Covid Test and More

You might remember that I had my covid test after being innocently exposed last week.  Well, my test came back negative.  I’m so thankful for that.  That was a HUGE blessing.

Boy did family who lives close to me ever get a wake-up call this last week.  We are a “it takes a village” kind of family.  Everyone pitches in however needed to make things work with jobs and the kids.

This week with me out of commission for much of the week, things got juggled and changed.  Kalissa went with Kelli to her doctor’s appointment at Mayo Clinic.  That in itself was a feat.  Kalissa had to work overnight but had to go in early so she could be done early to go with Kelli.  I couldn’t watch the boys so Kalissa could go in early so Kelli came and stayed overnight and watched the boys.

The girls had arranged for a friend of ours to watch Gannon and Georgia so the girls could go to the appointment and then early that morning Kalissa got a message that said, “I woke up this morning.  I can’t taste my coffee or my toothpaste.  I am going in for a covid test.”

Then there was a scramble figure out what to do with the kids.  I still hadn’t gotten my test results back so I was out of the picture.  Then they found another family friend who could but she couldn’t until 8:15 am so Craig had the kids and went to work late.  At noon-ish, I got my test results back, and was negative.  I went to Kalissa’s to relieve the family friend and get the kiddos.  This friend had worked an overnight shift and was kindly staying up to be a help…and she had to work again a few hours later.

We are SO BLESSED to have such good friends.

Well, I took the kids home and made supper for everyone.  Kalissa ended up going to her house first and napped.  At that point, she had been awake for 24 hours with no sleep.  UGH.

As we were eating supper…

Kalissa got a message from work.  They needed anyone who could come in to come and work.  I looked at Kalissa and said, “NO, you are not going.”  We talked and decided that she needed to sleep and then could call in and see what they needed.

It was about then when our family realized that “shit was about to hit the fan”.  All those things we were worried about in April that didn’t happen, are here now.  All the plans we made back then trying to figure out what we’d do “if”, now need to be implemented.  So we started to talk about how we were going to handle this.

That was about when we found out our friend who was going to watch the kids tested positive.

That’s about when we found out that a classmate of Carver’s who he is good friends with, tested positive.

That’s about when we found out that Carver’s other grandma was exposed so she can’t help with the boys.

That’s when we all realized that we needed to sit down and prioritize.

Kalissa needed to work.  People need her.  I needed to take the boys.  Kelli needed to try to figure out how to care for Georgia on her own with her other helpers.

In the middle of it Kalissa said, “But mom, you can’t be taking Carver?!  What if he has it?  What if you get it?”

That’s when I explained to her this:  I will take a calculated risk for my family every single day of my life every single time.  If I ended up getting it.  If I end up hospitalized or even die, I’ll die doing exactly what I wanted to do–taking care of my family and being there for my family.

So Friday morning Kalissa dropped the boys off with me.  She went off with plans to work a 16-hour overnight shift, sleep in town and not come home, and then work another long overnight shift.  Her plan is to come home after that and sleep at home, be awake a bit in the evening with the boys, then get up and do it all again.

Where Kalissa works, the covid floor is full…the ICU is as full as it can be.  They’ve opened up new places for covid patients.  The problem, there aren’t enough nurses.  Not every nurse’s family can drop things and jump in when moms or dads are gone.  There aren’t enough respiratory therapists…not enough doctors…not enough housekeepers…not enough of anyone to care for people with covid in the hospital and not enough people on the homefront to care for the worker’s family.

In Iowa, our positivity rate has gone way up.  34 of the 99 counties have 14-day positivity rates over 15%.  That number is going to be much higher in the days to come as our positivity numbers have grown to mark daily records several times in the last week.

Carver has a known exposure so he has to quarantine…and he’s quarantining with me.  School for his whole class is closed until November 14th.

Thank heavens I am able to help…that’s all I can say.  When people think this is all a joke, I wish they could have been at my supper table last night to hear our conversation…to see the girls cry…to see me cry all while we tried to look normal in front of Carver and Gannon.  The sad part, this is only the beginning for us here.  It’s going to get worse…

So all of my stuff is on hold.  Family first….just the way I want it to be.  So if you’re looking for me, this is where I’ll be…

Behind the scenes taking care of my family.

