Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies Part 2

I told you yesterday that as I was writing a blog post about the quilt tops the Cresco ladies delivered, that I got a message that they were going to be delivering another batch….and they did.

Carver was here as I was taking pictures of these.  This on was his favorite.  He loved looking at all the different squares.  He said, “Those monkeys crack me up!”  It was so cute.  I’m sure a child is going to love this one!!

Here’s a simple strip quilt….

Here’s a panel quilt with some added borders.

…another panel quilt.  The ladies do such a nice job with these.
This was a fun way to use a larger scale print.

Check this one out.This one has a common pet print.  Carver also loved this one.  Perfect for a little boy.

I recognized the prints in the blocks below.  They came fabric a blog reader sent and there is some of my shower curtain fabric too.

It makes me happy to see fabric that I gave to them being used in the quilt tops they make.

The quilt below is an easy way to make a nice quilt top.  It’s just rectangles of the same size sewn together in rows and then borders put between them.
Carver latched on to this one right away too.  He loves the eye spy type ones with novelty prints.
This next one is really big.  I am betting full sized.  This one is large nice patches with rows between them.  I really liked this one.  It’s a great way to use up a bunch of scrappy blues as it still looks very coordinated.
There were more tops but they were bundled with a backing or binding so I didn’t unwrap them.

The ladies sent along some finished tops too.  Places that they regularly donate to are still closed so their pile of finished quilts was growing TALL.  They passed some on to me and I am passing them along to a lady at my church that coordinates donations. Aren’t these so cute?  More eye spy ones.

I love this string one.  Strings can make such nice quilts especially when a person limits the color palette.
The next one was super soft as it’s made with flannels and had a minky backing.

This was a cute panel quilt.
Sometimes a quilt top can be simple but the quilting can really make this quilt.  I think that’s true of this next one.
What a fun flower motif.

Here’s another of the style Carver likes.  How fun!!
…and with that, I think I am caught up on everything from the Cresco ladies.

I ended up sending out 9 packages on Saturday

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies Part 2”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    When you’re stuck at home quilting is a great way to stay busy. I know by experience. Hugs to all the Cresco Ladies. Those quilts and quilt tops were so good. The string quilt caught my eye as yellow is my favorite color. I am picky about it though they have to be clearly yellow and the brighter the better. Now I know what to do with my yellow strips. Thanks Jo for sharing

  2. Happy to see Carver checking out the fabric. Something special is going into the mail for him today :-) :-) It might get to you and him by the weekend. :-) :-)

  3. Carver: update on package: the package might come on Monday because of the 4th. :-) Meanwhile enjoy the 4th with your cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandma.

  4. Those Cresco ladies have been busy! Love all the eye candy! Carver is going to grow up appreciating quilts!!!

  5. The Cresco ladies have done it again, Super Cute Quilts! I enjoy seeing all those I Spy ones and its wonderful how they can take a few blocks or a panel and turn it into something so darn cute.

  6. So cute! Can hardly wait to see what the ladies have done with their Cresco Ladies tops once we can get together again after COVID. Since we’re all in our 60s and 70 – some 80s – we all have to stay in. One member who have very poor lung capacity was told by her doctor that it might be two years before she can resume activities or when there’s a vaccine. Alas…

  7. Last fall I started making baby quilts for charity and I tend to think I’m making them for the parents so I focus on design and color. Reading this post however I’m beginning to think I have it wrong. Based on Carver’s reaction I think I need to make more I Spy type quilts. Thanks Carver for the education.

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