Community Sweaters: The Button Story

I opened my email to find a fun note from Sue…she told an amazing story that I wanted to share with you.

A while back, I wrote a post HERE about buttons.  I was saying that I saved them but I didn’t used them.

Sue left a comment that said, “Morning Jo I would’ve willing to buy some of the buttons. I knit baby sweaters for charity so am always looking for buttons for the cardigans I make.”

When writing the post about buttons, I added Sue’s comment and I included her email.   I wrote, “Here is Susan’s email.  If you have buttons to give her please contact her.  It sounds like she has a good cause.”

Well…now Sue wrote to me to share her button story.  This is so fun so read on….
Sue writes:  “A few months ago you had written about my cause and knitting for babies in South Africa.  Well three of your blog followers and yourself kindly mailed me buttons of which I am still using.”

On Wednesday last week I was sitting in Chicago Midway Airport knitting away mindlessly when a lady started talking to me about what I was knitting and of  course one thing led to another and I got talking about your blog and the button story.  Well this other lady sitting across from me – then says “I have heard this story before and I sent buttons to a lady Sue in Connecticut“.

well that lady was ME (Sue) –

I could not get over it and gave her the biggest hug and thanked her for her generosity – I believe she (Sue) is from Iowa or at least the same state as you but a 100 miles away.  She was on her way to NY with her family.  What are the odds that we would meet in Chicago Midway Airport!

(Sue, the knitter, is on the right in the yaya shirt)

But it does not end there.  As I am getting up to board my flight for Alabama a total stranger hands me a very generous check for $50 saying she overheard my story and wanted to support it.”

I was truly humbled to say the least – in posting the story to my FB page the overwhelming comments and support have been overwhelming.  My page is very private so not many people have access to it. ”

But again thank you Jo – little ole me just knitting away to keep my hands busy.”

WOW!!  Can you believe that story?  Who would think that strangers who had a simple contact via the blog would happen to meet in the middle of the airport in Chicago??  Both had to have been early enough of for their flights to have a chance to sit by each other for Sue to start up knitting.  Oh my!!  This is truly a small world story.

I thought I’d share a couple other pictures with you that Sue sent….she turns yarns into the most beautiful sweaters….
Just look how precious they are.  What a talent!!  You can see the little buttons that Sue needs for the sweaters.

What a happy story to share!!  This so warms my heart and is the perfect story to tell this holiday season!  Thanks so much for your amazing work and willing to share ladies.

21 thoughts on “Community Sweaters: The Button Story”

  1. What a great story! Those ladies were destined to meet in the airport. And the stranger who donated money was an additional blessing.

    Thank you for connecting all of us and promoting the causes we support.

  2. This is a particularly difficult time for me. I too am celebrating a First Christmas without someone I love (my son). The World is full of hateful stories and division based on nonsense…race, wealth, country of origin, political party, etc. Your world seems so isolated from that and it is nice to read that there is kindness and reaching out. Thanks for the smile this morning…maybe I will try decorating!

  3. I would like to add (I am the Sue in the Yaya shirt – that is my name my grandson calls me). The other lady is also Sue LOL. We both, cannot explain the feeling we both felt, in meeting and how incredible it was. Sadly, I never got the lady’s name that took the photo and whom I was talking to originally. But yes, in response to many of your comments it was a REAL FEEL GOOD moment, as what are the odds? And all because of Jo that we met. The world at times can be hard and hence why am so glad Jo shared this story, as it was a moment of pure love and kindness of strangers, meeting in an airport waiting to go to their next destination. It is something I will cherish for years to come. THANK YOU JO! and SUE! (the other SUE LOL!)

  4. Kindness matters and it starts with a simple blog written by a kind soul named Jo, and it passes threw all of us. Thank you Sue for knitting those beautiful sweaters and for Sue who gave you some buttons, simple kind act of humanity shared.

  5. What a wonderful story!!! The stranger who gave the donation was so kind!!! All three of you are angels!!! Those sweaters are just beautiful Yaya!!!

  6. Jo, I never take my checkbook with me when I travel. Now I’m inspired to put one check in my wallet… and use it only for good. If an opportunity comes my way, I’ll be ready. Thank you for this morning’s gift of a story that perfectly illustrates Christmas.

  7. My heart is filled with Joy Bells after reading today’s blog! Loving kindness straight from kind, thoughtful, loving people!
    Merry Christmas!!
    I’m from Nebraska, moved to Colorado, now spend winters in Texas and spend as much time as I can with family in CO, NE, & IA!!! Sure hope I get to meet up with some of you really soon!!
    Love, thoughts, & prayers to all, Gloria

  8. This is THE MOST uplifting story I’ve read. When God connects the “synapses” of s story of love, everyone receives the joy. I am inspired to start doing charity quilts with all my scraps, May God bless you all.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the joy that comes with sharing. So lovely to read good news. Yaya Sue your little sweaters are so beautifully done. Thanks for sharing your story with Jo, and thank you No for sharing her story. Loved it.

  10. Those little sweaters are beautiful, made by an artist with fast hands! Ya Ya, God bless you and the other Sue and your benefactor. Thank you, Jo, for sharing such a great story.

  11. I love this story and the beautiful sweaters Sue makes. I have a friend who crochets wig hats for children with cancer. My grandson also calls me yaya and I’m wondering if sue can tell me where she got her shirt.

  12. This is yet another example of how I believe God is using Jo and her family to bless so many others around them. It is a wonderful encouragement to all of us. God is indeed a God of details.

  13. Carol my daughter got it off Amazon. The Yaya was due to me doing a funny thing with my head and saying YayaYaya to him when they first moved to Alabama. And it has stuck. I bear the Yaya name proudly LOL as it was a name he picked out for me.

  14. It’s apparent to me that there are way more good, kind people than the opposite. We’re just quiet about how we live our lives. Thank you, Jo, for all that you do! You’re an inspiration to all of us. Charity isn’t just writing checks — although that’s good, too! — but also hand-on projects such as yours and the wonderful groups that you publicize. Americans are among the most giving people in the world and thank you for sharing just some of the generosity you learn about. It’s so inspiring!

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