54 thoughts on “Covid Test and More”

  1. It makes me angry when some people don’t think this is a real thing, that it’s just the flu, etc. I feel blessed that I don’t know anyone that has been infected. Prayers and good thoughts for you and your family. Take care. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Jo
    I am so glad that your test proved your case I would do exactly the same, that is step in and help the family. God bless your daughter who is putting herself at risk to help others.
    Here in England I have woken up to hear we may be going in to lockdown again next week. Just as my husband was planning on taking me out for a meal to celebrate my 80th birthday in once again I will only be seeing my grandsons via Facebook but I’d rather that than put them at risk.
    Like you I get so cross when I see people pouring out of the pubs at 10 o’clock and partying in the street. This virus is not a joke .
    Do hope all goes as smoothly as it can for you and yours.

  3. I hope you have good weather so y’all can stay outside as much as possible. Prayers that your family stays safe. What a hard time. We are all in this together. Sure wish everyone would realize that what they do affects us all. I work in a grocery store and see all kinds of people. Good and bad. Take care.

  4. This is an incredibly challenging and stressful time for everyone and unfortunately there are compromises and risk assessments we all need to consider. Don’t let anyone judge you! Enjoy your time with your grandkids. Family is the most important thing.

  5. I’m so sorry you all are in this situation! I am very thankful you all are able to pitch in so the necessary nurses are able to work to care for the patients. I am praying for you all as I watch so many in my area of Florida go mask less at parties and in stores thinking it is done. I know our cases are going up as well and fear it is going to be a really bad winter for the US with the lack of a national plan to keep everyone safe. Big hugs to you all.

  6. I hear All The Time ” this is a scam the government has perpetrated ” and I’m like you believe what you want but don’t come visit me. Will be praying for y’all.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am always here if my family needs help.That is what Mom’s do and that is what families do. They help each other. Good luck and I hope no one in your family gets really ill. Take care

  8. Really happy to hear your test was negative! I’m sure most of us understand where you and the girls are and would make similar decisions. I love seeing how close you are to all your children and how you all pitch in to do what has to be done. Don’t forget that the children are watching all this even though they are small. Cooperating like this is something we all need, especially now! It’s upsetting when people don’t take this seriously and I hope they don’t find out how wrong they are. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  9. Oh Jo, with two nurses in the family you all certainly are on the Front Lines of this Covid-19 pandemic. I believe we all make the right choices when we each, in our families, choose to Stay Safe and take care of one another at the same time. Prayers and keeping the Ten Commandments, loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, will give us hope in Jesus Christ and our Eternal Father.
    My husband reads world news every day at his workplace, and he comes home and warns me that it is going to get much, much worse. Several drs. said this to him as well months ago, in February 2020. Covid-19 is a disease that mutates and changes, affects some terribly and others lightly, but we never know how it will affect us personally until It Arrives within us.
    Take care of those dear children and grandchildren, and may all of you survive.

  10. My husband, my daughter, and I had Covid at the beginning of October. My husband’s sister and husband had it in March. We had a couple we’ve known for over forty years die from it in July. They were only 57 and died 2 days apart. I wish people would get serious about this and show empathy and brotherly kindness to everyone, but sadly they won’t. My sister is a RN and cases have been going up in her county too. Stay safe everyone.

  11. I’m so glad you tested negative. Your family is amazing. I’m so glad you have each other to lean on an learn from. Prayers for you and the whole family for strength and courage. Hugs!!!

  12. So glad you tested negative. Yes, of course you will be the matriarch of your family. Our family is so important and we need to support them anyway we can. Prayers sent.

  13. Staying with family is as it should be.
    I wish I knew why the Covid is so bad in some states and on the downhill trend in others.
    Love and prayers (praying as always for all of you).

