  I added a black dog to represent my Aussiedoodle Izzy.  I make her collar the red/pink color to tie the color together but then the black felt off so I added a black band to the basket and called it done.

This was my piece when I started.  It was stitched on a scrap.  At the time I didn’t care that there wasn’t much margin as I was going to make a pillow….well that kind of bit me in the butt.

I have this little frame in my stash that I just loved.  You might remember that I went to an auction some time ago and bought a box of little frames.  This was one of them.

I didn’t need to cut it down.  As is was fine…but look at the bottom of my stitched piece.  It wasn’t big enough to lace.  UGH.

I could figure this out.  The frame was perfect for this so I had to figure out how to make it work.

I ended up adding a piece of muslin to the edge…

…and then laced it.  I did add one layer of batting between the stitched piece and the board I was lacing it around.

Look at the bottom edge of the frame.  You can see that the muslin is going to be hidden under the lip of the frame.

oops…I could see the muslin so I carefully manipulated the piece sliding the muslin down closer to the edge of the piece I was lacing around.

There it was…just how I envisioned.  Look at the bottom.  You can’t see that muslin I added to the piece in order to frame it.

Oh, I love it.  It’s perfect for me and my house.  I love the little bit of primitive look but not overly primitive.  Perfect to go with my antiques.

This is exactly the type of piece I wish I had more of….not seasonal and able to out year around.  This will likely hang out here in my dough bowl for a bit and then move around as I need fillers.

I’m so glad I made the changes and added Izzy to the piece.  It’s so fitting for me.

This had sat as an unfinished piece for some time.  There was always something I didn’t quite like…the coloring…the vine…the empty space.  I’m so glad I let it wait until I could make it into what I wanted it to be.
Sometimes it’s good to let things go into UFO status because then when I come back to them I’ve had enough time to make the piece what I wanted it to be.

I’m off to go check out Notforgotten Farm’s other patterns.  I wonder if she has anything else that’s small and simple like this so I could have another versatile piece.

I know I already said this…but I love how this turned out.

13 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: A Happy Life”

  1. I am no longer getting notices of your postings. Seems it had something to do with the blog update. I try to click on the link to sign up again, but it does nothing. Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Great little piece. The dog gives life to it. Who is ever happier than a dog getting to be with their person. I love it.

  3. I go to Notforgotten Farms a lot, so wish you could also, to see her many offerings! My friend did a video when we were there and posted it on FB first of last November if you could search for it. Anything there you are particularly looking for except an all year out piece? I love her place, so peaceful and all of her samples are great! Besides cross stitch, she has embroidery, punch needle and uncounted cross stitch patterns. Also a large collection of Valdani thread and size 3 Perle cottons, and lots of primitive pieces. Oh and I forgot rug hookings and wools. I just wish you could go there!

  4. You had the perfect little frame and it looks great! So glad you sere able to add the piece of fabric to work in frame. Another good finish!

  5. What a cute little finish, I finished a small framed piece to today. I discovered something about the Logan Studio Joiner, I was able to use it with the plastic joining pieces that come with precut moldings from internet frame shops. I placed the molding piece in the joiner and lined up the press on the plastic joiners, and gently pulled the lever to push them in. They slipped into place, and were tight and straight. Previously, I had been using a rubber mallet, it worked, but often the corners weren’t a perfect as they could be. Hope this helps you frame a few more ;)

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