Community Quilts to Tanzania

I got two notes from Celesta.  She’s the gal who is heading up the Tanzania Quilt Project.

This is the first batch I’m sending you.  Here are 7 of the 9 baby quilts  that came from Kay in Forest City, Iowa“.

This is her second donation, and her generosity and beautiful work are really appreciated. That’s Junie (the kitty) trying to decide which one she likes the best.”

The second picture is a close up of my favorite, since I’m probably a “crazy cat lady!” Or at least close to one. Thank you so much, Kay.”


“These next three are from”… Dori in Everett, WA These are so colorful and just make you smile. She was so generous, and included some backings with the adorable baby quilt tops, again thank you.”

The next is a larger quilt, one of several that are either farmed out or still in progress, coming from Brindy in Brown City, MI, again, beautiful work, and thank you!

Sadly, and understandably, the mission trip scheduled for the end of May, has been cancelled. We’re all disappointed, but realize it was the wise choice to make. Africa, and Tanzania are just starting to see the Corona Virus show up. Hopefully they will be spared, but I’m not sure any location on this earth will be spared of this violent monster. There was the fact that we would be quarantined for 14 days, before being allowed to go where we planned, once we arrived, and most likely again, when we came back to the US. For everyone’s safety, both here and there, we made the wise choice. There is a possibility that the trip can be rescheduled next year, so we will see.

In the meantime, we will prepare for the next container going to Tanzania and IHP, and plan on shipping baby quilts with that shipment. That’s the way we’ve shipped the past two years, but actually delivering these in person, just sounds like so much more fun, but maybe at a later date. At this time there is no shipment planned, due to the uncertainty of all that is going on.   

So that’s the story as of right now.”

This was a happy and sad note to recieve.  I’m so happy that other of you are supporting the project to make baby quilts for the women and children of Tanzania.  It makes me so happy to know that you all are sending quilt tops their way.

But sad for Celesta and her group who were planning a trip to Tanzania.  I know she was so looking forward to going and seeing the good work in action that their project is doing.

If you have quilt tops you are interested in sending their way, here is their address:

Quilts for Tanzania
Peace Lutheran Church
3530 Dayton-Xenia Road
Beavercreek, Ohio 45432


4 thoughts on “Community Quilts to Tanzania”

  1. Lovely little quilts, they’ll be delivered someday, one way or another.

    On another blog I saw a recommendation for War Time Farm which is on UTube. I’ve been watching and it is very interesting. I think you would enjoy it too since you’re interested in WW2. Have a great quilty kind of day!

  2. Quilters are such blessings to others. Thank you for keeping us posted on these charities.
    How are you?
    Love and prayers

  3. Hi from up North
    I asked a lady who works in the home care industry if their workers will need masks. Well the response I got was “I would never use a homemade mask under any circumstance.” She went on to tell me that everyone is just wasting time and money making masks. She is not in a management position but if her boss asks me to make masks I will tell her what was told to me and by whom. I will not make masks unless the higher up gives me a good reason why I should help.

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