Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies

The Cresco Ladies have been busy again.  I had passed along some fabric to them at the very beginning of when coronavirus started.  Sandra left a reusable shopping bag with me that was filled with tops.  It got buried under my mask making things and now, as I waged a war on my sewing room, I found it, took the quilt tops out and filled it with fabric and things.

I ended up contacting Sandra and asking if she was interested in poly batting that Dee had dropped off and next thing I knew, we had a pickup/drop off time scheduled.

Sandra brought lots of quilt tops with again….I thought I would show you a sampling of them before I shipped them off.  There are some really cute quilts in this batch.

There were a lot.
The ladies make what they can with what they have.  I never know what they are going to come up with and it’s so fun to open each quilt and see what it is.

There are some penguins and some “love” fabric.  I also love looking at the quilts and thinking…Hmm.  I think I sent that fabric your way.

This one was fun.  Wonky stars….
But check the middle of each block.  See?They fussy cut a person.  
Here is a colorful baby quilt….Lots of fussy cutting happened with this one too.

I opened this one up but it was upside down.  I looked again and Karl said, “Turn it around mom.  It’s cats.”

There were several string block quilts.  I loved this one in batiks.  I hope to pass this on to Lori for Sharehouse.  As I write, I haven’t heard back from her if she’s interested.  
Karl and I had a fun laugh over this quilt….
Check out the weiner dog….here’s the head.
and here’s the tail.  HA!!  What a funny, cute design…and a great way to use up scrap!!

This was one of my favorites of the bunch.  I love the randomness of it.  Isn’t it great how fabrics that don’t “match” can come together and really look great together.  I think the many colors working together really makes it a great quilt.

It was fun to see the tops..and oh, there are many more.  I just gave you a highlight.

Thanks so much for the tops ladies.  If anyone is interested in donating to the Cresco Quilting Ladies, the contact is Sandra.  Here’s her email.   They are always in great need of batting and will happily take your leftovers as well as orphan blocks and fabric.  Thanks to those who have sent things Sandra’s way already.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies”

  1. Cute quilts! I love the wienie dog quilt! One time I made a wonky star quilt. I had left the blocks on my ironing board, my husband saw them and said “I think you messed up these stars!” I don’t know if I will ever do another wonky star thanks to him but they are fun to make!

  2. I love to read your posts. There is always something beautiful to look at. I enjoy pictures of Rosie, reminds me of our Beagle Buster. Husband found him at our old house, I came home with our baby daughter, he came home with Buster.

    Hope you stay well and keep on making your beautiful quilts. Thank you.

    Marilyn(Beginner Fabric collector and Quilt maker)

  3. Hi Jo,

    Just checking, I did send you an email, I hope that you received it, if not please let me know.

    I know that you write these posts a few days earlier, so you may have gotten my email.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Those lovely quirky quilts I really liked all of them. Way to go Cresco ladies. Jo you are so blessed, and a blessing

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