Cresco Ladies Drop Off…

Sandra from the Cresco Ladies quilting group called me last week and wanted to know if I’d be home.  They had quilt tops for me and had a couple of quilts that only needed binding.  Was I interested?  Silly, of course, I was interested.

I don’t know if I got a picture of every top but I didn’t get most of them….

Here’s a four patch with alternate block….Backing too!

This one is made with mostly batiks…A great quick quilt.

This one is simple with alternative blocks…cute though.

I really like this one.  It is a design I want to remember and do something with at some point.

Here is another that is the same pattern.

I really like it.

The next quilt is a great example of how to use blocks of different size…Notice the blocks all have a border but the border size varies.  All the blocks are brought up to the same size.  Perfect for orphan blocks!!

This was fun!!  I love the big floral print.

This is another nice, not hard baby quilt.  I love showing these so other charity groups can see examples of easy but nice designs for baby quilts.

The next quilt is always my favorite…I love four patches laid out like this.

Her’s a stripe quilt but check out the pieced strips included.  It’s a great way to use some scraps and still make a quilt.

Half square triangles on this one…

Every time I see one of these designs, it reminds me that I might appreciate having a design wall.

…and another in teals….

This was a great use of a larger piece of fabric.

Here is a nine patch quilt…

This quilt had rectangles vs squares…

As Sandra was leaving she mentioned how happy she was that in the last batch of fabric that I sent with her had larger chunks of yardage.  She mentioned that the ladies were planning on making some “3-yard quilts”.  She said a couple were included in this batch of quilts…I’m guessing it was this quilt…

..and this quilt.

I’m guessing this one too…

If you’re like me and didn’t know anything about 3-yard quilts, Google it.  I did.

Here’s a coin quilt…

This one was made with bigger blocks.

Here’s a fun stripey….the flamingos made me smile!!

I think this is a disappearing nine patch.

I love this one.  It’s a “little girls” quilt.  It was so cute!!

A lot of work to fussy cut the flowers for this happened.

I know I’m silly but my favorite was likely this simple block quilt with some novelty prints thrown in.

This is one of the tops that were already quilted and only needed binding.  I sent this and the next one to our local church.

This one went to them too.  They often send quilts to Bremwood or add them to the giving tree donations.

The lady who is in charge of that already picked those two up but I don’t have a home for the other tops yet.

I sent them out tops to everyone who I know was interested in tops.  Is there anyone else interested in quilt tops?  The only “catch” to getting quilt tops is that you have to send a picture of the finished quilt and tell me what charity or benefit you donated the top to.  You can do them on your own or you can be partnered with a group like Project Linus.   You can add to the tops if needed.  If you need backing or batting, I will do what I can to help find people to donate that.  If you’re interested, drop me an email at

11 thoughts on “Cresco Ladies Drop Off…”

  1. The quilts are very pretty. Speaking of design walls. I don’t have space for one but I have a door into the sewing room so I took a flannel backed table cloth or I’ve used a piece of flannel and clipped it on the door – hung it over the top and put on some clips I had which I bought years ago at Home Depot or Freight Brokers that I used to hold a quilt stretched out on a table I had at the time. (Yikes what a long sentence that is!) This design wall works for me even though it isn’t all that wide.

  2. A design wall option is to run a tension cable wall to wall about 12 inches from the ceiling. Use clothes pins to hang a flannel back tablecloth of piece of batting or piece of crafters felt (72wide at Joann’s). It’s also my indoor clothes line ;-)

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I had a small design wall set up in my room when I lived with my daughter for awhile. I used two foam insulation boards taped together and stuck to the wall with putty type tape. It worked very well and could be moved easily.
    I wish I had room for one now. I want to do some of the those interesting quilts. The Cresco ladies do great work.

  4. They are quite lovely and I’m sure everyone who receives one will know someone cared about them. “Many hands make work light” and you never know what that can mean to both the giver and recipient.

  5. I think the design you mentioned doing is one by Lori Holt. At least she has one similar in her scrappy series on YouTube.

  6. Donna Robertson of Fabric Cafe is the 3 yard lady. Her website has several free patterns and she has written several books.
    Two groups that I belong to use her free patterns quite frequently for our charity quilts. WE make kits with 3 yards of coordinating fabric, include a copy of the pattern. and the ladies can pick up a “kit” at our meetings.

  7. They are great when you have have nothing. What is the age of the fabric that is used in most of the quilts? Will they hold up in the wash?

    1. YES sew happy. The quilts are very nice quality. I would not be afraid of any of them to hold up in the wash. I am proud to be a part of their work and the mission of warming people with beautiful quilts!

  8. Those Cresco ladies make some wonderful quilts with there donations. I just recently bought a book for 3 yard quilts and hope to get some charity tops done during the pandemic. I need to google and see what she has for free patterns. I know anyone who gets a quilt from them will feel the love and caring in each stitch. It does take a village, thanks for hooking everyone up Jo.

  9. What a lot of inspiration in that post! I have two coordinating fabrics in my stash that I bought about 15 years ago, but I’ve never found a pattern that would use them well – until now! The simple cream/ rust one with the brown sashing is perfect!
    Thanks for the ideas ladies!

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