Cross Stitch Finish: 1776 Pin Pillow

You might remember stitching along for this piece, Deck the Halls. The long skinny piece at the front?

After finishing that I had a leftover piece of the toweling I stitched it on. The piece was small but I’m frugal and wanted to do something that would make use of it.

I started by counting my design space. How many squares did I have? It looked like 50 squares high was about my limit.

I love making little pieces for my dough bowl so I thought I might take the piece, orient it this way with the toweling stripes on the bottom, and stitch something. Being it’s close to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d look through my Valentine patterns and see if something would work. Nothing struck me.

Then I got thinking that I don’t have any patriotic pieces stitched…well one but that hardly fills a dough bowl. So I started looking through my patriotic patterns. Again, nothing struck me.

I realized that the piece of toweling was small so I might have to use part of a design and not the whole thing so I relooked through the Valentine and patriotic pieces I had. Still, nothing struck me.

I ended up going online and typed “patriotic cross stitch freebies” hoping to find a free pattern that might work. I did.

I found the free pattern HERE. The site actually has a lot of free small patterns. You will need to scroll to the bottom to find this one. I plan to go back and print a couple more. I love a free pattern!!

My idea was to only stitch the white and blue row of stars and the 1776. I planned to stitch the 1776 part in red. I dug through my DMC floss and picked:
Red- DMC 326
Blue- DMC 930
White- DMC 746

I stitched one night and got this far…

I LOVE this little smallest size of Nurge Hoops for this very purpose, using up scraps of linen and toweling. It is so nice for small designs like this. Find them HERE.

Initially, I was worried that the stars weren’t showing up. Then I started stitching the blue floss around them and it got much better. I was liking my choice and my idea. YAHOO!!

If you try stitching on toweling, I want to make sure you know that with toweling, stitchers stitch one strand of floss over one thread of toweling. Keep that in mind when counting out how big of a design space you might have.

The next night I finished the stitching.

When I came to finishing it, I wanted to make sure that my seam went right up to the end of the stitching of the blue star row. I thought it would give it more of a finished look.

I did everything the way I typically do…I put interfacing on the front and back.

I sewed around the piece and cut a slit in the back to turn it right side out.

I stuffed a tiny bit of Poly-fil in the corners. When I say a tiny bit of poly-fil…I use what you see below to fill TWO corners. Then I filled the rest with crushed walnut shells. I buy THESE.

I do put more poly-fil at the seam to keep the walnut shells in place while I stitch the opening shut.

I sewed the opening shut.

Then it was time to figure out some type of embellishment. I tried several different things and ended up with a simple bow of baker’s twine around the pillow. The baker’s twine came from Purple Paper Mountain on Etsy. HERE is the link.

I am so excited to have this quick little simple piece finished. It was a great bowl stuffer and it was great to use up this little leftover piece of toweling.

Now I have two things to put in a patriotic dough bowl this summer. Oh my…I better keep stitching. If you didn’t join us for the stitch along but would still like to make this little pillow, no problem. You can find the toweling HERE. It is enough to make two of these.

Happily, I kept a black piece that was leftover from a different project. I need to figure out something else for that piece. Hmm. Maybe something Halloween/Fallish with a crow. Any ideas of something I could stitch on it? I’m off to go Google Halloween cross stitch freebies.

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: 1776 Pin Pillow”

  1. I love it! You are so creative and find just the perfect way to make something wonderful. As I have said before, you inspire me!

  2. I love the patriotic pillow. Nice use of the left over toweling. When I started cross stitching during the pandemic, I was looking for free patterns and I stumbled on her site…Samplers and Santas. I have made many of her designs and I enjoy following her blog.

  3. I am working on the SAL! I got it Kate then had to wait for my small Nurge Hoop! I am on the second ornament so finishing is soon! Yours looks great and I hate I didn’t do mine on the dish towel!

  4. Love how you used that bit of leftover toweling. I looked at the Samplers and Santa site. I think I might do up a few of her free patterns.

  5. I love how you always manage to make use of every last bit of fabric, whether it’s for quilting or cross stitching. I also save every last bit – but I never get around to doing anything with it! Haha!

  6. I love what you did with your leftover toweling. You are creative beyond measure. Now that my cataracts have been removed I will try cross stitching again.

  7. Susan from Michigan

    I love it! Thank you for the link to the free pattern. Also, I had been wondering where I could get bakers twine, so now I know.

  8. If you have Winds of Autumn from Blackbird, there’s a cute chart called Spell of the Moon. Maybe you could adapt the tree and owl to have it perched on the stripe “fencing”. That would be cute!

  9. Love your passion for cross stitch. I have been stitching for about 45 years and watching it have a new audience, especially quilters is exciting.

    I usually tuck a piece of quilt batting in before sewing it closed. Happen to have a few small pieces lying around.

    Keep it up Jo, we love you!

    Dianne in Wisconsin

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