Constructing That Crumb Quilt…

I showed you my Crumb Quilt  earlier and Bonnie Hunter even featured it on her blog.


I knew I’d get questions on how I put it together…so as I was constructing it, I took a few photos.

When working with crumb pieces, everything that you learned about bias, forget.  With crumb quilting it make no difference if there is a bias or no bias.   I started with TWO crumb blocks.  Each is 6″ square.  One block has a block or design.  The other block is completely random.  Cut the random block in half on the diagonal.


Take those two triangles and sew them onto the crumb block.


Trim the overhanging pieces off.


Sew a 6″ neutral string block.  Cut it in half on the diagonal making sure to cut with the diagonal.  Sew them to the block.


When the blocks are sewn together, they create the fun neutral secondary pattern.


See, that wasn’t hard.  It just looks harder than it is….If you have questions, ask away!

14 thoughts on “Constructing That Crumb Quilt…”

  1. The neutral really makes the quilt “pattern”, giving they eyes a rest. So with all the seams, will you find it hard to quilt? Will you use a panto?

  2. Your soooo smart. I still have my crumb blocks from your challenange. (using them as leader/ Enders). I was going to try to set them on point.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

  3. Thanks, Jo, for a great quick tutorial. I love the way you give lots of clear photos with your directions so that I know just what you are talking about. Good job! Thanks for sharing it here.
    Because of printing costs, lots of photos in a book are very expensive to produce. But, now, digital photography allows us to view lots of photos very inexpensively. I love what technology allows us to do!

  4. Karen C in San Diego

    Thanks Jo for sharing the process. It’s fun how a relatively simple block can create a more complicated design! Love that quilt!

  5. This is great, I didn’t finish enough blocks for a decent size quilt, so setting them like this will fill it out. And I might even make a few more, in the complete random style to cut up.

  6. WOW! I thought all those crumb blocks were sashing around the string blocks. GOSH this way is SOO much easier! I had several sashing strips made. Now I bet I have enough to make the whole thing with the string corners! LOL! Thanks for the tut!

  7. Do you think the quilt ends up being heavier? I was thinking with all of the seams it might be heavier than I would every want living here is hot Florida. Of course I don’t have to sleep under it, it could just be for show. Or it could be like the rest of what I make, just a top! :) They don’t call me the crazy topper for nothing! :)
    Loved the tutorial, it explained a lot. Thanks

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I love this quilt, but haven’t even started to make my crumb blocks. As soon as a finish up some of my other projects, I’m going to try and make some crumb blocks. Thanks for sharing.

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