Creamy Chicken and Ravioli Soup

I am still working on cleaning out my freezer.  I’ll be at it for a long time.  Seriously…a LONG time.  On top of that, Karl works at a local pork farm.  Employees get a pig each year.  They only pay for butchering.  Well it was Karl’s chance to get one, so Wilbur, all processed, is taking up space in the freezer now too.  It’s the whole one step forward two steps back thing…but if Karl is going to provide meat.  I will provide freezer space.  I think I’m getting the better end of the deal.

Anyway…back to my post.  When I was in town last I decided to pick up something to go with the bag of ravioli in the freezer that I could use up.  I make a chicken, spinach, ravioli soup but mine isn’t creamy.  I wanted a creamy version.

I bought a rotisserie chicken and spinach and figured I’d make due with the rest.

So when it came time to make it I went to the computer and typed in ravioli chicken spinach and a recipe came up for a lazangna.  Nope.  I wanted soup so I added the word soup to my search and found a recipe I thought might work.

I ended up making it…and here’s how it looks…

…and smell..oh my.  It smelled good too.

The true test was a taste test though…..I was fabulous!!!

I forgot to take a picture of my full bowl.  I thought what the heck…I can just have another bowl.  Then I remembered the amount of cream in the soup and decided to take this picture with my bowl half empty.

It’s seriously good…but when I make it again, I am going to sub in whole milk for some of the cream.

You can find the recipe HERE.

Let me know if you try it.

10 thoughts on “Creamy Chicken and Ravioli Soup”

  1. I have a recipe similar to yours but with sweet Chicago sausage instead of chicken in it. Delicious and my makes such a large recipe, I can freeze part for later on.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my it looks delicious. I’ll tell my daughter about it. When we try it hopefully I’ll let you know. It is so much fun to try different things. I’ll take the warning about the cream too.

  3. A lower fat alternative to cream (or emergency substitute) is block cream cheese. I discovered this in an Emeril Legasse recipe and have adapted it to other soups. Before adding cream or other rich dairy, I melt a block of cream cheese (regular or reduced fat both work) with about 1/3 cup of stock in a bowl in my microwave. I loosely cover and cook in 30 second intervals stirring in between. When it is smooth, pour it into your soup while stirring. You may see little white specks that look curdled. Fear not! Those are bits of cream cheese that didn’t fully melt. Continue to cook for a few minutes on a simmer while stirring until they melt. After that I may still add some cream depending on the amount called for and because the fat in the cream helps carry flavor to your taste buds, but it makes a surprisingly creamy soup. I do sometimes add a touch more of whatever herbs and spices the soup calls for if there’s too much cream cheese tang, but I use this a lot now.

  4. Hi Jo
    My DIL is a surgeon and ask me to forget the filter as the DIY mask will be used as a cover for the N95.
    Like you said the ties take us too much time. What do you think of doing a 4 thread serge and securing the serger tail with zigzag stitching? I am trying this today with a piece of tear away under the end of the tie while I zigzag. Do you think this will be durable enough?

  5. Wow, that does look good! I think I have all the ingredients on hand. Saving the recipe to put it in this week’s line-up of new recipes to try.

    I reorganized my freezer yesterday so that I would have an inkling of what’s in the frozen abyss. I had to throw out a few UFOs (unidentifiable frozen objects) and a few cases of freezer burn, but have plenty left to incorporate into our meals for a few weeks. Thanks, Jo, for the inspiration, and for sharing the recipes you’re making with your freezer and pantry bounty.

  6. Carolyn Sullivan

    I tried to fake this soup, I had condensed Mushroom soup, fresh Spinach and Ravioli. I cooked the ravioli, then saved them in a bowl while I heated up the condensed soup and spinach, then added back the ravioli… I forgot the chicken !

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