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Last Saturday my daughter Kalissa and I, along with some of the kids, went two hours south to Cedar Rapids. We had a two-fold trip. One…we were delivering Spot, my foster dog, to my son Buck as he was adopting him and we were going to my great niece’s bridal shower.

Sometime before we had planned to take my granddaughter Georgia to the shower. Kelli, her mom, couldn’t go as she works weekends as a nurse, and getting time off is awful for her. She is going to the wedding which is in three weeks though.

Once we realized we were going to Buck’s house, Kalissa decided to her boys with us too and we’d leave them with Buck while we were at the shower and his kids and Kalissa’s kids could play.

When we got there, we quickly got a picture of the kids…

Left to right it’s Scotty, Carver, Lucy, Gannon, Georgia, Anders, and Lilly. This is seven of the ten grandkids. Anders just loved…

all the attention he got. He smiles so easily so the kids love getting him to smile.

We got the kids all settled then Kalissa, Anders and I went to the bridal shower where we met Jasper and Kayla. We found it was a little more of a formal bridal shower and Jasper was just being a regular kid but Kayla felt he was a little disruptive so she snuck out early.

Kalissa, Anders, and I snuck out early too. Anders does this thing where he cries for five minutes before he goes to sleep and it’s loud ugly crying so we ducked out before we submitted everyone else to that. It was a lovely shower and we were so glad to be included in it all. We just are at a hard spot with kids…they are too little to do things like bridal showers.

We all ended up back at Buck’s house. Now that Jasper was there we took another picture with all of the kids. They are lined up according to height. You can see Georgie, fourth from the left. Lilly next to her is a year younger but Lilly is almost as tall as she is. Jasper is three months older than Lilly and she’s taller than he is. I’m fairly certain all of my grandkids will be tall except maybe Kelli’s kids. She and Jason, her husband, aren’t really tall. You can see Anders is mid-falling over. He’s just learning to sit up. He can sometimes sit for quite awhile…other times he can’t.

I almost forgot to tell you about Spot…Everyone loves him. Here is Lucy giving him a belly rub.

Lilly was pretty sad when it was time for me to go. She cried enough that it got me teary-eyed too. UGH.

She was upset enough that she wasn’t good for a family picture with Spot. Oh well… it happens.

Everyone was so tired on the way home. We got about 20 minutes from Buck’s house and they were all sleeping. It was a wonderful quiet ride home.

Later in the day, this picture came via Messenger…Oh my. What a great picture!!

I do have to tell one little story before I go. When we got back from the shower, I asked the kids one by one, who was the naughtiest while we were gone. One by one, each one said, Carver and told the reason why. I got to Carver and I said Carver, who was the naughtiest. Carver quietly took his finger and pointed at himself. We all bust out laughing. We all knew that to be true before we even asked. Carver is the one in the bunch that always walks the line knowing how to push the buttons of others. HA!! We love him just as he is and his “naughty” really isn’t even that bad.

We had a great day…the kids all had a great time together. They just love cousin days. They are all truly best friends.

13 thoughts on “Cousin Get Together”

  1. How lovely to have such a big family and be able to get together like this. Love the children photos. My, hasn’t Scotty grown? Who would be able able to resist Carver’s smile, even when he’s being naughty? Perhaps cheeky is a better description?

  2. So lovely to see the cousins together; you’ve got some great photos. What a lovely family and home Spot has now.

  3. Oh what fun! It is so much fun to have the cousins so close in age – just like you and Kramer predicted! They are all so cute and I love the picture of them all sleeping!

  4. This looks like a great visit. How did Ganon get missed in the height picture of the grands? How wonderful that these cousins are also great friends.

  5. OMG I love how Lucy has fallen in love with you Jo. You gifted her the space to know you in her own time, in her own way. Grandma love all the way around!

    Great cousin pics!!!!! And Carver has great integrity :-)

  6. I know Buck is a good sport, but I had to smile at you taking him a new dog….. and four kids on your way to the baby shower. “Tata Buck! Have fun!” Great family memories!

    1. It is kind of funny but we’re all a “take your turn” kind of family when it comes to taking care of the kids. They play so nicely together that they really aren’t that hard to manage…until it’s time to feed them!! THey are all picky!!

  7. So glad Spot was adopted into ‘the family’! I know you’ve probably mentioned it somewhere in all this blogging but I don’t remember..all your kids’ names start with K so where’d ‘B’uck come from? Nickname maybe?

    1. Buck’s real name is Kasjen. He’s named after his Great Grandpa. Everyone in our area calls him Buck.

  8. Joane Frobish

    I just love seeing and hearing your “Family Stories”!!!! They are growing and so CUTE. You are Blessed.

  9. Alberta Price


    I need Kalissa to email me with her name and address. I have some fabric I want to send her. She can share with you and her sisters. You will see what I mean when she receives it. I have been saving it for her specifically


    1. I don’t give out addresses besides my own. You can send it to my address and put her name under my name. I’ll give it to her. I see her almost every day so it’s not problem getting it to her.
      Jo Kramer
      111 2nd Ave NE
      Waucoma, IA 52171

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