Corn Puff Crack

One of my childcare families brought a treat to share this week….oh my, it was delicious!!  So delirious that I had to get the recipe.  The mom laughed and said there is really no recipe.  Simply melt a pack of white almond bark (I do mine in the microwave.  I put it in for a minute then stir.  Then another minute and stir until it’s melted)-pour in a package of puffed corn and some nuts or M&Ms if you want.  Pour it out on wax paper to dry.  HOW EASY!!  HOW DELICIOUS!!

I had a package of mini Twix bars that I threw into my mix.


It’s an easy, easy treat that little ones can help with…pouring in the M&Ms and stirring.  It’s easy clean up and ready really fast.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out.  We’re calling it Crack because it’s really addicting!!

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