Cross Stitch Check In….

I took two cross stitch projects with me during the last week while I went to doctor appointments.  While in the waiting room I stitched on this….

…and this….

I was so-so impressed with how far I got on this.  That border had really intimidated me…I was so nervous to start that project because of that intense border…and here I was rocking it!  NOT.

Friday night I decided that I was going to intensely work on this and get that border done even more.  I sat down and realized that 4 or the 6 sections that I had about done needed to be ripped out.  I was off on stitches.  AH!!

So after that set back, I’m this far along now…

After ripping all of that out I decided that I am only going to go all the way around and do only this outside path of the design. That way if I’m off a stitch, it’s much less that needs to be ripped out. My goal, although lofty is to try to get all the around before the first of July.

As I go I am putting one stitch in the center of the long line so I know where to fill in the design later. So far, so good. Borders always make me nervous.

I also took the time to put in two lines of basting stitch which will be pulled out later. These are to help with counting. I think I might take the time to put in a couple more…we’ll see. It really does make counting easier.

I have my next project on deck. I think I’m starting this on July 1st and will stitch for Jolly July which is just a fun thing people are doing by stitching in Christmas projects in July. Kelli and I splurged and bought these project bags. (Find them here on Amazon larger sized HEREsmaller HERE)It really wasn’t a big splurge.  The bags are less then a $1 each.  The bags can be seen through and are big enough to hold all of the supplies at are needed for a project.  We like the bigger ones for projects whose chart is the size of regular paper.  We like the smaller ones for projects whose chart is just half the size of regular paper.  Getting the bags has been a nice treat for us and an awesome way to keep the project safe, together and easy to grab.
I went through and I printed a little card of each project onto cardstock.  Then I laminated the cards.  I take a Sharpie marker and write down any notes about the project on the back of the card.  This project has the word “kitted” on the back.  That way I know the project has everything in it and I can start stitching it whenever I want.  There is a shortage of thread right now due to coronavirus so often times it takes a bit to find all the threads so I’ve been working to pick up threads if I am ordering.

The project bags would be great for smaller quilt projects too.

When I went to the Mayo Clinic last week, one day on the way home I detoured over to the cross stitch shop in Osage.  I was on a mission to get fabric for this project.

I had wanted to start stitching in only to find I have the wrong linen.  It was going to be my next project.  A blog reader sent the chart to me and I was so excited to stitch it.

I ended up getting this linen…and another set of Sullivan Ball-Tip Needles.  Oh my word those needles make stitching so much nicer.  They are expensive but I’m okay with it.  I never thought I’d be a needle snob, but here I am recommending them and telling people I would stitch with anything else!
I am still trying to be cautious when I’m out so I was masked up…and worst of all, I didn’t shop.  I was in out and done in just a few minutes…it was more of a buying trip…not a shopping trip.

I asked what was the hot sellers as of late and the clerk said Hands on Design things and Teresa Kogut patterns.  I looked at the Teresa Kogut patterns as she cut the linen and ended up grabbing this…

YES…another sampler.  My goal is to one day have a sampler wall.  At the time I stopped at the shop I thought I would be quarantined in the house with plenty of time to stitch due to getting Radioactive Iodine but that didn’t happen.

That’s okay….I can still stitch a day or two without being quarantined in.

So that’s where I am at with my cross stitch.

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Check In….”

  1. As a long time Cross Stitcher I too learned to do the border in sections, less pickin’. I always start my designs by drawing a skinny marker Line on the x and y center axis of each Printed pattern (center vertical/center horizontal). Then I run a basting stitch center vertical and center horizontally corresponding with the pattern. Sometimes I add additional basting lines especially with uneven weave linen. Most times I start somewhere near the center and work out to the edges. For waiting rooms or other low light situations I stitch on number 7 Klostern. Large weave and uses a lot of thread but not as stressful. My favorite are Santa’s. Keep safe and positive.

  2. Do you do both stitches at one time (the complete x)? A friend recommended that I only do half of the stitch and then on the 10th stitch do both. That way I can keep track of the number of stitches more easily. It has helped me. Just an idea. Love the patterns you’ve chosen.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I also love Cross stitch and love samplers. I hadn’t done cross stitch for years, but now that I’m retired, I picked it back up. I also love working with linen. I think I quit a long time ago because framing costs were just too high, and I couldn’t afford it. This time I decided that I ‘m just going to do the samplers, and put them away in a drawer (for the most part). I‘ll leave them for someone else to get rid of after I’m gone. It is something I love to do, and that is the bottom line.

  4. I’ve been stitching since I was 16. Jobelin is what I try to substitute for linen when I can. It’s much softer & doesn’t have stray fabric
    I also have never done just the boarder firse. Ill work the middle line first to the right then other side then work the border down or up & work on that section.
    Having to rip stiches is crushing lol.
    Your projects are beautiful

  5. I’m not much of a sampler girl but the ones you chose ae really pretty. I will enjoy watching your progress.
    Love and prayers

  6. I was taught to start in the center of the project and work out from there. It makes doing border designs and Kettering designs easier. Why didn’t you start in the center first before working on your borders? You probably wouldn’t have had to rip anything out (I rarely have to rip out stitches) that way.

  7. For Sheila …
    Hi! To answer your question, if working in solid DMC type floss, I may do half stitches (eg long lines) & then come back down the nine & cross. However, working with hand dyed floss, you want to finish each stitch due to the variegated nature of the dying process in the floss. This gives a richer appearance, more depth to the colors! I’ve cross stitched for 37 years & do lots of traditional Quaker type samplers & designs.

  8. Beautiful projects! Don’t be discouraged having to rip out, possibly look at your project the next day and replan the project, you might be able to leave the stitches in place… I usually have a large enough piece of fabric and can start at a point that is easiest for me to move forward on.. good luck and stick with the projects…

  9. It’s wonderful to see someone talking about cross stitch. Sometimes I can’t even find DMC in the store and go online. I get some patterns on pintrest. You do wonderful samplers. I can’t use linen anymore. At 76 my eyes won’t let me even with a magnifying glass. Thank you for your post. Stitch on!

  10. Ms. Glenn E. Mount

    When you finish your project be sure to stitch your full name and the full date you finished. In the future this will become an antique and your family and friends will know who you were.

  11. Isn’t it amazing how blank cloth and skeins of floss can become such beautiful pictures!?! I also noticed by your photos that you use a hoop…have you ever tried Qsnaps? I’ve used them (instead of hoops which can damage your fabric) for over two decades and love them. They come in a variety of sizes, are really light weight, break down easy and are super easy for your hands to hold onto. Sorry, I sound like a commercial but if you haven’t tried them – give ’em a shot.

  12. They’re all so lovely. I have started the first two of the Teresa Kogut and hope to start the faith one by the end of the year – it is unkitted at present. I made a huge boo boo in my Newcastle bouquet and have ended up leaving it. I’m doing all of the border as I go along to help guide me (still managed to stuff it up)_. hehe. Take care. We are back in lockdown for six weeks here in Australia, we even have a curfew.

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