Cresco Ladies Quilt Tops…

Sandra of the Cresco Ladies group was here last week.  She had two bags full of quilt tops.  She always jokes that she comes to my house so she can deliver the bags of quilt tops and get them out of her house with the hope that it won’t be as cluttered.  Then she comes to my house and I send a couple of bags back with her.  It’s a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of deal.

I was super excited to see a bunch of kid-friendly tops in this bunch.  Laurie the quilt finisher told me she’s in need of kid-friendly tops.

Here is a Mickey Mouse top…

I love the birds along the sides of this one.

This is an example of a simple design that looks so nice.  These simpler designs I believe are so underrated.

When I take pictures of quilts, Rosie has her nose into the quilts.  I think the fabric sometimes comes from dog owners and Rosie wants to sniff all the dog smells.  Goofy dog.  I had trouble keeping her away so when she was distracted, I quickly laid out two tops and snapped the picture.

I liked this stripey quilt design.

The center of it was a seed sack print.

When Sandra dropped off the quilt tops she said to me…there is one in there that was donated to us.  I’m guessing you’ll figure out which one that is.  I’m guessing this one…Does anyone want to volunteer to finish it?  Maybe someone sewing for Habitat for Humanity?  Another border could easily be added to make it bigger.

Here is another pair I snapped quickly to avoid Rosie.

This was a fun design that features lighthouses.

Here are two kid-friendly ones that will be passed to Laurie.

Rosie can be quite that determined dog.

Isn’t that bird print on the outside of this so pretty?  I love it!

This one was a little bigger.

I think these two were my favorite of the bunch.

This one I’ll pass on to the Lutheran World Relief gals from my church.  They will add borders to this and it will be perfect for their group.  There was a note on this that said-Made of leftovers to use them up.  PERFECT!!

This grouping featured a lot of panel quilts and a lot of kid-friendly quilts.

Gannon was with me when I took these pictures and he was squealing over this one saying “Ants!  Ants!”  There are ants on the outer border!!

I love the one on the right.  Such pretty colors…

Blue polka dots…what is not to love??

It’s a 4 patch special.  I can totally see a mom sitting down with her little ones and counting how many green squares.

Here is another picture with two quilts…The one on the right is all fox prints.  So cute!!

Eye spy…one more extra block in the photo below.  Can you see it?

I recognize a few other prints from previous quilts.  I’m guessing this was the “Use it up” leftovers quilt.  It makes a perfect eye-spy quilt.

Isn’t this with the bird panels nice?

The next one was a lot bigger than the other in this bunch.

Now comes a series of farm quilts.  I’ve told you that the gals will save the panels and then one day do a big pile of panel quilts.  Well, I think they do that with themed fabric as well.

You can’t see in the photo but the quilt on the left is all cow prints.

The next is farm-themed too.

Here is another farm-themed.

Here you can see the prints better.

This one has sheep…

This one a cow…

This was really a big batch of quilts!!

This one is an eye spy style quilt but it’s all Christmas/winter fabrics.

There are a few more panel quilts…

I have homes for many of these but I do have a stack of quilts here.  If anyone is interested in finishing some, please let me know.

I am always looking for finishers!!  You can donate finished quilts to any charitable organization or benefit if you finished them.

Thanks so much to the Cresco ladies for stitching these and passing them on.  A big bag of these went to Laurie and she’ll be finishing them as time allows.

Sandra and Donna came later in the week and delivered even more quilts.  Sandra told me to not worry about taking pictures of them all.  Considering I was trying to clean up all of the mail that has been here I took them up on the offer.

17 thoughts on “Cresco Ladies Quilt Tops…”

  1. Such wonderful quilts! The gals really work magic to make beautiful quilts from whatever fabrics they receive. Great job! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful quilts! Jo, did you realize the multi-teddy bear print is a Teresa Kogut fabric? I made baby quilts for my nephews many years ago from a similar fabric.

    1. usually the finishers will e-mail Jo with the finished quilts and where they are going. so far the quilts seem to be going to good homes. Maybe Jo will have more time to read emails. :-)

  3. Karin Callander

    Hi Jo! What a great group of ladies and quilts! So productive they are. And here you thought you were decluttering! Ha! I wish you had taken some photos of Rosie, she’s such a sweetie!! Always love seeing her! If you’d like to bundle some of those tips up, I can take them. They are just the right size for kids in crisis. We are on the road right now, but we should be home by the 19th. Please use the Hernando, FL address (email if you need more details) . thanks so much!!!

  4. What I meant is where are the spare parts and fabric coming from to go to the Cresco ladies now that we are easing up on the direct to Jo mailing?

  5. Christine Jernigan

    Hey jo… I make quilts for Habitat for Humanity…so you can send me that house quilt top to finish if you’d like. I also make baby quilts for a pregnancy crisis center near me, so I could manage a few baby quilt tops in the same shipment.

    Christine Jernigan
    2011 Deer Trail
    Clayton, nc 27527

  6. I just wanted to share with you that all the cross stitching you do and have shown in various blogs has inspired me to return to another stitching project that I have enjoyed in the past. Thanks for your silent encouragement. I enjoy reading all the blogs you post. Plus I think you have done an amazing task with fabric, batting etc to so many places and people that make and quilt all these lovely things. And, I agree it is time for you to pass the torch!!!

  7. Agreed, and now with my husbands eyes rolling, I have now dusted off the hoops, sharpened the embroidery needles, bought new patterns and entered the world of cross stitch after 30 years.

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