Country Threads’ Quilt Along

Hey all, have you seen that Country Threads is hosting a Quilt Along?  Each month they are posting a pattern for a 12″ and a 6″ block.  Here’s what the finished quilt is going to look like.

It’s free, so why not join in the fun?  Here is the link to the information.  I am off to dig in my scrap bin to see if I can find some fabrics….Civil Wars or brights??

5 thoughts on “Country Threads’ Quilt Along”

  1. Hi there, Jo. I’ve followed you for quite sometime, here on Blogger, on FB’s Accuquilt and so forth. Thanks for the link.

    And, BTW, I even followed you and found out that You and I have the same birthday, 12/14.


  2. I wish you had a button to go to next blog entry. when you have multiple entries in my google reader, I have to click on one at a time to open new window, read it, then close and repeat all over again. Bonnie H. & Judy L. both have a ‘next entry’ or ‘newer post’ to click on. Anyway, I love reading your blog (even if you can’t make that change!). AND, if it already exists, I can’t find it. LOL

  3. Just FYI for any readers expecting an email regarding these free patterns. There will be NO emails sent individually but the patterns will appear on our blog every month on the first day throughout 2013. Help celebrate our 30th year in business!

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