I don’t know if they opened up the doors of Creepville and let out all the creepy men or what.  I’ve never had so many men try to contact me on Facebook in my entire life….I’ve never had so many men try to “talk” to me online.  UGH.  It’s a new way of marketing I guess.

It all started about 2 months ago.  I was playing Words with Friends. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an online game you can play with your friends much like Scrabble.

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I love playing and have been playing for several years.  I got a request to play with someone I didn’t know.  I didn’t think anything of it as this happens on occasion.  We played back and forth a few rounds and then a notification came indicated there was a message for me.  I opened the messages and the guy had written this, “Good Morning Beautiful, it’s nice playing with you.”  GAG ME!  He definitely had the wrong girl!!  I decided to end the game with him.  Then the creep tried to open a game with me again.

A few days later…same thing only the guy had a different name.  Again I ended the game.  A few days later again and again.  YUCK!  Here’s a picture of one of the creepers….

Then a week after all of that I got a message request on Messenger.  It was from a guy again.  I accepted it as many of my childcare parents first contact me through Facebook…and we do sell some old stuff on Facebook so I didn’t know if it was related to something like that.

Nope….it was a creeper again trying to sell something.   This one I straight out asked what he was selling….he said, “how do you know I’m selling something?”  DUH!

I am writing this as a warning ladies.  These kind of men are creeps.  They are just trying to flatter you to get something from you.  They are doing the same thing to MANY other women out there.  Don’t believe it.  Don’t buy from them…don’t give them any more contact information.  Close out of what you are doing and block them.  Nothing good can come from it.

I can’t believe that there are such lowlifes in the world that would stoop to preying on others.  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!  It’s so sad that there are people doing this and sad that some fall into the trap.  Honestly readers, they are creepers.  Don’t buy into their “Good Morning Beautiful” crap.

Has this been happening to others of you?  I’m hoping not.

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  1. I get friend requests from single men all the time. Mind you, I’ve been married for 34 years, but have a public business. I just block and report as spam. Funny thing is, this might be a picture the guy thinks is attractive and it is just as likely not to be him! Shut them down. Shut them down quickly. Great post for the unsuspecting.

  2. Cindy Rindels

    So glad you are spreading the word on these creeps! This is one of the ways the “Boyfriend” money scam could start. They wants your money and stop at nothing to get it.

  3. I get friend requests from strange men too. I don’t think that they are even living in the USA. I just block them. I’ve had 2 men start to “follow” me on FB. The first time it happened it really shook me up, but I blocked them too. I don’t have a public business and thought that I had a fairly private setting. It just goes to show that you have to be very careful.

  4. I play something like that (Word Master) against the computer. The computer never makes passes at me or tries to sell me things. ;) I also like that I can take as long as I want to make my words and I never feel like someone is waiting for me. Likewise, I never have to wait for the computer — it’s pretty quick!

    I can set it to easy, medium, hard, or “master.” I set it to hard (I win a majority of the time) and there’s also a thing I can look at to see what *would* have been the high-point plays on my previous play, so it helps me learn. My main problem with it is that it’s addictive! Sometimes I stay up too late playing the darn thing!

  5. My husband says Facebook is a big security risk, and refuses to allow it on our computers at all. So I’m stuck with email and text and phone calls….

  6. I am a older female divorced lady who is not wanting this kind of attention either. I get at least 3-5 requests for week from only men. They look young enough almost to be my son. I never accept them request to friend me. I thought it was just me getting this attention. Keep your eyes open and don’t accept any strangers as friends.

  7. I’ve had the creepers, too, sometimes disguised as friends. Then they start to ask for money or something. As many said, I just block them.

    What’s your Words with Friends name? I’d love to play a game. I’ll send mine via email.

  8. Creeps for sure. Can’t say I’ve had that problem but sure do get a lot of nuisance phone calls. I don’t have caller ID so just hang up immediately. Some won’t talk when I answer, they want my husband because he thinks it’s rude to hang up and a couple of times agreed to donations. That’s what started it all. So now he won’t even answer the phone. If I was ever away from home and needed to call him for something I’d just be out of luck!

  9. Rhonda Russell

    I received a Facebook friend request from a guy I didn’t know. The very first thing I did was to message him and asked him how I knew him. His response was that I didn’t know him but he was new to the area and was trying to make friends. I then deleted his friend request. There are definitely creepers out there and we need to take the steps necessary to protect ourselves.

  10. I play words with friends also and have noticed the same thing in the last few months. After a couple of months, I get a similar message – once I see it, poof! I’m gone. Last time I just ignored it to see what would happen and when I didn’t answer in a day, the game we/he had been playing disappeared. Such a shame!

  11. Carolyn Sullivan

    Thanks But NO THANKS!!!!!! happens to me several times. I never play games on the computer. I don’t have enough time in the day as it is. Good message though.

  12. This happened to me too acouple of years ago. I was fairly new to Facebook and had joined several Widow sites as I was recently widowed. There are two of us local widows that men were trying to befriend us on a regular basis. They were always single men, different photos in every case, some with their grandchildren at a beach or Park setting, and had only a few women for friends. I blocked them all and eventually it ended. Very dissolution with Facebook. It’s more trash than it is Information about people I care about. I rarely go on it now.

    As far as the phone calls go, the first words out of my mouth are always remove my name from your list and do not call me again. By then they’ve usually hung up so they can call again, or they call from a different phone number. My mom moved from one place to another in the same town and took her phone number with her and now all of a sudden she’s getting a ton of unsolicited phone calls. As you age that is not something you want, and oftentimes she ignores the phone
    even tho’ she has caller ID. But that means she misses my calls as well. It’s been very frustrating.

  13. Every once in a while I get tempted to start a fb. Then I read things like this post and the comments and I am glad I haven’t caved in!

  14. Thanks for the warning. I have gotten a few of those too, over the last couple of weeks. The problem with showing his picture is, the creeper may have stolen someone’s picture off of Facebook. (if they had the setting at public.) As you said, just shut them out, block or whatever you need to do.

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