Country Threads Part Two

Yesterday I showed you some photos from my favorite quilt shop, Country Threads in Garner, Iowa.  Today I am showing some more.

Country Threads is made up of two buildings.  I liked yesterday’s building but the one I am showing today is my favorite as it is FILLED to the brim with Civil War reproduction fabrics AND samples.  Here’s a taste….


Country Threads can put together colors like no other shop I know of….


Here is a wonderful raw edge appliqué quilt…Wagon Wheels.  I bought the wedge to make it some time ago, but haven’t gotten to it.


I love this basket quilt and typically, I am not a basket quilt gal.


Here’s a blue quilt I LOVE….I love the scalloped borders.

I wish I had joined their Civil War Reproduction Club last year.  If I had, these quilts would all be in my stash.  They were last year’s projects for the club.



Some of the photos seem a bit off kilter.  It’s because they hang quilts on the ceiling too.  Trust me, it’s not easy to take a photo of a quilt on the ceiling!


Next up, some quilts that feature my favorite color….RED!


Another….Yes, another basket quilt.

A red quilt AND stars….how did I resist?


They have a whole section of Lori Smith goodies.  I love the way they put together her patterns!


And another section of her framed quilts…..


and the last photo…a quilt pattern I bought when I visited last time but wanted a photo of…

I SO love Country Threads….You probably already figured that out.  The shop is fabulous and the gals are super friendly.  It’s worth a visit no matter how far you live from Garner, Iowa.    Check yesterday’s post for a little something giveaway…..

8 thoughts on “Country Threads Part Two”

  1. ALL THOSE QUILTS SCREAM FOR ME!!! I too wish I would have been in that club!! OMG!!! You have me drooling!! Love all of them….all of them do you hear me?!! The very last photo..quilt on left…what pattern is that?

  2. Thanks so MUCH for sharing your adventure and for taking us a long!! I LOVE this shop and will be writing this one down under my book of Quilt Shops to Visit! Gorgeous quilts and displays…and MY kind of quilts!!

  3. Thanks for the insight into Country Threads. It is one place that I have wanted to visit for forever, it seems like. I’m only two states away but haven’t made it there yet. Your pics will hold me over for a while longer. Looks like you must have had a great time!

  4. Wow, it’s a shame I live sew far away… my knees are weak just looking from here(NZ) Maybe it’s just as well, I don’t think my credit card would stand the pressure either!

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