Connie Came…but it was quick

Last Friday I got a message from Connie….”are you home today?”

Well “yes”…I am always home.  The childcare kiddos keep me here.

It turns out that Connie was heading my way to visit Seed Savers in Decorah.  If you don’t know about Seed Savers and you’re a gardener, you’ll want to check it out.  They specialize in heirloom seeds.  Connie was bringing her hubby with and they were on a mission to find a tomato plant that they had gotten there before.  It’s called Mortgage Lifters and Dave said the tomatoes are so big that one slice of tomato will cover a whole slice of bread.  COOL!  I didn’t know about them and now that I do know I’m itching to go and get a plant for myself.

Connie and Dave just stopped quick.  It was over nap time so I did get to visit a bit but not a lot.  We really need to plan another time to get together and SEW!

She came with goodies….poor Dave was so kind to carry them in.  If you know Connie, she always comes with goodies.  She’s been cleaning.  I kind of lost my cleaning bug…I’m so happy someone has theirs.

She brought orphan blocks for me to find a home for….I think the Christmas ones I’ll send to a gal that’s doing Christmas things for veterans.  The others…hmm.  Maybe Ronda could make something with them.

She also brought me a little stool.  It looks like I have another one to redo.  You might remember that Connie was at my house when I redid my last stool.  If you missed it that post is here.

Then Connie brought a box of hankies for me.  Remember I said something about making a shower curtain with them.  WOW.  What a collection!!!

I’ve spent some time checking them out but now I don’t thing I can sew them or cut them or do anything destructive to them.  Oh my….I sent Connie a proposition to have her come down and mark them and then we can sell them at one of the sales.  I am a little anxiety ridden to think of cutting into them so…ugh.  What’s a girl to do.  I can settle on a floral shower curtain….I might be able to sew a couple damaged ones into a curtain for the window but I think that’s the best I can do.  I have such fond memories of learning to iron with my mom’s hankies.

Just as Connie was about to leave I said, “STOP!  We need a picture.”  I’m so terrible about that.  I forget about pictures WAY more than I should.  You’d think with my being a blogger that I would have that down pat….Not true.

So…Here we are.  Connie all cute and me in my childcare clothes.

It was WAY to short of a visit….We need to do a long one!  Thanks Connie but mostly thanks to Dave for putting up with the extra drive and dealing with two women who can’t quit talking no matter how hard we try.  Connie is the BEST!!

5 thoughts on “Connie Came…but it was quick”

  1. Jo, when I first saw the hanky shower curtain I thought it was actually all one piece of fabric. Like Spoonflower, someone sent a selection of hankies and asked Spoonflower to make fabric out of them.
    Perhaps you could take pictures of your hankies on a white background, and someone could stitch the pictures together online in the order you prefer. Then send the hanky pictures off to be copied into fabric.
    I would just sew the hankies together (perhaps on a very light white fabric) and not cut them at all. Then put a shower liner behind them.

  2. Your friend was very thoughtful in bringing you hankies to make the shower curtain. Make the shower curtain. Better than them being in a drawer because they are too pretty to use. Use them and when they wear out then you can search for more. Or then another idea will come your way.

  3. I’ve been playing “clean along with Jo”. My goal was to keep cleaning as long as you did! Every time you said “I’m still cleaning” I’d figure out what to work on next. I was beginning to worry you’d never stop. Lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Roxanne…I forced myself to clean the laundry room lastnight. It was TERRIBLE!! I guess maybe I didn’t quite quit yet.

  4. I bought a Mortgage Lifter tomato plant this year, on recommendation from a gardening friend. She said they have such a wonderful flavor; I didn’t know they produced such large fruit! Last year she gave me some of her tiny ripe tomatoes called Sun Sugar; they are yellow, just the right size to pop one into your mouth and honestly,they are so sweet they taste like candy! YumI made sure I planted some of those this year!

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