Crack Corn: MUST TRY!

I was walking through Wal-mart last weekend when I saw these two items close to each other.

That’s when I remembered that I had made something with these two items last year that was a big hit.  What was it?  Ah…Crack Corn.

Yep, I’d get enough for a double batch.  It was so good and so easy.

Here’s how easy it is….Melt the almond bark in the microwave.  Mine isn’t super powerful and I can do 2:25 seconds and it’s perfect.  While that’s melting, pour the corn pops into a large bowl.  Stir the almond bark until smooth.  Pour it over the corn pops and stir until the corn pops are covered with almond bark.

Pour all of this out onto wax paper.  Spread it around so it’s only in one layer.  Sprinkle some colored sugar sprinkles over the top if you’re feeling festive.  It dries in about 15 minutes or so.

This is the PERFECT thing to take to a gathering.  I promise you won’t bring any home.  None..Zero.  You can bring it in a zip top bag and leave the empty bag there….no dish to worry about.  Also if you’re like me, you might remember at the last minute you need to bring something.  This can be made from start to finish in a half hour….and best yet, it’s YUMMY!!

I made a batch on Sunday.  Hubby, Karl and I ate it.  Sunday night I was prepping for the upcoming company and asked Hubby this:  “If I make a batch tonight, can you leave it alone and not touch it until Sunday?”  Hubby said, “No.  I can’t.  If you want some for Christmas Day you better wait until Christmas morning to make it.”  He was dead serious…..Bahahahahha!!  It’s the truth though.  I doubt he could have.

I had Karl pick up more ingredients and I made a double batch Monday morning.  I hid one batch (don’t tell).

Kalissa and Carver were over when I made it….I grabbed my camera to take a picture of it as Kalissa was packaging it up.  I asked if I could include a picture of her with it as the Crack Corn isn’t very “pretty”…she started laughing saying, “I can’t figure out why you asked me to bag this up.  There’s going to be none left.”  Then she said, “Fine, I’ll pose.”

Then asked me, “How am I supposed to pose?”
Then she said, “Oh wait I have to do something with my hair.”
I said…”Don’t worry about it.  Everyone knows you’re just hanging out here for a lazy day.  That you’re here is more important than how you look.”  Then she gave me the humble look.

Then she said, “Oh mom, I look terrible” and wouldn’t look at the camera.

I said, “You’re pregnant…no one is expecting anything fancy where clothes are concerned.  Please just pose?”  So, she did this!

She keeps me laughing that’s for sure!!  I gave up on a picture…I already had enough.  Little does she know I used all of the pictures!!  I guess the last laugh is on her.  Oh, she makes life fun….especially the little things like this!

8 thoughts on “Crack Corn: MUST TRY!”

  1. Looks yummy. I am not familiar with this product. Is this like the corn pops cereal or is like a popcorn?
    Does it have a sugar coating or is it something salty?
    Thank you.

  2. I needed something to take to a football gathering this Sunday and I will give this a try, sounds delish and easy. Kalissa, your adorable.

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