Community Quilts: The Mail

I had gotten a box of community quilts goodies when Kramer was sick and now am finally getting to post about them.

These goodies were sent from LaNan.  She is from Iowa and recently hit up a going out of business sale at a quilt shop.  The owner had passes away and family wanted things gone.  Aw.  That would be so hard for a family to deal with.  On the flip side, it was great for customers.  They got great deals….

There are yards and yards on these three different fabrics.  They are wonderful colors and will match MANY quilts.  The one to the far left has a Civil War feel to it and would work on many of those style of quilts.  The kiddies in the middle are fun.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are 10 yards or more on each of these pieces!

The shop was also selling out all of the display quilts.  To get an idea on how cheap things were, this was $10!??
LaNan is also a quilter and sent a few tops she had made along….I love this one….

Next is a scrap buster done in Jelly Roll Race style.
The last is a colorful one with binding included.  It’s totally not necessary but it’s super when binding is included.  So often I have had trouble finding a good color from my own stash that matches the donated quilts….and I’m sure you can imagine the “rabbit hole” that takes me down to find the right fabric.  Next thing I know I have a whole bunch of fabrics all over the floor and I’m planning a new quilts when all I needed was binding!!  (Be honest..I’m sure you’ve done it too!)

Then goodies for the grandchildren….LaNan loves her embroidery machine and is obviously VERY good at it.  The one with the peach is for Georgia and the frog is for Gannon.  I love them BOTH.  The moms did too!!
Because I’ve not even been in the sewing room, I decided to send the quilt tops and backing on to Ronda.  I’m sure she will get to them MUCH quicker than I will.  I’m hoping once winter rolls around I’ll have fewer outdoor projects and will have settled into widowhood a little more.  Maybe then I can get back to some charity quilting of my own.

Thanks so much LaNan.  You generosity is so appreciated!!

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts: The Mail”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Wow! I’ve run into yard sales where material was cheap just to get rid of it. But lovely quilts, yikes! Settling into widowhood is a day to day process you’re doing very well considering all that has happened so quickly. I’m glad you’re taking the time to do things that need doing instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen. You all are always in my prayers.

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Its a shame when quilt shop owners pass away and the family just wants to close up and get rid of it. I visited a shop in NH with one employee. She said the owner was over 80 and I wondered what would happen to that shop. She was obviously an accomplished quilter in her day. I am spending time using up older fabrics and not buying much this year. It feels good. The shirts are adorable!

  3. Donna Pheneger

    It’s sad to see small businesses like this close but I can also understand why the family sold it off.
    Glad you and your friend were able to make out on some great deals!
    Love and prayers.

  4. I know exactly how the people that inherit a parent’s business feel. Although I do not own a business, I have all my counted cross stitch pictures that I have stitched for myself hung. I know that when I pass on, my son will build a bonfire and throw all my “artwork” on it. So I’m in the process of asking friends, which piece they could treasure in their home. I have found a dear friend that will mail my stitchings to people that have said, “yes. I would be honored to have one of your pictures. (I have attached names and address to the backs of such picture(s). I’m not planning on leaving yet, but at 77, you just never know. Maybe this suggestion will help others that may be in the same situation.

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh my – just knowing what goes into the making of the quilts – I know they are worth much more than $10 – and the material – great finds. I love the donating spirit and also those shirts are so cute! These machines now a days and the things they can do with a push of a button – wow. It is important to note that the person behind the machine has to know what to do also.

    May you find pleasure in the little things you do each day. My your rabbit trails be few (I do know what you mean by a rabbit trail).

  6. What a wonderful box of love, those backing pieces will work on a wide variety of quilts, Yea! and her quilts will be very much loved no matter who gets them, how adorable and generous of her.

  7. Hi jo I have never been in your shoes
    I have no clue about what to say to help you
    My thoughts are do your best
    Remember the man the good and the not so nice
    Laugh when you can
    Cry as needed
    No one but you has lost your husband so what ever you feel or do is right for you

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