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Ray and I have been sending lots of emails back and forth lately.  He tells me you all have been keeping him busy.  First I’ll show off his latest quilt finishes, then I’ll show you some of the great things that have been coming in Ray’s Mail.

Ray writes:
I finally got around to sewing the binding on this quilt top that came from the creative Cresco ladies. If you are a lover of the NFL, then this quilt will be what you are looking for.

I love how they started out with some string blocks and then kept adding borders. In this case, the NFL football helmet borders.

I found some dark, rugged-looking fabric for the backing amongst the supply from Deb and Pat in FL.
There was only one motif to use for the quilting, football.

My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for providing the materials to make this unique football quilt.

On the next quilt, Ray writes:
This is the first of several quilt tops that Barbara S. in FL sent to me to long arm. It is a beautiful 9 patch quilt with green, orange, and brown fabrics.

I really like the small 9 patch block within the big 9 patch block. The wide, dark border does a great job of framing the quilt. I found the white and orange print fabric in the stash from Pat and Deb in FL. I choose a trillium leaf motif with white thread for the quilting. Beautiful quilt! Thanks to Jo, Barbara, Deb, and Pat for providing the goodies to make this lovely quilt

Ray also got in goodies from a blog reader.  Ray writes:
I got another surprise this evening when UPS delivered a box from Katy P. in WI. Inside were six quilts and three cuts of yardage.

The cuts will make wonderful backs for quilts as each is approximately 3 yards. I am sure I have some tops that will look great with them.

The first top is a panel of North America that Katy attached a beautiful, wide batik too. I have never seen a panel like it but would look great in a school classroom. It is 56 x 47.

The next top is smaller and measures 45 x 45. However, it packs a gorgeous punch with beautiful batiks. I really like the pattern and the use of the purple fabric in each block corner.

The next one is so precious. It is a flannel baby blanket made with coordinating fabrics that include construction equipment and barricades. It measures 36 x 36. Perfect size for a newborn.

The next top is a BIG batik. It is the same pattern as the other batik but uses bold blue blocks in the corners instead of purple. This one measures 65 x 96.

I love this next quilt set that has puppy dog and dog bone fabric in it. Katy sent a matching brown print for the back and red binding. I am going to reach out to FL Labrador Rescue to see if they are having their annual fundraiser this year. That is the organization we got Belle, our black Lab, from this fall. It measures 47 x 50.

The last one brings out the farm boy in me. You can take the boy out of the country but you can not take the country out of the boy. Again Katy sent beautiful barnyard print fabric for the backing and more chicken print for the binding.

Wow!! That was awesome. Just what I needed to help get me back on my feet after a couple of sluggish days right after my second COVID shot. Thanks a lot.”

WOW…I think Ray is supplied with quilts for quite a while.  I can’t tell you all enough how happy I am that you have been working on sending things directly to people.  I’ve gotten other emails from charity helpers saying they too have gotten packages.  That saves a ton on postage costs.  HERE is a listing of who I have on the charity quilt list who happily accepts donations.

If you are interested in having your group added to the list, please let me know.

You are still welcome to send donations my way too.  I have a list of people who prefer to only get a few things at a time and I distribute items out to them as well as locally in my area.  Also, some people don’t want their email addresses listed publically so they opt to not be on the public list as well.

Your donations are so appreciated.  I can’t thank you all enough.  I had no idea that this project would blossom the way it was.  It seriously just started with me finishing other people’s quilt tops!  Who knew?  The charity quilt project has happened in a way that makes me confident, that it wasn’t my hand guiding the direction it is going…it has to be a higher power.

MANY THANKS to everyone!!

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts with Ray”

  1. All I can say is WOW those quilts are gorgeous. You are right, this God hands at work. These quilts will provide a little bit of comfort when there is so much need.

  2. Again, beautiful quilts! I made one of the United States panel. I quilted it by outlining each state – fun, haha! The western part wasn’t so bad but then the eastern was a pain. I gave it to a grandchild. I have another one to do yet for another grandchild. I found the panels at thrift store.

  3. Lots of beautiful quilts again. I appreciate how Ray takes time to describe his process and share what he has done with the quilts.
    And yes!!! This charity quilt program has God’s fingerprints all over it! So fun to witness!

  4. I had the United States panel hanging in my Kindergarten class for several years, also a Texas panel by the same company. When I retired, I left the one of Texas for the new teacher and used the US panel for a quilt back for a nephew. Ray does some great quilts. I often get ideas for quilts from the ones you picture, in fact , I’m pretty sure that 9 patch is going to end up a baby quilt for a friend’s new grand baby. Have you seen the Anne of Green Gables fabric? I love the colors.

  5. Thanks for the info about those interested in accepting quilt tops for charity but is it possible to add the city and state to the information so we can try to find those closer to us to save on postage.

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