  14. I wish more people would realize that COVID is real. That hospitals are still struggling. The little town where I live just had to cancel a Christmas event that typically brings 10-15 thousand people into the city. The comments on Facebook are full of outrage. I don’t understand it at all. When positivity rates are climbing, why would you want to bring that number of people to a small town? People are more worried for the small business owners and not their health. I pray that the COVID situation doesn’t touch you and your family any closer than it already has!

  15. Hugs to you all! Thank you Kalissa for taking extra shift time at work to care for your community. Thank you Jo for caring for your Kramer community. Kelli, prayers for a healthy pregnancy and staying Covid safe as you also care for patients.

    2020 is most definitely the year for “It takes a village”. Love to you all!

  16. Your children are so lucky you are close by and can help like you do. You are a very unselfish, loving mother, and your grandchildren are lucky kids to have you there. I live in Omaha and our situation is rapidly changing too; the rates are skyrocketing and I’m sure that we will have a shutdown once again if it doesn’t change. My family luckily has not gotten Covid-19, and neither have I. I’m 83 and have not been out other than to buy groceries since March 10th. That too is going to change; next week I will begin ordering online for delivery, and will stay home completely. This is a sad thing; has changed so many lives, and ended so many too. We will get through it but it is life-changing for many people. God bless you, Jo. you are a wonderful person.

  17. Oh Jo, I feel for you and your family! I’m thankful you are okay and can help with the grandkids. We have lost a friend to Covid back in March and have 2 others who are still recovering at home, both on oxygen, after being hospitalized. Another friend of mine said this is all a hoax and I don’t know if I can still be friends with her even after telling her of our friend we lost and the others recovering. This pandemic is no joke.

  18. I’m hoping you and your family escape Covid. My mother-in-law died yesterday from Covid. She was in a nursing home and had too many health issues to give her a chance. Take care of yourself and your family.

  19. Gayle in Tennessee

    Sending prayers for you and your family and friends. I fear it is going to be a rough winter for us all. May God bless us all.

  20. Thanks for making this real again for those who may still doubt how contagious this virus is. Thanks to all that make huge personal sacrifices in fighting to help those afflicted to get better. God bless you and keep you safe.

  21. I am so happy you tested negative! I have a friend in Texas who thinks this is a hoax. It makes me wonder about her brain. I have a nephew who is a doctor, two nieces who are RN’s and a nephew who is a phlebotomist. They have all had scares and been tested, thankfully negative. They all keep going in to work because people need them. Just as your family needs you. Prayers that you all stay safe.

  22. Hi Jo!
    Wow, this all snowballed so quickly for you and your family. God Bless your girls who willingly stay on the front lines to nurse, and nurture those who are sick. God bless you for being the loving Mom and Grandma to your kids and grandkids. It has just taken 2 people at the assisted living where my mom is, we are waiting test results for her now. I do not understand the dismissive attitude about all this, that its a hoax and will go away. Such senseless carelessness – makes me sad.
    Praying for Gods blessing for you all, and for everyone touched by this horrible pandemic.

  23. Beautiful position….beautiful picture.
    Being behind the scene is a very important role. Glad you can be there for your kids/grandkids.

  24. Jo, I’ll echo in with others that I’m so glad your test was negative especially so you could stand in and help your family now as challenges escalate. It is sad to hear of the increased illness in your county and I’ll be praying for your safe health and that of your family and community. Praying the increased knowledge in how to care for those ill will spare severity and improve recovery.

  25. Our provincial (BC) medical health officer ends her updates/briefings with “Be kind, be calm, be safe”. Good words for us all, I think. Thinking of you!

  26. So glad to hear you tested negative and will pray that Carver stays well and you all stay well. I appreciate you giving us a real look at what is happening. In Utah we have a 18% positivity rate and it just seems to keep rising. The health department sent out a statewide cell phone alert yesterday. Our healthcare workers are being overwhelmed. We’ve been setting records with the numbers of daily positive cases. We have too many deniers in our state. We’ve had protesters at the homes of our state health department head and state epidemiologist. And yesterday someone shot out some windows in a state health department building. It was “only” with a BB gun but still…what kind of people do these things? Our country needs to wake up and mask up.

