Crab Apple Finished!!

I am VERY happy.  My Crab Apple quilt is FINISHED.  This is the HUGEST relief for me.  This quilt has been a HUGE trial.


I had to paper piece.
I put the sewing machine needle through my finger sewing the blocks together.
broke the needle threader on my machine making the quilt.
I had a HUGE shredding thread problem when I tried to quilt it.
I had issues with the binding fabric not matching and going on a hunt to find matching binding.


I did mitered corners on this as the border fabric had a stripe to it.  I’ve done them before and they aren’t hard if you measure….but…I didn’t measure.  I had a piece of fabric and sewed it on.  UGH!  I had to rip all four borders off.  The second time…I measured.

Like I’ve said, time and time again, this quilt has challenged me.


But…I love the quilt…and it was TOTALLY worth it.  As much as I’ve whined and complained about the process, I’ve learned a lot and I love learning…even if it comes with a little pain (like a sewing machine needle through the finger).


The backing fabric is something that was left over from my stash of fabric.  The binding was done by machine.  I am not a hand binder.  I used this method.

The quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s Leader and Ender book.  I think it is my most used quilt book EVER….for me the book has been well worth the money.  I have a couple more quilts from the book it various stages of completion.

So for all the blog posts that I have written that complain or whine about this quilt, HONESTLY, the trials were worth it!

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  1. Congrats to you – it’s a gorgeous quilt, and it makes me happy that I have that book! Thanks for the link to the binding tutorial, too – yours came out so well I’ll have to try it on one of mine!

  2. Great job, well done. Sounds sort of like a horrible vacation…years later it’s the only vacation we talk about because it was memorable, and in retrospect, funny :)
    Seasons Best, Sharyn

  3. Bonnie Hunter’s book joined my library because of this very quilt. I haven’t started one yet, but I’ve liked every version I’ve seen of it. Sounds like you were tested while making it, and you passed the test! Lovely quilt, and you should be very proud that you kept going through some real challenges.
    Well done!

  4. After watching (from a distance) as you went through all the trials and tribulations of this quilt, I am so glad to see it finished. And finished beautifully!
    I learned so much from you as you were going through the process. Most of all, that I am not the only one who sometimes encounters difficulties during the quiltmaking process. And that it is so, so worth it to persevere.

  5. Sandi from Tennessee

    I LOVE YOUR QUILT!!!!! I have Bonnie’s book and am doing a couple others, but now I MUST do this one!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Great work Jo, your perserverance really paid off and you’ve got a winner! Those apples may have been crabby but now you’ve got sonmething as a good as a delicious apple pie!

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