Cooking with Kelli and Georgia

Kelli is a big fan of the blog Six Sisters Stuff.  It is full of recipes from six sisters.  Typically our family is more of a baking or a meat and potatoes type cook but Kelli and Georgia stepped out of the box and made a jello salad for the 4th of July.  The recipe could be made with any color of jello so it can really be modified for any holiday.

In fact, the day Kelli and Georgie made it, Kelli was out of red jello so made the dessert with blue and purple jello.  The kids didn’t mind a bit.

Of course…she is wearing a horse shirt.

You can find the recipe HERE.

Georgie just loves to cook and bake.  If she’s here and hears the mixer running… she sprints to the kitchen to help.  Now she’s changed and is wearing a horse dress.  I told you, she’s all about horses.  We all know it so if we see anything horse-related, we buy it.  She’s spoiled by all of us.

She had to taste the jello…

and then cut it as the recipe calls for.

Here her dessert is all finished and ready to try.

The first bite was great!!  In fact, she ate it all!

Here’s Emmett giving it a try.

Eli isn’t too sure about the wiggly stuff.

Even dad got a bowl of it farmer-style, on the run.

Kelli said everyone liked it and she’ll make it again this summer.  It was a nice cool treat.

…and that was cooking with Kelli and Georgia.

9 thoughts on “Cooking with Kelli and Georgia”

  1. Such a sweet, sweet family – and Georgia is such a joy! Her desert looks good and how nice she could give her daddy some “on the run.”

  2. Oh my, we grew up with these. They were called Stain Glass Bars. We use 4 different flavors of the Jello 3 ounce boxes. We changed the colors for each holiday. Now I make them for our grandchildren! A favorite in our family!!

  3. Six Sisters Stuff is a great YouTube channel!! I’m particularly fond of their Instant Pot recipes. Regarding the Jello Salad, I fall in line with Eli’s thoughts on wiggly food. LOVE seeing Georgia cooking, though! Kudos to Kelli for starting her early.

  4. My mom used to make this and it was called Broken Glass Torte. We loved it as kids. Georgia is so helpful.

  5. Jo please consider doing a blog about your excellent photos — you get such perfect shots of your kids and grandkids, and all your sewing — tell us how you do it — type of camera. special lenses? we need the details to improve our pictures. I enjoy all of your writing. You have a special talent for making things clear!

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