Cross Stitch Sadness

Last week I spent Sunday night at the hotel in Lacrosse as the weather was going to be iffy overnight and I needed to be at the clinic at 8 am.  I brought something with to keep me busy….my laptop so I could watch Netflix and my current cross stitch project.

My project is nothing too exciting.  It’s a LizzieKate ABC sampler.  It’s a companion project to one of the boxed kits I had already finished.  I was happily stitching along when I got to thinking…hm….  It’s been a bit since I’ve been over to the LizzieKate blog.

I was watching Netflix on the computer so got my phone and looked it up.  I read through the first couple posts that I’ve missed and then WHAM!  WHAT?  LizzieKate is retiring.  NO!!!  How can that be?  If you’re a LizzieKate fan who missed it like me, read about it here.

Oh, I am so sad…so sad.  I love their things.  For the most part, it’s the only thing I’ve been cross stitching.

My long term goal has been to stitch up a bunch of the sayings and hang them in a huge grouping on my bathroom wall.  I have a few done….See?

I have a couple more stitched…just not framed yet.  I love doing them.  They will all have eclectic frames…all wood though.

So…now what’s a girl to do?  Happily they are still filling orders but it’s made me want to run out and buy a half of dozen more patterns before they are no longer available.  I best start saving some money!!  There will be a cross stitch shop stop in my near future.

I did hop over to ebay and they have patterns that are LizzieKate available as well but I prefer getting them from a shop.

Isn’t is so sad when favorite designers call it quits?  Alas.

Today I have my cross stitch with me as I travel to Lacrosse for my PET scan.  I love having something quick to grab and go.  This is what I’m stitching now….completely appropriate for the day!!

I so love LizzieKate designs….and these are the exact words I need today.

13 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Sadness”

  1. Hoping the scan went okay and so glad you stayed in Lacrosse, I know your part of the country got hit with more snow. The cross stitch is really charming and hanging them as a grouping on your wall is totally cute.

  2. Good luck on your pet scan Jo. I have a penpal who does a lot of Lizzie Kate cross stitch patterns. She is also sad about the retirement and went out and bought some more of Lizzie Kate patterns.

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    The good news is that Lizzie and Kate have been prolific designers from back when I was cross stitching in the early 90’s. Many shops will still have that inventory so keep looking for it. They do have the cutest sayings and designs to go along. Good luck on your results.

  4. Very nice l also stitched it even my daughter learned to stitch it.but l can’t stochastic in dresses or plain clothes.please give suggestion.

  5. Cathy H. Taylor

    I also recently retired. Yea for retirement! My hope was to work on Lizzie Kate cross stitch. So I was wondering will you continue to print the designs after supply in stock is gone? Just not design new ones? Or should I order a variety ?

  6. I am also going through some thing similar but I can’t do cross stitch how can I learn iam home and I am bored I also Hope. Your scan is goodm


  7. I have one grouping of cross stitch on a living room wall, all alphabet. I have another grouping in the kitchen, similar sayings to LizzieKate samplers. I wish now that I didn’t get rid of all my supplies. Good luck on your scan. Thanks for sharing.

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