Cross Stitch and Doc Update

I’ve been in a cross stitching mood lately.  I finished this….

I started this piece in the spring.  I had a little bit done, summer hit and it got left.  I didn’t touch cross stitch all summer.

Then last Sunday I needed a little brain rot time so I turned on Acorn TV and watched and stitched for most of the afternoon.  I ended up finishing my piece.

Right away I started this….
You can’t see what the saying is very well.  Here’s a close up.
I love the saying.

You might remember that I’m a HUGE Lizzie Kate fan (designer of what I’m stitching).  Last spring I was so sad when I found out that she was retiring.  I’m happy to find out that her items will still be available and she will be releasing a design from time to time but a limited amount.

Through all that I also learned that one of the on line shops was clearancing out her stuff and everything was HALF PRICE!!

I admit…I ordered.  I ordered several designs.  Good thing I’m on a fabric diet.  Oh my.

In light of my “cross stitch kick” I was wondering if anyone knows of a good portable light for cross stitching.  Hotels are notorious for poor lighting.  I was hoping I could find a nice portable light to take with me.

Mayo clinic called me and I have appointments scheduled coming up.
November 13th is blood work and an ultra sound of my neck.  Then the 14th we see the doctor.  Because of the way the appointments are scheduled, it’s easier for us to go up and stay overnight.  (For those of you who missed the post, my thyroid cancer has returned and I was sent on to the Mayo Clinic.  Find that post here if you missed it.)

I thought having a light that was portable would be great.  A good book lamp might do the trick.  I don’t know.  I was hoping one of you had a suggestion.

I am also busy getting together some projects together that are “car friendly”.  Removing papers from string blocks is perfect.

I might get to these before then, but that’s where my brain is…thinking about things I can do traveling and then recouping should they have to do surgery again.  I so hate wasted time!!

Any suggestions of a good portable light to use when cross stitching would be grand.  If it was battery operated, that would be even better.

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  1. I love what we call headlights- it is a camping flashlight that has an elastic band that goes around the hear. I light portion can be angled too. No, I don’t put it on my head but around my neck, hanging down and angled it on my project. I used it when sitting in the car while my son was at soccer practice.

  2. Jo, I have really liked my IKEA Jansjo clip on LED light. I purchased it upon a recommendation from Bonnie Hunter. I purchased mine from Amazon for around $19. Maybe it’s even cheaper if you get it at IKEA? But that just wasn’t a convenient option for me at the time. It’s a great light but it is NOT battery operated. BTW I am working on the same Lizzie Kate pattern right now. I also love that saying!! I’m hoping to finish it to give to my daughter for Christmas.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you anticipate the upcoming testing.

  3. Jo, I love my “Mighty Bright” hands-free lighted magnifier that I got with a 50% coupon you-know-where. I can stitch without disturbing my husband’s TV watching, and especially loved it when we had no electricity after Hurricane Irma last year. I even wore it around my neck for a hands-free flashlight when hunting for canned goods in the dark! Ruth

  4. Another LED light called Twist-a-lite. Good for reading and stitching. Battery operated and it around your neck for hands free use. I cant remember where i got it but one of the stitching catelogs carries it. Maybe amazon. I spent $20.00 for mine.

  5. I like my rechargeable portable OTT light that I picked up at JoAnn with a 50% off coupon. Can use it both plugged in and on battery power, and the light flips down to make a compact travelling companion. Good luck with your upcoming medical appts. PS: Bonnie Hunter has also recommended the BEAM light; hangs around your neck.

  6. I use a Beam and Read light when I am hand stitching bindings. It is battery operated and I’ve only had the change the batteries once since I got it. DH gave it to me for Christmas several years ago. It is a available on Amazon.

  7. I don’t have a suggestion for the light. Just wanted to say that every time you show your cross stitch, I get the bug to check them out and start that again. Thanks for sharing. Thoughts and prayers coming your way during the scheduled tests.

  8. Quilt in a Day has a light for 14.95 that I bought and use and like it. It’s called Folding Desk Lamp and it’s purple. Has a battery and can be angled in different configurations. Don’t know if you follow but she recently went thru surgery and treatment for thyroid cancer.

  9. There was someone that said they got a mighty bright hammer head light and just loves it! It clips on to something and can bend where you need the light. Amazon has them. Hope this helps.

  10. The IDEAWORKS Super Bright Portable LED Lamp is just what you’re looking for. It’s small when folded up, great for travelling. It uses four AA batteries (or can be powered by USB cable) and generates 3 brightness levels. Because of how it folds, it’s very versatile. I use mine for hand stitching but also for illuminating my design wall for blog photos. IDEAWORKS model #JB6921 manufactured by Jobar International Inc. (no affiliation)

  11. Go to Lowes or Home Depot (or a hardware store) and check out the BBQ lights. They are small and designed to stick to a BBQ with a magnet. I saw them once recommended to be put on old metal sewing machines that don’t have a good light.

  12. Aletha’s comment further up in your comments suggests what I thought….. Bonnie Hunter’s favourite light from IKEA. Good luck with all the hospital appointments. Great idea to “keep busy” .

  13. I second the recommendation for the Beam N Read battery op light. It is a fantastic light, great for using on the go, or in the living room to stitch when hubby wants it dark for a movie!!

  14. There are two that I have: Beam N Read LED 6 Hands-Free Task Light and My Light HUGlight LED Hands-Free Flexible Light 1 ea, Blue. The Beam N Read is heaver, but I think it gives better light. I saw them both on Amazon.

  15. Prayers for every success for tests and any procedures at Mayo`s, Jo! You have a terrific support system/crew. Your stitching is so nice and your project will keep you busy! I really enjoyed & appreciated your wonderful harvesting work reporting. Been quite a while hearing my grandpa & uncle regale us with their experiences. All the best, Jo! Your friend, Gloria

  16. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome at Mayo. I love your stitchery, its darling to see. I never could get mine to look so nice.

  17. Wishing you the best with your tests and travels. You have a wonderful outlook and that is good! My mom swears by the beam and read as she uses it to applique. I have the both the battery powered ott lamp as well as the ideaworks bright led battery powered lamp. The ideaworks lamp is battery or usb powered, and is very lightweight.

  18. Hi Jo!
    Just want you to know I’m wishing you the very best, and will keep you in my prayers. Have been to Mayo for 3 members of my family – they are so, so kind, professional, helpful, did I say Kind? We have had fabulous care each and every time we have been there. Take very good care of you!

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