  27. Prayers from KY. May God give you strength, patience, grit and as many smiles as possible with those little ones. They won’t be small for long.

  28. God Bless the whole family. I do hope everyone comes out this OK. My friends wonders, no answer needed, with the crazy day, if you found the UPS package. If not , maybe Carver would like to go looking for it, then he would have two new books to look at. Stay safe and healthy.

  29. We’ve just gone into another lockdown here in England. Not as severe as in spring, but still very restrictive.
    I understand it’s for everyone’s good, what I don’t understand is people not taking it seriously. You still see people not wearing masks going out in large groups.
    Hopefully next year things will get better x

  30. SusanfromKentucky

    Prayers for you and your family! Hope you make it through the storm. Glad you are negative for the present, at least! Take care.

  31. Oh dear! is all I can say. I had a covid scare this week, as well. Our state is not safe. IOWA STRONG! You are a blessing to your family and so many.

  32. I live in Massachusetts; my “bubble” has just been me, my husband, and our kids since March! Anyone else, it’s masks, distance, and limited time! I go to the grocery store alone (EVERYONE masks at stores around me) and pick up pizza or food about once a week — order and pay online or by phone, go in masked, grab the food and go. My youngest is a college freshman from home (kind of a blessing, really, a much easier adjustment for him) and my husband has worked at home for years. But I’ve heard of people doing everything “right” that still get this thing — it’s pretty scary.

    If I had grandchildren, I would (like you), include them in the bubble. My brother and SIL have included their kids and grandkids in their bubble. But my siblings and I see our 86 year old parents at a distance, outside, and masked! The larger family is already planning that we won’t be getting together at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    Have you seen the color-coded state chart, where green is “trending better,” yellow is “caution warranted,” red is “trending poorly,” and dark red is “uncontrolled spread”? As of yesterday, only Maine was green. Three states were yellow (NH, VT, and HI). About 9 states were red (including NY and CA). The rest were dark red, including your state and mine. Every time I see that chart (I think it comes out daily) there’s more dark red.

    Keep protecting yourself and your family! I hope you stay safe and negative! Virtual hugs to you — the only kind safe out of one’s bubble right now.

  33. Prayers for you and your family. I along with many others am angry that our President and many others in power don’t believe Covid is real or serious. My sister had Covid and I was exposed to her, so I had to quarantine. Fortunately, I tested negative. It is a crying shame so many people don’t care about other people to follow the standard protocols.

  34. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I am so sorry it has happened this way. Praying for you all. Covid is real it’s Nasty in the worst way.
    My daughter had a client who tested positive just after being at my Daughter’s job. So she and her whole family are quarintineing. I would do exactly what you’re doing. Family comes 1st in care. Regardless of what’s wrong. Stay tested as much as possible enjoy the Grands while you have them with you.

  35. I am glad to hear about your negative result. In Melbourne, Australia we have just come out of a 100 day lockdown, hospitality venues are still restricted, gyms are still closed. Because of the lockdown, we have not had hospitals overwhelmed, but sadly most of the 700 deaths have been in aged care faciities, people in their 7’s upwards.
    We can now shop for non essential goods and go to school (I am a teacher) but masks need to be worn. My daughter has worked from home since March as many workers have been told to work from home. We have just achieved what is being called a double donut day two days in a row (0 new cases, 0 deaths).
    It is very sad to read about what is happening in the USA. I wish your governments will be as proactive as our state’s.

    1. Nadine. I agree but our country is so money hungry. It seems money is more important than lives..and also so many believe this was a way to oust Trump from the presidency and is a hoax. It’s ugly here. For a “civilized nation”, we aren’t real civilized. It’s sad.

  36. God bless you all! I just found out my 29 year old daughter tested positive with COVID with only having some symptoms. Fortunately, she did get tested. She’s in Nashville and I’m in California. I want to fly out to be with her, but I won’t. I’ll pray and call her every day!

