Connect Four FINISHED!

I know many of you were cheering Kelli on to finishing her Blue Skies quilt last week.  Well while she was hurrying to finish her’s I was busy trying to finish the quilt I needed to have done for the Saturday wedding we attended.

I ended up staying up until past midnight on Friday night sewing on the last of the binding.  What can I say?  I work well under pressure.

I was really happy with how it turned out.  This is our Connect Four quilt from our book.  We changed up the colors making the back ground a light printed fabric.


This isn’t a hard quilt.  In fact, if you want a quick quilt, this is the perfect one.

The quilting was simple…so simple you can’t even see it!  The backing is solid burgundy and the binding is the same.

It’s great to have a finished quilt.  I was worried that once I started doing childcare I wouldn’t have time to gift quilts at weddings anymore…I’m so happy I could squeeze this one in.

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4 thoughts on “Connect Four FINISHED!”

  1. I know it’s simple, but I really like this! The vintage fabrics look great in it! Who says a quilt has to be complicated to be pretty?

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