Cookie Monster Carver!

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Last weekend Karl came home….which meant I was going to go home too–Because I missed Karl a lot!  I even got the first Karl hug, which if you haven’t had a Karl hug before, you are really missing out!

You’ve all probably heard of mom’s monster cookie recipe that she got from the neighbor vendors one year at Clear Lake.  When she asked me if I wanted to make cookies on Sunday, it was one of those no brainer decisions!  Of course I did!

We got everything thrown together and had them baking in no time.  One thing that I liked was that it only makes 27 large cookes.  It’s pretty close to perfect for just me and Jason if I would make them at home.  We ended making a double batch because they are FANTASTIC!

I also made sure to snap a picture of the recipe so I could make them at home!

After cookies were done, I was helping mom with some other stuff around the house and Carver stopped by with Kalissa and Craig on their way to a family gathering.  Carver of course wanted a cookie.  It was the cutest thing!

He was completely absorbed in eating his cookie that he barely noticed the dogs just waiting for him to drop some.  But they sure noticed him!

Then ended up following him all around the kitchen…just hoping for a little crumb!

They were hot on his trail just hoping for a little bit!

Did they get any?  NOPE!  Well I take that back kind of–Mom was nice enough to send some extras home with me for Jason….and me.  Once I got home I had grown myself a really nasty headache, so when Jason came in the house, I told him about the cookies.  He grabbed two and sat on the couch with a big glass of milk and Puppycat.

They shared a lovely conversation in which Jason of course let Puppycat have a bit of cookie and he even saved her a little milk to wash it down with!  Some days, I’m pretty sure that he likes her more than me–And I’m positive that she likes him more than she likes me everyday!

So I guess she did end up getting some cookie in the end!

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  1. What’s the rest of the recipe? How much batter do you put on the cookie sheet, what temp,and how long? I think I need to make some of these!!!

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