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Friday on my trip with my son out to Sioux City, I stopped at Country Threads on the way home.  What a treat! 
The gals were at a quilt show in Chicago so they had taken several of the shop samples with but that didn’t matter.  There was still PLENTY to see!  This cute sailboat quilt was hanging just outside the door.  I am not a sailboat girl but this quilt could convince me to be!
If you haven’t been to Country Threads, let me tell you, it’s not a big shop but boy, does it pack a lot of PUNCH! 
They are a sample lovers DREAM!  These pictures are from the smaller building out back where the Civil War fabric is housed.  I LOVE that the patterns are below the samples.   No running around trying to find a pattern here.
They copy the pattern fronts and hang them where the pattern is suppose to be on a hook.  If the pattern is out.  Then you will see the copy of the pattern front and know that the pattern has been reordered.
They take a lot of patterns that were designed and shown on the pattern covers in bright fabrics, then make samples in their signature deep rich colors and give the quilt a whole new look….a look I LOVE!
They have LOTS of samples done from Lori Smith’s patterns.
I bought the pattern for the both of the Lori Smith designs shown in the photo below on the right hand side…now I need time to make them.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I want the one bottom one for my bedroom.
See what I mean about Country Threads being a sample lovers dream?
They have all the patterns from last year’s reproduction club…..EYE CANDY!!  Oh, I wish I would have done the club last year.
There isn’t a single one of these quilts I wouldn’t love to have….
That was just a few of the MANY photos I could have taken.  If fact, I was only in the shop about 40 minutes and most of that was selecting fabric for an upcoming project… son thought that was an OUTRAGEOUS amount of time but if you are quilter like me, you know that 40 minutes in a quilt shop like this was SPEEDY. 

Well…that’s all the photos.  Next time I am tempted to buy some fabric anywhere, I am going to pull up this blog post and remind myself that this is what I LOVE and to quit being tempted by Moda precuts….but hey, I like those too.  Oh the problems of a quilter.

P.S.  If you are ever coming to Country Threads, you know it really is a must, drop me a note.  I would love to have a reason to go!

4 thoughts on “Country Threads”

  1. Jo, I love every single quilt in those photos. I just wish that shop was close to me…but it isn’t. If I’m ever traveling in the area, you can be sure I’ll stop. I’m with you…their colors are so my style.

  2. Hi Jo: This looks like a GREAT store! I haven’t been to a nice quilt shop in a long time – too bad you are so far from me. Glad you had a good time, although 40 mins. isn’t much – I agree. Laura

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