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Well things are slightly cheerier here than yesterday.  Two beers, flowers from one of my childcare families, take out supper and a cold medicine induced sleep did wonders for me…that and some of my computer woes were fixed.

This morning at breakfast I enjoyed my flowers and a little time paging through quilt books…I think I just needed a Saturday too.

Kelli came home after class on Friday and started in on my list of computer problems.  I had already been working on a few things as I had childcare kids here at 6am and any kids here before 7am get to watch television for a little bit.  Some fall back to sleep and some just rest and watch.  At nap time I read through the suggestions by people that were left on the blog.  I was able to fix the Google Chrome/Yahoo problem.  The help with that initially came from blog reader Jen B.  I followed her suggestions and it didn’t work but that lead me on another path that did.  The Chrome Clean Up Tool App did the trick.  Then I was able to go back and use Jen’s suggestion and all went well.  Over nap time I also got the printer to work.  I was feeling some better already.

Once the kids were awake Kelli was here and was tackling my computer problems.  She had gotten a new laptop a year ago and the night before she’d been trying to explain a few things for after working with this one for a bit she apologized as she didn’t realize that computers had changed even since then.
By 8pm last night I was in better shape.  The search engine was figured out, my Wacom tablet, the wireless mouse, and printer were all working..oh and the time was finally right too!  I felt MUCH better.

Now my only woes that are computer related are that I need a new program for photo editing for the blog.  I previously had Microsoft Picture Manager.  I LOVED IT!  The program was very basic but good.  I could crop, rotate and brighten pictures.  Best of all I could resize them.  The resized photos would load into the blog so fast.  I loved it.  Now it’s really slow.

For an online program for photo editing I love PicMonkey but I hate loading individual photo by individual photo.

I don’t need a fancy program.  I want something very simple and basic.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I want to be able to crop, rotate, brighten and resize photos…that’s about all I need.

I do have to say this…I still am far from in love with the new computer but at least I can operate it with a bit of familiarity.   That is progress.  Now I feel like I can learn and adjust the things I need.  Before I was a fish out of water.  Little by little I’ll get there.  It’s just painfully slow.

I would love to know what any of you use for computer photo editing.  For now

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  1. Try Gimp. It’s NOT an online editor. You download it and install it. It’s free.

    I like PikMonkey, too. I use the paid version of it. I think it costs about $35.00 per year.

  2. How about Microsoft Paint? I thought that comes already installed on the computer, under Accessories. Of course, I’m assuming you have a pc and not a mac computer.

  3. Have you ever heard of The Computer Lady? She owns a computer repair shop in Maine and also puts out a newsletter every week by answering peoples questions about computer problems. She constantly advices people to try Infanview. She says it’s a simple basic photo program and its free.

  4. I second the vote for Infanview. I have been using it since I learned about it at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City when doing some genealogy research there. It is what they recommended to use when viewing documents and pictures. Very easy.

  5. I’m not very computer savvy but when I upgraded to Windows 8 I found that Microsoft had discontinued my Media player and that is what I used to download books from the library. In the process I started using the apps from the upgrade only to realize that I could not download mp3 books because it wasn’t supported anymore. Frustrated for a while because no one had a fix so I disabled the overdrive app and started using the old one and can now download mp3’s from the library.
    I said all that to say that while the apps are nice to use for some things, if you disable or just don’t use the apps that are causing the problems and use the programs that you already had it might help. I still have Microsoft picture manager and I use the old IE with windows 10. Just something to check into.

  6. Try Image Resizer for Windows (Google it). It is the easiest, best image resizer I have EVER used, and I have tried a lot. VERY user friendly, you can resize one or more photos at a time. When you left-click on the photo, it will be an item in the menu that pops up. Really simple to use. As for photo editing, I now use Microsoft Digital Imaging. It is not as robust as Picture Manager, but it does most of what I need to do. Hope this helps!

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