Cresco Ladies Quilts

Check this out…

The Cresco ladies dropped off quilts.  These were from last month and I’m finally getting a chance to tell you about them.

I took the time to take pictures of them all…You’re in for a treat.

I love the one above.  It’s just precious.

The ladies work with what is donated to them.  I’m always so impressed by what they do.

This is a lovely 16 patch anyone would be happy to own.

There were several string quilts in this batch.  I love how these blocks make a pattern on the diagonal.

There was a lot of purple in this one….

…and in this one.

Some of the fabrics the ladies get in are dated and that’s perfectly fine.  The fabric is still of good quality and totally usable.  Charity quilting isn’t for the picky person who can’t make do with what they are given.

Charity quilting is for the patient, the thankful person who can see the good in a simple piece of fabric that once joined with other good pieces will become a great looking quilt for someone in need.  That’s totally true of the quilt below.

What a fun use of that border fabric in the quilt below.

The next quilt is a panel fabric with prayers and bedtime motifs.

All of these are finished quilts.  The ladies have a longarmer that works with them.  She’s done all of these.  Isn’t that impressive??

The quilt below I really liked.    Isn’t the border fun!!  Charity quilters, because of necessity become more creative.  Wanting to use the last little bit of fabric up helps them think harder on how to incorporate it all.

I’m sure these blocks were quilt leftovers.  This was a fun creative setting….alternate blocks and sashing between the rows.  So often the size is determined by how big of a piece of fabric there was.

Here’s a close-up.

Another simple but fun one….

I ended up pulling this one out and will be donating to a local benefit here.  They put on a big event and then all the proceeds are divided out to families with medical needs over the next year.  I was sure it was an event that the ladies would feel comfortable donating to.  I know the families that put it together and feel confident the money is handled correctly and fairly.  Kalissa and Craig got a donation from them last year with Gannon’s extra expenses going to Milwaukee for the doctor.

I spoke to Sandra when she dropped another bunch of quilts off.  (I’ll try to show them to you soon), she said they are in need of good quality sheets to use for backings or pieces of fabric that are 4 yards or more.  They also have a great need for batting.  If you have an old polyester batting you won’t use, they use them…if you have scraps…they use them.  If you want to donate an Amazon gift card, they will put that towards purchasing one of these rolls of batting from Amazon.

I get mine from here and have been happy.  Warm and White can be found HERE.  The Natural can be found HERE  and the small 45″ width size can be found HERE.

Living rural it’s hard to figure out and order from JoAnn’s.  I hated watching for sales and getting it at the “right time”.  I started ordering the batting from Amazon instead.  I have Prime so I always have the free shipping and don’t have to wait…or wait and then end up with the out of stock notice.  It got easier for me to use Amazon and the price is compatible.

Anyway…I’m done with my tangent.  If you can help Sandra and Cresco ladies with sheets, backings, or batting, please do.  You can reach Sandra through this email address:

Sandra sent me a list of people who have sent goodies her way.  I’ll include that in the next post about the Cresco quilters.

12 thoughts on “Cresco Ladies Quilts”

  1. The Cresco ladies do a wonderful job and certainly are experts in making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Will keep them in mind when I next have an extra top sheet.

  2. Lots of things popped in my head as I was reading this. 1. What is the smallest usable size batting piece? 2. Fabric can’t be dated, can it? It’s just vintage!!! 3. I keep seeing such great log cabin block quilts. I’m having a hard time choosing which setting will look best made out of all my paid flannel scraps.

  3. I’m 71 years old, & consider myself a confident beginner, & I’m slow as Christmas.
    I’m in Houston, TX. Was wondering where you’re located

  4. The Cresco ladies do great work with what they have! We should all be as creative and not stress over little things!

  5. Great quilts…i love what they do and it certainly gives me hope that I’ll use up my scraps one day, and if not I know where to send
    On a side note…i know that joanns is really working hard at keeping their customers happy and that they price match…so if you use other stores because the price may be cheaper, just ask and see if its a store that they price match.

  6. I have found that second hand polyester/cotton quilted mattress pads are excellent to use as batting. I can usually get them at the second hand stores for $1, which can’t be beat for pricing. They are lightweight, yet provide the proper thickness in a quilt.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Great ideas for batting. I have a bunch of tops waiting for backing and batting thanks for the ideas. As usual the Cresco ladies out did them selves. Where did the find the material of children saying they’re prayers. I would love to make quilts with that material

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