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I’ve told you before that Kelli and I have been to The Stitchery Nook in Osage, Iowa.  We’ve told you that we love their great customer service.  Well I have a couple things to tell you to prove how good it truly is.

Kelli and I went in March.  She had them frame one of her large cross stitch pieces.  It was ready and we were going to pick it up.  While we were there I hoped to get one of LizzieKate’s new designs that I had seen was being released.

While there we were looking and browsing.  I told Kelli that I was feeling frustrated because I couldn’t remember which LizzieKate patterns I had finished and which ones were at home waiting for me to do.  She was trying to get me to buy one but I was relatively certain I already had it at home.  That’s when the gal working at the store came up and said that she had heard us talking and she had something she wanted to share with us that would help us.


She asked if we had smart phones and we said we did.  She ended up telling us about a new app for your phone.  It’s an app designed for cross stitchers.  It’s called Xstitch and this is it’s icon.

Image result for xstitch app

The app is one you have to pay for but it’s only $2.99 or something like that.  Kelli had the app up and going on phone in no time.  She took a picture of all of my cross stitch patterns and loaded them into the apps then she figured out how to load my embroidery floss colors into the app.  I did that.  Now, no more wondering which patterns I have or wondering if I have floss for a project.  I am tickled about it.  I am not a big time app girl so if I am praising this one, it’s a goodie.

While we were there I asked about the pattern I was interested in purchasing.  They didn’t have it yet but said they get in all the LizzieKate things so knew it was a matter of time before it arrived.  Well a couple days ago it came in the mail….see?I love the one that says “Summer”.


I want to stitch it and make it into a pillow as shown.  I also ordered another large ring to hold my floss baggies.

Along with the goodies came a note.  Can you read it?


Here’s what it says, “Jo-Thank you for your order.  The actual cost of the pattern is $13 not the $6.75 you were charged.  Since this was Sherry’s error there is no additional charge.  Thank you.”

WOW!  I’m so impressed!  We were impressed with the store and the customer service before they told us about the app and before they didn’t charge us the difference.  Imagine how impressed we are now!!  I’m so glad we have such a great place just a little ways away.

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  1. I’m not a cross stitcher but do think your work is lovely. I just wanted to comment, Jo, that your hair looks so cute in the picture and I love your outfit; is that one your daughter sells?

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