Computer Woes….

I have a seven year old desk top that I have loved…really loved.  Then sadly it started acting up.  It would freeze ALL THE TIME.  I put up with it..restarted the computer and went on with my work.  Sadly, it started happening more often and more often.  Then about a week ago I said something to Hubby and Kalissa about getting a new one.  Both of them said-oh please get a new one.  We don’t want to deal with you if it crashes.

Well I bought one…but I don’t think they want to put up with me now that I have a new one either!!!!!!!!!!!  I should be thankful and feel blessed but those are two emotions that I am not feeling at all.

I am the first one to tell you I hate technology…the hate learning anything new.  I can’t figure out why beloved simple programs have to go away.
Typically when I used to write blog posts my pictures came into the computer I went through picture manager and did a few simple edits which included resizing them and things went slick.  The photos loaded and I was on my way.  Things were quick and easy…it’s not that way.  But wait, I can go to the app store and get some great app.  I don’t want that…I just want what I had.  UGH.

It took us a LONG time to find our passwords for Microsoft…I still don’t have my email working right and at this point I am hoping a miracle worker comes along because I feel like that’s the only way it’s going to get fixed.  I can work around that if need be…but still it’s all frustrating.

I am so frustrated that the computer is so “connected to media”.  There are so many apps that already came on the desktop computer that I have no interest at all in….I don’t Candy Crush on a desk top…I don’t want to connect to all my “friends” on my desktop.  I want to work on my desktop.  I don’t need a single thing on it that is distracting.

I am a Google Chrome girl and for some reason every time I open Google Chrome, a Yahoo search engine comes up….I hate Yahoo.  I want what I had and I want it work right….

Oh computer woes….I’ll likely be complaining about this for a long time.  Yet I feel so petty even caring about it.

We’ve had just a month filled with yucky news…relatives with reoccurring cancer…a family friend who found a breast lump…my childcare kids have been terribly sick…our son is getting divorced….Kalissa has been sick and even in the ER but worse we have friends who lost the husband and dad to their family.  He was just 36.  They have three little ones.  It’s so sad….Everyone in our little community loves this family.

When all these family and friend sorrows happen it would be just nice to be able to plop down on the computer and have everything work…It would be nice to just spend the evening sewing some mindless project but none of that is happening.  I’ve spent the last three nights fighting the computer…and fighting my own cold.

Kelli said she’s going to pop over and see if she can this afternoon….so keep your fingers crossed.  At this point I’d at least feel a little happier if I could just the time on the computer be correct…and yes, I’ve changed it several times and it resets!!  Oh UGH.  I’m off to go get some kid time.  That always makes my mood a little better.

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  1. I agree that all of the new “fixes” on what our computers used to do is a real pain! I finally got an Apple computer and now I am much happier. There was a learning curve, but much easier that all of the changes on my husbands relatively new HP laptop!

  2. And it doesn’t help that all this is going on in the midst of the cold and snow! My condolences for all the tragedies in your life. Good luck with the PC. I got a new one in November and I still haven’t figured out how to get my embroidery program over from the old one. Not that I’ve spent a lot of time trying, of course…

  3. I’m very sympathetic to your computer woes. It seems every time Apple does an update, I spend a day trying to get things to work the way I’m used to. Hope it ALL gets better soon.

  4. You should be able to un-install those extra things like candy crush.
    As for the search engine, if you mean the engine used when you type where the web address goes I can help you with that. When you open google chrome there should bee three horizontal lines in the top right hand corner, click them then click settings, a new page will open, part way down there is a section called search. There is a drop down menu, google should be on it, if not go to and then come back to settings, it should then be there. You just click the one you want and it’s done.
    If your problem is what page appears when you first open chrome go, into settings, there is a section called “on startup”, you can select a specific page to be opened there.
    I hope that helped and made sense.

  5. I bet if you contact Google Chrome with the details about your new computer and tell them you’re hoping they can help you get rid of Yahoo and go back to Google as your pop-up search engine they can tell you how to fix that right quick. Companies tend to like to help people get access to their programs like that. ;^) Sorry there’s so much cruddy stuff going on just now. Sometimes “when it rains, it pours”, but it will pass.

  6. I couldn’t agree with your thoughts more!!! Even my car radio comes with a manual that is as big, if not bigger, than the one for the car! And…not to be a downer, but to prepare you, the next computer doesn’t seem to last like the older ones did. They are practically disposable now. Ugh…
    I’m sorry so much is going on right now. I’m going to say a prayer for you! Good luck with the computer!

  7. I have an older laptop and always use Google search but recently had the Yahoo problem too. Turns out there was an update that had a “make yahoo your search engine” checkbox that I missed unchecking when I did the update. I don’t have a fix yet but at least I know what caused it.

  8. I’m with you, I hate change. Especially computer! Oh, man, just leave my stuff alone! Now we’re updating the computer at home and here I go again! UGH! Feel better soon and prayers for your community family going through so much!

  9. Sounds like you need a chocolate intervention. Or maybe a wine/whine intervention. Hope your weekend is better than the last week has been. :>)

  10. It sounds like a case of ‘when it rains, it pours’. Sending prayers for all the sadness that has crept into your life lately, Jo. If I were closer, I would bring you supper and a pan of cinnamon rolls. I’m with you on the technology woes. I’m not good with change and I can’t see why they can’t just leave well enough alone. I know you’re instinct is to always take care of everyone, but don’t forget to take care of yourself through this rough patch. Thinking of you.

  11. Oh, Jo…..I think feeling down with a bad cold is just making everything else be more of a struggle. Sounds like your family & friends are going through a rough patch and most of it is beyond your control, but most of what you’ve said about the new computer can be changed to make it work more like you want it to….maybe not some of your old favorite programs (I hate that too) but most most other things. Just hang in there and things things will smooth out.

  12. So sorry to hear about all the stuff that you have been dealing with. When it rains, it certainly does pour. I hope you are feeling better soon and maybe Kalissa helped sort out some of the computer issues.

  13. Man….if your computer does not have the correct time you are in deep deep trouble….. the time is one simple thing…. like you I hate new stuff= as besides the memory, I don’t need 75 percent of the new stuff…

  14. Oh Computer Woes! Same thing is happening to my beloved Toshiba laptop. Soooo….I went out and bought a new Toshiba thinking I would have a somewhat similar experience with it. Nope….Hated it so much that back to the store it went and I am still plugging along with my old one. I know it will die before me but I am prolonging the agony. I feel your pain.

  15. Oh Jo! Hang in there. My husband and I don’t like all this high tech stuff either. When we had to buy a new new computer we had it set up by our local computer repair person. When he asked what operating system we wanted, I said we wanted whatever is closest to what we had on the old machine. Instead of installing Windows 8, he installed Windows 7 Professional. We were happy with this, but it was still frustrating getting all of our settings back the way we wanted. Computer changes are a real drag. Hopefully Kelli can get you back on track.

  16. If you have Windows 8 on the computer, upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 8 or 8.1 is not user friendly. You can see about installing Windows 7, especially if you use any other windows programs. (Word, etc. requires new programs.)

    When I want to edit pictures, I’ve been going to You can resize, crop, etc. Easy program to learn.

    Your time might be changing because you have a different time zone selected.

    If you do have Windows 10, you can go to the lower left hand corner, click on the icon, it should bring up a list, then you can go to all apps. It will list everything in alphabetical order. Hope this helps…I have felt your pain.

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