Cooking the Morning Away

We are busy full swing around here and have been for days.  We are doing as much of the work that we can ourselves to save money and to get the project done quicker.   On the nights that we aren’t doing something for the house it’s a scramble around here to keep this house in a tolerable order.  I’ve found that cooking is one of the hardest things.  Sometimes we are so tired we don’t care what we eat and have ended up at the local bar and grill….well that doesn’t save us any money so last week I came up with a plan.  Cook ahead.

I took an afternoon last week and made four supper dishes and put them in the refrigerator.  As we needed them I took them out, finished the last step or so and popped them in the oven.  I worked wonderfully.  I added a salad, baked beans or cottage cheese and we ended up with a decent meal.

Yesterday I decided to take time out of my day and do that again.

In the upper left had corner is lasagna.  The upper right corner is makings for a Stroganoff Bread that I make.   I’ll need to spread this on some french bread, then add cheese, peppers and mushrooms.   In the lower left is Ground Beef Grand Style.  Biscuits and cheese need to be added to the top of that.  You can get that recipe here.   The dish to the lower right is Overnite Casserole.  I’ll try to get pictures and share the recipes for the dishes I don’t already have on the blog as we eat these dishes.

While doing all this I made two Sour Cream Blue Berry Pies, put a roast in the crock pot for that night, made a batch of ham and bean soup and made egg salad for sandwiches for lunch.

In total I did all of that and washed all the dishes in just over two hours…What a time saver!!  Now we can enjoy some meals over the next five days without having to rush and worry.

4 thoughts on “Cooking the Morning Away”

  1. Bed time here but you’ve just made me so hungry! Your new home is going to be so unique and more than custom with all the wonderful & special materials you are planning then finding. I am so envious! The cabinets you’ve found for the kitchen and wood that you’ve been harvesting recently is amazing and better than most that is available to purchase new. Eager to see what you will be doing next and of course the finished house!

  2. Judy D in upstate NY

    Jo, What is overnight casserole? Looks like something I would like to make. Can you blog the recipe sometime or tell me where it is in your blog. Thanks!
    And good luck with your new home-it is going to be beautiful!

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