Craft and Quilting Plans for 2024

I have been thinking a lot about 2024 and what I want to try to accomplish in my cross stitch, wool applique, and quilting worlds. I’m someone who likes to have some plans….whether I follow them is an entirely different matter.

One thing I realized is that in the past, I haven’t made and finished things that I want to keep for myself because I’ve always had childcare kids and grandkids here. I never wanted to go through the work of displaying something only to have the kids ruin it. I would be mad, they would be sad and no one really wants that. So, I often didn’t make things for myself.

I think one of the reasons I latched onto cross stitch was that it could hang on the wall and the kids couldn’t touch it. It would be safe from fingers and spills and dogs chewing holes.

Now that I am working at the vet office and my grandkids are only here for visits (plus they are getting older) I feel like I can decorate a little more as I don’t have to worry about them so much. I am slowly starting to bring decorations to tabletops.

This likely sounds crazy to all but it’s honestly the first time I could do this since our oldest daughter Kelli was born in 1987. I went from having kids that would mess my stuff to childcare in my home to grandkids. There really was never a spot where I could have “nice things”.

So…with that in mind, I have a new lease on decorating. I’m not a big decorator and don’t expect lavish things…but there are some things I have in mind.

I have this ladder with one quilt on it…I’d like two more small wall/small lap quilts for here…

I also have this quilt rack I’d like to have more small quilts for. These might be a little more seasonal.

I have this door with the Christmas Stocking on it. I have a nice sunflower piece that goes there when it’s not Christmas but I’d like to make a few other seasonal wool applique larger pieces that might go there.

I am very short on Easter dough bowl-type decorations…and 4th of July. I’d also like to add a garden/bee/sunflower decor theme. That would be from after 4th of July until after Labor Day when I put out Fall. I feel like that time frame is a dead zone with my decor.

I want some quilting stuff…some wool applique stuff and some cross stitch…just for some variety. A blog reader recently sent me this book. You can find it HERE on Amazon.

The book has some cute things I’d love to make… My main focus would be these bee-themed pieces. So CUTE. I think I might prim them up a bit though. I love them.

Barb, a blog reader, also sent me this bee cross-stitch piece. I gathered the thread and have plans to stitch this-maybe we should do this as a stitch along. Anyone interested? I could ask Liz about doing that.

I’ll be on the lookout for more bee-themed things and patterns. A garden theme is okay too. Anything that will blend with this sort of theme.

I have lofty plans to try to get at least two Easter/Spring small cross stitch pieces finished… these that a blog reader sent are in contention. But… time-wise I might have to only do one of these and then a smaller piece. Both are so cute.

I’d also like to get a few 4th of July pieces stitched. The same blog reader sent these. I’d like to get at least one of them stitched.

I have so enjoyed opening my seasonal boxes this Fall and Winter and seeing this…

I’d like to be able to do that for Spring/Easter, Patriotic, and Bee/Garden themes. I know I can’t do that all in one year but I can start! It doesn’t have to be all cross-stitch. It can be wool too. It can be quilted table toppers and wall hangings. So…I’m kind of scaling back some of my plans to work on giant cross-stitch pieces this year. Of course, I’ll have one or two going but I want to make some more small pieces.

I have a few patterns and charts already but if anyone has any good suggestions on pieces that would work for me to stitch, sew, applique or craft, please let me know. I’m open to ideas and would love to incorporate some of them.

Oh…I forgot to say…I’d like to do a couple of punchneedle projects too. Oh, my…so many plans, ideas, wants, and wishes!! Why not dream big? Right??

11 thoughts on “Craft and Quilting Plans for 2024”

  1. Charmed by Moda Bake Shop: A Dozen Delightful Charm Pack Quilts

    I don’t know if you have the book I linked above, but I just picked it up about a month ago, and that cover quilt popped into my head as soon as you said flowers!

  2. Love your plans Jo. Like you, I don’t overly decorate but I do enjoy having seasonal smalls to put in a bowl on the table. Pineberry Lane has some good seasonal small charts. Also, Notforgotten Farm has some great things and many punchneedle projects.

  3. When I saw the Queen bee pin cushion it reminded me of a pie. It is so cute! I like things with bees on them. It will be fun watching you make these little things.

  4. I’m not so good with planning but love it when you do so I can jump in and join you! I have the Three Tulips chart and was going to try it over one on 25 count Lugana after watching a Karen Combs floss tube but taking another look at those blocks of stitching, I may need another candidate! PS …I did buy the Blackbird Garden Club charts and am starting to kit it up …maybe a spring start? Happy new year!

  5. You have such good ideas and it will be fun to see all your finished projects. It has to be so much fun to be able to work in so many different crafts.

  6. A favorite mantra of mine is “so many xxxxx, so little time!” Whether it’s books to read, UFO to finish, or the thrill of starting something new! I am trying to FOCUS!!!! I list 4 items to work on. Yes. I feel the urge to drift! But so far I’m seeing great results! My list of 4 must be done before the next list is made. Items on my list may be that step that has me stalled out….like, trim the columns for the French Braid project. Or do 6 more of the paper pieced blocks. So far this is working well for me!!

  7. Hi Jo! I love your plans for the coming year. I have never tried wool applique but have added that to my wish list this year. I am interested in a Queen Bee SAL as well. Keeping you and your family in the prayers and wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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