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I told you earlier in the week that Carver, my grandson, was trying so hard to learn how to do the sudoku puzzles that I do.  I decided to go online and see if there was an easier version for him to do.  This came up… What?  I recognize that.  It’s from MY Making Learning Fun website…that’s my printable but it’s on Etsy?  What the heck?

Let me explain.  Before I was a blogger.  I was an early childhood printables creator.  I have a whole site called Making Learning Fun.  I created it.  I own it.  I spent several YEARS creating content and loading it as a way of helping people work with young children.  I did this as my full-time job.  I have ALL of the ORIGINAL files.  I offered it all for free as a way of helping others.  You can find the site HERE.  The site is called Making Learning Fun.  Feel free to check it out.  Feel free to print and use anything there…just don’t sell it.

Every one of those designs, I drew.  Every one I created.  They are all my property.  WHAT IS THE PERSON DOING SELLING MY STUFF???

See…my website…the EXACT same item that she is selling is there.  I have all the original files.  I have and own all of the original work.  It’s mine.  HERE is the link to my site so you can see them.

HERE is the link to the page so you can see how she stole my stuff and is now SELLING it.  SHE is making the money from MY work.  I am so angry.

I think some of you reported this as the page in no longer there.  Thanks.   In the hoopla of everything around here I had that on my list to do but didn’t get it done yet.  I had been looking at options though.

I don’t have time to deal with this right now.  I just wish people would realize what jerks they are being by stealing.  All along I could have put these things up and available as items for sale.  BUT, I never have.  I have always, always, always, wanted their educational activities available for everyone.  I never wanted money to be prohibitive for anyone who wanted to teach a child.

This is what it says on my copyright page.

By following these simple rules we can make learning fun for everyone.

All of the materials on my website are designed for childcare providers, churches, libraries, teachers, moms and dads, and grandparents to print and use for free to entertain or educate children.

Materials on the site are not for sale.  Do not take them and sell them either individually or as a package.  Do not sell them on EBay.  Coloring items, laminating items, or cutting the copyright logo off does not change anything.  Items are still protected by the copyright.

Do not copy pages from this site onto your own website.  Do not copy text or photos.  Such actions break copyright laws.

Feel free to link to any .htm or .html or .asp pages on this site.

I was more frustrated than ever when I saw what she put on her Etsy page.  See mid picture where it says, “You may not sell it, resell it, publish in any sites.”  AHHH!!!  She just broke all of that by STEALING from me.  UGH.

Sadly, this is not the first time someone has done this.  Typically they just take the page and offer it free on their own site without providing any links back to me.

I don’t know if I’m now in a mood or what but I’m thinking about taking the items and having them listed on Teachers Pay Teachers or on Etsy.  I think I would still keep them for free on my site but offer them for money elsewhere.  Teachers are so comfortable with going to Teachers pay Teachers first.  I don’t think they look for free printables anymore.

My Making Learning Fun site is old and needs an entire rehaul.  It’s slow and needs major updates so it doesn’t get used as much as it previously did.  That doesn’t mean someone can steal from it.

AHHH!!  I feel like I need to do something.  UGH.

In the meantime, I went to my own site…I printed some sudokus for Carver and steamed a bit.

I think it’s time for me to do something about it…so now I’m off to look up some options.

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  1. You might only have to tell her to stop and she will. If she doesn’t then you can go further. I would threaten her with legal action if she doesn’t. That might be the end of it. Good luck!

    1. Too many people say the same thing…no time to deal with it, too much trouble, etc. That’s why the thieves get away with it and continue to steal others intellectual property. At the very least complain to Etsy. I think they have pulled sellers for copyright infringement before. Send the seller a cease and desist letter. If they continue to sell then hire an attorney. You should start charging for the pages if you continue with that domain. If not, shut it down completely. Check your copyright dates, make sure everything is current. I know of 4 artists who’ve had their images stolen by overseas companies and they make really cheap versions of true art clothing which, in turn, leads people to believe it’s the original artists fault. They are fighting for their reputations and the biggest problem is the thieves shut down and reopen in another name. Yet, they fight. Please don’t let this seller get away with this.

  2. I taught at a University for over 30 years. The issue of people respecting copyright is one that is a continual problem. I have seen my class materials turn up on various websites around the world. Sometimes it was a former student and sometimes someone I didn’t know. If the had asked, I would have allowed it with an acknowledgement which would allow me to list it in my evaluation materials. I also have all the files showing how the material developed over time. It is not selling it, but the person using it probably got credit for developing the material in their evaluation. This happened to a number of faculty, not just me. There was no good solution, but it leads to frustration and disappointment. I just wanted you to know that you are justified in your feelings and you are not alone.

  3. You are justified in being frustrated and angry! Hopefully a note telling her to cease and desist will take care of it – fingers crossed!
    I worked in a craft store a long time ago where we sold original patterns etc.; it was surprising to us that people would make up our patterns and take credit for them. Sad…

  4. Oh my that is just not right or okay! I would definitely look into reporting her to Etsy and possibly threatening with legal action. I hate to think people do this on purpose but you have clearly stated it’s illegal to do what this person has done. It makes me sick to my stomach, I can’t imagine how you feel. So sorry this happened to you!

