Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies

As you know, much of the fabric that gets sent to me, I find homes for with charity quilters.  When my postage fund is big…I ship it out across the states.  When my fund is small, I bless some of the local ladies from around NE Iowa with fabric… I’m really luck as within my area there are a couple groups that I know of who do Quilts of Valor, two groups that do general charity quilting, and a project Linus group.

Anyway..the last time the Cresco ladies were here and picked up fabric they said that they have a lot of quilt tops and were wondering about someone to finish them.  I told them I was sure I could find someone to finish them and donate them onto charity so..the next time they came, they came with a load of quilt tops…I think 33 in total.

I sorted through them.  Most were baby quilt sized…a few larger.  I decided to contact Ronda and see if she was overloaded or in need of tops.

The ladies only sew with what is donated to them so they are make-do quilters.  They come up with some fun results.  I thought this one was so cheery.

This one was interesting.  Someone fabric painted all of these girls.  That made the fabric stiff.  I messaged Ronda to see if she knows if this will work for quilting machine or not.  I was nervous about it.  It’s so pretty though.

Then there were baby quilts galore.  The ladies end up making cute little baby quilts and are so creative to use what they have and make the best of it.  Here’s a sampling of the baby quilts….

It’s so fun as much of the fabric I remember was in the box that I donated to them.

This one was fussy cut!

This is another that I think is bright and cheery.

I admire person who had the eye to find enough fabrics to go together and for a top.

This was cute with little fussy cut animals in the center row.

Some are simple squares….

It’s easy for many of us to go to the quilt store and pick from an array of fabric.  These ladies don’t have that luxury and still end up making some cute quilts.  I’m impressed.

So I think part of these are off to the Tanzania baby quilt ladies and a couple are going to Ronda.  I can’t wait to see some of them finished up.

Thanks to the people who send fabric my way.  Not only do quilt tops get made but connections get made with the fabric that is sent.  Can you believe that a piece of fabric sent here, went to Cresco…ladies there enjoyed a cup of coffee and visited while they sewed quilts.  They traveled together and brought them to me where I get to visit with them.  I sorted them and sent them on.  The ones that are going to Tanzania quilters will again have a group of ladies drink coffee and fuss over the quilts while they finish the quilt tops into quilts for the people of Tanzania.  The quilts will travel and bless a baby and their family with much needs warmth and comfort.  I hope the ladies there know how much hope, prayer and fellowship happened in the making of these.  The quilts not only bless them but also the makers.  It’s a wonderful and powerful mission.  Thanks for being part of it.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies”

  1. I remember doing fabric painting as part of our after school classes. We seemed to always be painting ladies in fancy dresses, or some version of “Sunbonnet Gals”.

  2. I love seeing all this fabric put to “good use”.
    I used to do fabric painting – probably close to 20 years ago – I still have the apron I did. Anyway, I know after a first washing, the painted fabric becomes soft. Hope that helps.
    Love and prayers

  3. Jo, some hand stitching could be done around those fabric painted ladies, instead of going to a longarmer. I would be happy to do it, and can pay for postage back and forth. A warm blanket on my lap while I sew isn’t a bad thing at all, now that the Fall weather is here. Let me know! You have my email here with my comment.

  4. Jo, are these quilt tops from Sandra? The reason I ask is I sent her a large box of fabric from our church group and I vaguely recognize some of the fabrics. Nice to see the finished product:)

  5. Can you post addresses so we can mail fabrics directly to them? I just mailed fabrics to the French General Navajo Project and have more fabrics here that need homes.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Love the beautiful, lively, lovingly made quilts. thanks for sharing them with us. Praying that tomorrow goes well for you.

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