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You might remember a bit ago that I posted some videos from Buck.  Well, he’s been a sweetheart of a kid and listened to your requests to film more videos.  I have two for you today.

Buck is the primary cook at Buck and Lora’s house.  I’ve had his food and he is a natural cook that makes meals I’d love.  I only wish I lived closer and could sample more of them.

Lora does a lot of the clean up so he sometimes finds himself in the dog house for making a really big mess.

One Pan Pasta with Kasjen Kramer.  By the way, we all call him Buck but his real name is Kasjen.  He’s named after his Great Grandpa Kramer.

He sent another video too. This one is done in the Instant Pot and is for…
Hot Beef.

Don’t the recipes sound delicious?

If you want more recipes make sure to leave lots of comments encouraging him to keep making them.  I personally love seeing them and I love the sweet video clip of Lilly riding on the Gator.  I just love seeing Buck as a Dad.  Growing up he didn’t like the childcare kids.  He avoided them as much as possible.  He said he likely wouldn’t have kids.  We told him he could be “Uncle Buck” like John Candy in the movie.  He’s turned into a good dad and I love it!

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  1. When I make beef roast in the crockpot, I use 1 can of V8, 1 can of beef broth, onion, garlic, about a cup of water and a few shakes worcestershire sauce and left it go all day. When I remove I thicken the rhe gravy with flour or cornstarch depending what I have . When finished it is either sliced for pot roast or shredded and put on buns with gravy. What Buck is making looks almost the same. Keep cooking Buck you are making us hungry.

  2. Those dishes look really good! I love the sense of humor and staying calm during taking care of kids and cooking. Well done Buck! I like watching your videos, make more :)

  3. Love the Buck videos and his roll with it attitude with his kiddos! Awesome! Good for him for knowing just how to handle the goldfish and banana situation. The PSAs are great too! Good for you & Kramer for raising young men who know how to cook and are comfortable in the kitchen.

  4. Your meals look so good! I love the fact that you know witch kid will eat what, and how to serve it. I am still doing that for the grands. Keep the fun videos coming. We all appreciate them.

  5. Bonnie Lippincott

    Love these videos! He is making cooking his own! His improvisations are a great way to cook, I do it all the time. I’ve never seen spaghetti cooked that way! I love it, I’ll have to try it.

    Keep it up, Buck! Have fun, too.

  6. Lemon Pepper Chicken with pasta, spinach, and cheese?!?! That’s really bizarre!! I think I’m going to have to give it a try. After all, Kelly’s Black Eyed Pea Mash Up was a total hit at our house, so maybe Buck’s One Pot Pasta will be, too!

  7. These were the highlight of my day! He is so hilarious! I love his casual but excellent cooking style. He is a natural with the kids. The kid’s dinner in the first video is absolutely my favorite! So great! I am so glad you shared these. Keep it up Buck. More! We want more! Please! K-

  8. These 2 videos are amazing! I like the “half peeled potaoes” & all his other tips. I honestly learned a lot about cooking in general plus 2 awesome recipes!! I really like when he said “You’ll have that on a job this size”. You are so blessed with amazing children. God is so good! ✝️ I have 3 sons (age 22, 25, 27) & I’d love to see cooking videos from them. So all in all what a great job Buck aka Kasjen aka Kash! He could have his own YouTube channel. I’d subscribe! P.S.– Thanks for sharing the videos.

  9. Loved his tutorial! Nice he enjoys cooking. On the gravy separator. I have in a pinch used a few pieces of paper towel or napkin on the top to soak up the fat and lift out with tongs. Messy yes but in a pinch it works. I’d ;ike to try that hot beef recipe. If I can ever afford beef again that is. Tell him to try the one pan pasta in the instant pot. Works like a charm. Soups take ten minutes too. Love my pressure cooker

  10. Heck with the yummy food, that’s a plus.
    I just think it”s cool for the male person to do the cooking.
    Go Buck, we love you!!!

  11. Great watching these videos! Loved the chicken thigh recipe! Anything that can be cooked in one pot wins the day with the son who lives with us as he is the head dishwasher. :) The explanation for each plate of kiddo food was a riot and I love that he just rolls with things. It’s great seeing our “kids” cook. My older son does most of the cooking and sends us photos periodically.

  12. Great Job with the cooking recipes, Buck! The chicken pasta looks Yummy! Your cooking style shows how comfortable you are in the kitchen and that is wonderful!

  13. Love the cooking videos!!! Please do more. I love seeing someone so relaxed in the kitchen. Buck just seems to roll with life no matter what’s thrown at him. Way to go!!!

  14. Great video!! Thanks Buck, keep ’em coming!! Here is a tip if you want to remove some of the oil that has risen to the top of the pot: after it cools a bit, put a few lettuce leaves (or cabbage, collard, etc.) in the pot and stir them around a bit. Then remove the leaves and discard them. The oil/grease will cling to the leaves. As for me, I prefer to simply cool the broth in the fridge & then skim off the hardened fat. But then… I don’t have a hungry young family like you do!

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