  5. There seems to be a lot of stealing other people’s property going on. Makes me angry, too. I’ll have to look some more another day, as I don’t understand soduku.

  6. Julie A Hutcherson

    Jo, it might be that she is in violation of her agreement with Etsy. If she doesn’t respond to your request to stop, you could report her to them.


  7. Sad to say, but this person selling your material is deceiving her (him) self because one day they will have to answer for what they did. I could feel the steam rising between your ears! This is righteous indignation, and I would definitely seek further action. I hope Carver enjoyed the puzzle; sudoku is a great way to learn math.

  8. I am always saddened to hear of people taking others work and selling it. It is especially upsetting when the original developer provided it for free use. Thievery seems to be acceptable for some people. I try to remind myself that people like this are a small percentage of the population and 99.9 % of the people are kind decent people that would never consider doing any one else any harm.

  9. Boy, is that ever maddening! You can go to her (?) Etsy site and flag/report those items as copyright infringement. Etsy will tell her she must remove offending listings and may suspend her account if she doesn’t or relists them later. Disney reports their infringement all the time. We’re (Etsy sellers) not even allowed to mention Disney as fabric used (ie, Frozen or Elsa fabric, nor mickey mouse-styled). Good luck!!

  10. One legal option that might be available is theft of an intellectual property. I went through this when the state tried to take possession of a new program promotional campaign claiming it was a product developed while I was at work. It did not end well for them. I would explore the options available. With that counsel and knowledge you can make a rational and informed decision. Best of luck.

  11. One legal option that might be available is theft of an intellectual property. I went through this when the state tried to take possession of a new program promotional campaign claiming it was a product developed while I was at work. It did not end well for them. I would explore the options available. With that counsel and knowledge you can make a rational and informed decision. Best of luck.

  12. I agree with some of the replies. You should pursue some kinda of action. My daughter who’s an occupational therapist had someone steal her work on a website and she knew the person. She talked with her about why she took my daughter’s name off the material she posted and the girl ended up taking it down. There needs to be consequences.

  13. She NEEDS to be fined and make remuneration to you! As a pattern creator, it is our duty to report theft. Contact law enforcement first before her. Don’t give this Etsy person a chance to remove the evidence.

  14. I’ve communicated with a very nice lady over the years who offers a ton of free tutorials on her blog and has a handful of printed books available as well. I also have a Kindle unlimited account and noticed a new title available that interested me and downloaded it. I immediately recognized it as her work. All of her pictures and instructions but a different cover and different author’s name. I contacted her and supplied links and she told me it’s a constant battle and has happened several times before. She is however, diligent about taking action though she freely admits it’s a constant headache.


  15. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    I agree with most of these comments. Contact her first, then if she doesn’t take it down, contact Etsy. I might just be tempted to go directly to Etsy because she knows she is selling someone else’s material.

  16. I’ve not commented for quite some time and I am after reading this. Let’s suffice it to say copyright is a big deal to and with me. If you’re interested in quick learning of what you can do and avenues you can use to combat and report violations simply reach out to me via email, Jo. I’ve emailed you before many months ago and hopefully you received it as I did not receive a reply. Could be floating out in cyberspace for all I know. You can use the email addy I use for commenting on your blog posts.

  17. Mary Etherington

    Oh, Jo, I feel your pain – personally. When the pattern company Simple Simon published our very recognizable Bullseye pattern I did contact them and they responded that they had been inspired by quilts at a show in California several years ago. You guessed it, they were Bullseye quilts – our pattern. It’s such a helpless feeling when someone steals your hard work – one of the most frustrating situations I’ve ever felt. I am so sorry.

  18. Quilters are probably the worst at infringing on copyright. If the see a picture they think it is OK to copy it. They don’t give credit when bragging about “their” quilt, And some of the biggest names are just as guilty.

    1. Quilter copyright is so much harder as in reality, the written directions are the only thing that falls under copyright. I made a baby quilt once and offered it as a free pattern. I didn’t see the design before. Honestly, I just had the idea pop in my head. I had a blog reader jump down my throat telling me I copied the idea from Missouri Star Quilt Company. Honestly, I didn’t, and the way I constructed it was completely different. We both just had the same idea. It happens. That’s why I try really hard to not look at other quilt magazines or quilting blogs so I can’t be accused of that. For inspiration instead, I haunt antique shops and old-old quilt books and magazines. They are often the jump off point for me…or I just start sewing some nine patches and design the quilt as I go.

  19. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I sent your link to my kids to download for their kids. People can be awful and I’m so sorry this happened to you…it is just wrong, but too many people have no moral compass and don’t want to put in the work to create their own income stream. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

  20. I am so sorry someone has done this. It stinks!
    I had no idea you had that other site Jo. I am happy to know you have it. My mom is 88 and she is starting to forget a lot of things. She used to play games on her tablet every day all through out the day. She used to do sudoku puzzles a lot from the newspaper to books. I was telling her two days ago that she needed to get back to playing her games so that she would be using her mind more which would help her not forget so many things. The mind has to keep working. I am going to look at your site to find stuff for my 88 year old mother to do. Yep, the elderly can benefit from your site also. Thank you so very very much Jo!

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