Cooking with Kasjen: Hot Beef

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You might be wondering about the title of this post wondering how Kasjen is…well Kasjen is our son Buck’s real name.  I thought being he’s been providing so many recipes he needs his own segment on the blog.  Cooking with Kasjen sound so much nicer than Cooking with Buck…besides, since he’s left the house, he goes by Kasjen.  For those wondering, he’s named after his great-grandpa and it’s pronounced Cash ‘en.

All of my kids can cook really well.  I have to say, I think I might eat at Buck’s house as my first pick though.  He’s a good cook and not at all afraid to try something new.  He cooks like me though, without a recipe and very loosely.  The food isn’t guaranteed to taste the same every time as we might decide to something else to the recipe that we don’t normally add.

Here’s Kasjen….
Given the number of holiday leftovers, I found myself with a plethora of mashed potatoes and not a lot of stuffing, ham, gravy, etc. Being I’m single, with picky eaters, doesn’t leave a ton of options. All of the recipes I’ve gotten from Mom have included “5lbs potatoes,” “a whole bunch of mustard,” or “an entire cement truck full of mayonnaise.” She certainly left room for imagination, to say the least. Growing up, we all had “a night of the week,” where we were responsible for feeding 7 people. If it was “your night” and you wanted Stromboli, mom would “help” you make Stromboli. I’ve never taken into account how thankful I am for this experience. I don’t have any facts or figures here but from my experience, not a lot of people can “cook” and of the people who can it’s limited to grills/smokers. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some amazing food from friends I just feel like the old way is better.

Onto hot beef: This is something I didn’t really have growing up though we did have “mystery meat” (liver) from time to time. Hot Beef can be enjoyed over bread, potatoes, rice, or whatever you’re feeling like that day. For me with all of the leftover mashed potatoes, it’s going to be over-mashed potatoes.

Again, I can’t cook small, so I’m using 2) 3-5lb beef roasts. Season lightly, any time a gravy is used its enough to give the planet a heart attack. I throw them in the pressure cooker for 75 minutes, quick release.

Cooking should be the same even if you half this recipe.

Then shred beef.

Saute an entire white onion and a package of portobello mushrooms and cook until the onions are translucent.

In another saucepan add 2 packets of brown gravy mix (I like the double packets) and follow the instructions. Combine your ingredients and serve over anything/everything.

I’d eat this over just about anything.  This night it was those leftover mashed potatoes.

…and that was Cooking with Kasjen.

This looks wonderful to me…I might add some parmesan cheese to the top though…


6 thoughts on “Cooking with Kasjen: Hot Beef”

  1. This is very similar to how I cook a roast. I use a crock pot with seasoned browned beef, add the onions and garlic then spread it with gravy. It cooks up wonderfully. I always enjoy your recipes. Keep it up.

  2. An entire cement truck of mayonnaise. That’s my kind of cooking. Maybe next time Kasjen will tell us how to use that up!

  3. Oh how yummy that has to be!! How smart to have the kids responsible for cooking a meal each week. No wonder they are all good cooks. Growing up my sisters and I had responsibility to cook meals. It sure helps and we didn’t have processed foods to use.

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