  37. I’m so glad your test was negative and you can help out with the kids. I knew it was bad in Iowa and it’s steadily getting worse here in Nebraska too. They say our positivity rate is 25% now. It’s gotten closer to home too. Several teachers had to quarantine and at least two full classes had to quarantine for two weeks. I just heard today that five people I know are positive and quarantining and another is waiting on his test results. In the meantime that family is quarantining. Wed. I contacted me DIL to find out a good time to take the grandchildren’s Halloween bags to them and she told me she had been exposed at her work last week and the whole office was closed down waiting to see if others would catch it. They were all in an hours long staff meeting together. Then she told me she didn’t feel the best…sore throat, headache, some body aches. So I hopped in the car and delivered the Halloween bags and a jar of my homemade elderberry brew that always knocks out everything… why not Covid if that’s what she had. Told her to take a couple big spoonfuls every hour or two until she went to bed and to keep taking it. Said she felt some better the next day so I hope she only had a touch of flu. Yeah, it’s here and it’s not going away. Be careful, stay well.

  38. Thank you for telling it how it is. This virus is awful and it’s not a hoax. I live in CA and had heard on the news that Iowa’s numbers were increasing. Your state has been hit hard with many crisis this year. My area had fires and I had to evacuate for two days. No structures lost but two firefighters were gravely injured. I will add your family to my prayers. Stay well.

  39. Please make and Wear masks. Everyday. Whenever you are in contact with people outside your household. They help. Keep making them and giving them to your family and friends. Make them fun, make them warm, just make them. Make one for your favorite outfit, or to match your jacket. Wear them everywhere.
    I know this has been said 1,000 + times, but it helps. Stay well.

  40. I’m sorry to hear that your family has been exposed and that the numbers are rising in Iowa. I’m so grateful your daughters continue to go into work and help those that are hospitalized, how scary for them. I wish people would realize how serious this is for all of us and do the right thing, stay home as much as possible and mask up when out, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. My good friend of 30 years died from Covid in Wisconsin and it was brutal. She was 58 and leaves behind 3 children, its so senseless. Stay safe Kramer family.

  41. Sandra Davidson

    Hi I am so sorry this is happening to you . We went through all this last March to May when things were bad like you and now we are going through our second wave with one thousand cases a day in just Ontario mostly around Toronto and close areas. This is because over the summer the young didn’t believe it was real and now 60% of cases are under forty . I am 78 so I pretty well stay at home because I have fibromyalgia and many other issues.. I know family comes first, the little guys tend to be more of carriers and don’t get sick. Thank your daughter for what they do it must be scary for them with all of their little one. I will pray for them and you. Hugs and God Bless and watch over you. Sandra

  42. Oh dear, I read about what is happening in the US and elsewhere. Hopefully people will recognise this deadly virus isn’t going away and we must all work together to limit its spread. I am with you, having family -nurses, etc working in hospitals and worrying about their safety every day. It is all very well to have the hospitals -but without staff, everything falls over, sick people turned away, decisions on which patients get the life support, something horrible to contemplate! In Victoria , Australia, our Government lock-down enabled us to lower the spread with now having 4 straight days of no cases and no community transmission! Limits on visitor numbers within the home, social distancing, hand washing and mandatory mask wearing, plus we are confined to travel within our State until the other States decide we are ‘safe’. Really hope the vaccine arrives before we have a third wave! Sam the Aussie

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  44. Jo, I’m so glad you tested negative. And I’m glad you are spreading the word. This disease is real and can affect or infect any of us at any time. I have a friend who has been in the hospital for 2 months! She is gradually getting better, but it is a long process.

    People always ask if the patient has underlying health issues and, although I know it’s a factor, it’s not the sole determinant.

    Many quilters here are still having get together a, classes, retreats, but I can’t participate. My hubby is having surgery next week and I need to stay well…and do does he.

    But I’m with you. I’d risk my life for my family any time. If they need me, I’m there.

    1. Janet..I think people don’t always realize that “underlying” or pre-existing conditions can mean anything from being overweight and so many people are, to pre-diabetic to diabetic to cholesterol and heart issues. I think people think it means cancer or COPD…it can be the little things we live with on an everyday basis that do little to affect our lives, yet they still target up as pre-existing conditions.

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