Cresco Ladies Quilts

The Cresco ladies have been busy.  Last, when they were here to pick up fabric, they dropped off two big reusable canvas bags full of quilt tops that they had finished.  I’m finally getting to showing them to you.  I only took pictures of about half of them.

Here was a fun way to use up donated quilt blocks….

There was a note on this quilt saying… that the blocks had mostly come from Carol in Florida.  How fun.  If you’re a sunflower lover, this one is for you.

Here are simple squares.  Simple squares always look so good to me.

Cute four patches together…

I recognized the fabrics from this one…Someone sent them to me and then I thought I would make it into a quilt, didn’t, and then passed in on the gals.

Aren’t the squares so cute with the little kids in them?

I love seeing boy quilts.  This one was super cute!!

The center has a cute, cute poem about “Why God made little boys”…and around the outside…lots of fun boy print fabrics.  Just wonderful!!

I think the center of this quilt was also from me…leftover red string blocks.  The outside is all football fabric prints.

This was a precious baby quilt.  I love the little animal print.

The ladies have used this design before and I always love it.  Framed four patches are so cute.

This next one was bigger.  This one is 70″ x 70″.  I’m checking with Lori who does quilts for Sharehouse to see if she might be interested in adding borders to this and using for a donation to them.

This was a good use of leftovers from a quilt project….

I’m making a guess that it was a disappearing four patch quilt…

I loved the eclectic flowers of this one.

Another fun one….

This one happens to be finished!!  YAHOO!

What a big bunch of potential.  I sent a lot of these out last week so many are already to the longarmers.

I did keep a few back and I’m hoping to machine quilt them myself.  Last week I spent about two hours putting a machine binding video together for you.  Well, I did something wrong and it was a fail…so after all that work, the quilt was already bound and I didn’t have another quilt that was machine quilted so I couldn’t do another video.  UGH.

Later that day I was writing this post and getting quilts ready to send out to longarmers when I decided that maybe I should keep a new of these.  I could use them to do some machine quilting videos and then I could use one to do a machine binding video.  Well, that sure is a win-win.  That way a few of these will get finished too!!  PERFECT.  So watch for a couple of these to be featured in videos soon…and if you’re a volunteer longarmer, quilts will be in your mail SOON.

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  1. These quilts are wonderful and will be bring lots of snuggles to someone! Thank you all for such wonderful work!
    Love and prayers

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